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Ten Things About Chamomile Tea You May Not Know

It's no secret that I love Chamomile Tea and I would never have gotten through some extremely stressful situations when I first gave up smoking without it. Chamomile Tea calmed me down during those stressful times and stopped me from reaching out and grabbing a cigarette burning away between someone else's fingers. Whether it was all in the mind or not, it worked. Even the word "Chamomile" evokes feelings of calm and serenity - I love the stuff!!! I do however go without it for months on end, not out of choice but because our supermarkets just don't always stock it - not for any particular reason other than most stores are badly stocked, because of a couldn't care attitude.

Well, the other day week I was at the shops buying coffee and a few other things and I happened to see the shelves in the coffee aisle, were packed with Freshpak Chamomile Tea. I was beyond happy to get my calming fix. That night I made a cup of Chamomile tea just before I ran my bath water and as I stood in the bathroom I noticed that the Radox I had bought that day had Chamomile and Rosemary added. I then looked across the bathroom and saw the tissues I had bought that day were also Chamomile scented. I was having a real Chamomile day and I wasn't even browsing at the shops - just grabbing and throwing stuff in the trolley. The universe was telling me something.

I know Chamomile Tea is relaxing and calming and helps with Insomnia, but there were quite a few things I did not know about it. I was Googling to see where I could buy the actual plant to grow - I love the smell - imagine a bathtub full of chamomile flowers. I came across all these benefits and facts that I didn't know about Chamomile Tea and thought I would list ten of them here on my blog. Firstly Chamomile (can be spelt Camomile) is a daisy- like herb which is renowned for its health; cosmetic and nutritional benefits. None of these tips should replace medical treatment and if you do have any persistent health issues always seek medical advice.

  • Chamomile Tea is known for its ability to relieve insomnia. Drink a hot steamy cup 40 minutes before bedtime and have a good night sleep, free of nightmares.
  • Chamomile Tea can relieve anxiety and depression - obviously if you are being treated for depression by a medical practitioner, you mustn't stop your medical treatment.
  • Chamomile Tea is known for it's healing properties and accelerates the healing process of minor sores and wounds. It also has disinfectant properties.
  • It soothes sunburn and rashes and it's antioxidant properties help fight acne and breakouts - boil tea bags in water and steam face.
  • Place cooled Chamomile Tea bags under your eyes to reduce puffiness and under-eye dark circles. Also soothes tired eyes.
  • Chamomile Tea is known to calm muscle spasms and menstrual cramps
  • Chamomile Tea soothes stomach ache and an upset stomach and also soothes and relaxes the lining of the intestines and can help with poor digestion and irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Chamomile Tea hair rinse will lighten blonde hair and prevent and eliminate dandruff.
  • Rinsing your mouth with Chamomile Tea can relieve mouth sores, gum inflammation and ulcers.
  • Chamomile Tea can also lighten your skin - if you are into lightening your skin.

There are so many more benefits to this amazingly delicious hot beverage, but what I did not know (and need to add as a precautionary) is that:

  • Pregnant women should not drink Chamomile Tea because it is considered an abortifacient (a substance that induces abortions)as it can cause uterine stimulation.
  • Chamomile Tea can adversely affect blood thinning medication as it contains a substance called coumarin which is also a blood thinner.
  • Anyone allergic to Asters; Chrysanthemums, Ragweed and the Daisy family should not drink Chamomile Tea
It is rather disturbing that a pregnant woman could be scanning the aisles of her local supermarket looking for a healthier alternative to caffeine and take a product that could ultimately cause a miscarriage. There is no warning on the packaging. 


Are you  a Chamomile Tea Lover - did you know of all these benefits? What is your favourite tea? I am linking up with Ten Things Blog Link Up  on A Cornish Mum Blog; Showcase Tuesday on The Blog Centre and The Ultimate Rabbit Hole linky on The Annoyed Thyroid Blog (not my usual Weekly Link Post).

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