Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Who Would Have Thought

Anyone who knows Mark will know that he is not a coffee drinker. In fact up until I started working full time with him in 2012 if he had one cup of coffee every three or four years it was a lot and it would be on a really cold day. He may or may not have had a coffee when they used to go on breakfast runs years ago - more than likely he would have had Milo or Hot Chocolate, both of which he does drink but not that often. Fast forward Winter 2012 and he almost drank cup for cup of coffee with me during the day at work and then come Summer, he wouldn't drink any coffee. This year he started drinking Nescafe Cappuccinos at work and at home - my bad influence. I am happy to say that since my seven day detox this month I have had two cups of Nescafe Cappucino and both have made me feel sick so I haven't bought any and my normal coffee drinking has reduced to one or two cups a day, some days I don't even drink coffee - I drink lots of Chamomile; Ginger and Green Tea.

I have NEVER EVER seen Mark drink a cup of tea then one day one of our staff members really messed up totally and Mark lost it, but so badly that I thought he was going to have an aneurysm, his vein in his temple was bulging and throbbing. I was so frightened I made him have a cup of chamomile tea because I really thought he would drop down dead. I don't know what worked, but his bulging vein stopped throbbing and the matter was resolved before the client found out. That was the first cup of tea I had ever seen him drink and I think he drank it only because he saw how worried I was.

Recently we decided to get our affairs in order, you can read all about it over here and Mark contacted his insurance broker and it has been a process of sorting out policies and getting policies. I call it commission for his broker. At any rate, Mark's blood pressure was very high when the nurse came to do a mini medical on him and at the same time he realised he needs to get fit and lose weight and he went on an apple and grape diet - we know how that turned out. In the end, I told him that he is an adult, he won't go to the doctor to check his blood pressure, won't stop eating junk and lots of cool drinks and neither Chad nor I will be pushing him in a wheelchair when he has a stroke, There is one thing dying of a heart attack and a totally different scenario having a stroke and being paralysed and can't talk etc.

Our eating habits are far from good, but we are now trying to have healthy options and every morning I make him a cup of warm lemon water, I also have lemon water and at night after supper we have green tea. Mark hates reading research even online, but I copied some info on benefits of Green Tea and Hot Lemon and sent it via WhatsApp and he happily drinks both now. I absolutely hate Green Tea and he loves it - who would have thought Mark would become a tea lover. I love all teas, or most teas I should say, but not Green Tea.

This morning we ran out of lemons, which means I never went and picked any off the tree so there were none and when Mark was about to leave for work he came to the kitchen and said no lemon today - he was quite disappointed so I replied lemons don't pick themselves. He had another Medical today, loosely translated to his broker really needs commission as there is no need to change Mark's policies. It was a proper Medical done by a doctor and I also use that word very loosely, she came to work with her nurse and did a full medical and his blood pressure is back to normal - yay to green tea says, Mark. I still think he should go check his blood pressure at his doctor. He was quite disappointed when I said that we have run out of green tea and I didn't feel like stopping off at Woolworths after work and said, but it keeps my blood pressure down. I found some in the cupboard, a different brand, but I am sure it will be OK, it hasn't expired or anything. I don't know if it is the green tea that has lowered his blood pressure or if it is a combination of things or maybe he was just very stressed that day, but he needs to monitor it.

I am happy to say that I went to a physician yesterday to have a full medical and stress ECG for insurance. My GP doesn't do stress ECG's and I refused to go to one of these medical centers as I don't know who I may encounter there so I went to a physician that I have been to before and I am as healthy as can be. everything was normal and he told me to stop taking the Glucophage for a month and then go and do a finger prick test and if it is normal then I mustn't take them anymore. he said the term pre-diabetic is a term that is used to widely for a range of things and he is certain I am Insulin intolerant and not pre-diabetic and changing my diet would have stabilized my sugar levels. He also said that Glucophage causes bloating and nausea and stomach problems - explains a lot. I think my GP over prescribes and my sugar levels were probably sky high because of the amount of sugar I was eating in place of smoking.

I am not sure how long Mark's blood pressure and weight will go down because he is now drinking Glaceau Vitamin Water and the more I tell him that it is NOT healthy and just sugar water, the more he argues that it is healthy and has no sugar in it. Now I get the fight about hidden sugars and salt in foods and drinks - the uninformed and ignorant like Mark who don't know what the hidden sugars and salts are called and don't listen.

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