Wednesday, 2 September 2015

It's That Time Of The Year Again

We are having such glorious weather - from mid-August the days warm up and we go from freezing Winter temperatures straight into what feels like Summer. The temperatures normally drop in October and November when the rains start, but September is lovely and warm. Chad was stressing about his Dance because YL (young lady) was wearing a strapless dress and it was freezing cold and then came the week leading up to dance night and we were in short sleeves at night and he sighed a huge sigh of relief. He told me there was a 1% chance of rain on the day of the dance - never in August I said to myself whilst telling him to put an umbrella in his car it would chase away the rain. After the arrival and photos they were not bothered about whether it rained or not and it didn't rain, it was a lovely warm almost summer's evening. The next afternoon it bucketed down and we had massive storm and Sunday everything was clean and fresh. Yes, it does storm in August and it does get very hot.

Screen Grab 31 July 06.45 am

Screen Grab 26 August 7.05 am

Yes, I love Spring and the days leading up to September and Spring even though at times the temperatures plummet on the 1st, it is not for long and then we have Summer temperatures. The trees are full of blossoms, green buds are sprouting everywhere and although we have birds all year round, including the Grey Lourie, their cries of "Go Away"  just seem clearer and more distinct as the days get warmer and the garden is filled with the sound of birds and the sweet smell of Jasmine.

Then those fleeting moments of joy and happiness dissolve into pain and tears because as the seasons change my sorrow stays. March and September the big season changes - Spring and Autumn - Birth and Death - that is my life now. March was always an insignificant month in my life - Autumn was neither here nor there, but Spring, I always loved the end of August because it meant Spring was around the corner and Winter was over AND Clint was born in September. A joyous time - now a time of sadness and grief. March and September the two months we head off to the nursery to fill the garden, more importantly Clint's Memorial Garden with seedlings. Pretty flowers to fill an empty space with life and beauty only to realise that flowers and seedlings will never fill that space ever.

Seedlings Being Planted In Clint's Memorial Garden

I love going to the nursery, there is a sense of peace and tranquillity amongst the smell and sight of beautiful plants and seedlings. I love how beautiful the garden looks once the seedlings are planted and watered, but the reason and the season just brings a lot of pain and hurt and tears. Sometimes I wonder why I bother because buying flowers and plants makes no difference to Clint, he is not here to enjoy them and they don't take away the pain, but it is something I have to do and will always do. It is something I can do for Clint.

I don't do the actual planting because anything I plant dies, our gardener does the planting. I just tell him where to plant everything and I am very fortunate that he takes pride in his work. We went to the nursery on Saturday afternoon and bought seedlings and some plants and herbs and our gardener planted them today. It looked like it was going to rain but it never did which is a pity because the garden needs a good soak, our grass is so dry.

Some Petunias From March

Some of the Petunia's are still from the ones we planted in March and they still look good. Plants are getting so expensive (like everything else). We pay more every season and get less. We also needed to buy plants to plant where we removed all the trees last year. It is right by our gate and became a dumping ground for branches the gardener continuously cuts down and it was a real eyesore. It is looking a lot better. The massive roots and tree stumps are still there but to get rid of them professionally will cost more than 5k each - more than it cost to fell the trees so they are here to stay, unfortunately.

Where The Trees Were

Stumps Amongst The Flowers

Otherside Of The Front Gate

I also noticed today that our water feature by the pool is covered in cracks so that needs to get thrown away and the birds love drinking from it. I don't even know when the cracks started because the pool normally comes on during the night at around midnight and has been switched off for awhile.

Our Colander  Water Feature

So yes it is that time of the year again.... A time that should be joyous and a celebration - instead it is a time filled with sadness and grief.

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