Thursday, 3 September 2015

Pooches Passports and Pedal Power

The triple "P" heading or is it the quadruple "P" add prelims to that and I am on quite a roll. Yea Chad started Prelims today - Afrikaans. He has been on study leave since last week on Thursday so that should mean top marks for Afrikaans - not a chance. On Monday, Mark went home during the morning and came back to work and said with all importance "Do you know Chad never went to school today" Seriously I leave home at 8.45 in the mornings I would be completely out of it if I didn't know. "Yes, Mark - he is on study leave" I replied with a sigh. "Humph - Chad does %$^&#@ studying" His response. "Ye well tell the school that I didn't give him time off" Chad has his books dramatically displayed on the dining-room table even though he knows that I know it is an act. I have told him he is old enough to vote; to drink; to drive and to smoke and that he should be aware of the consequences to his actions. He doesn't smoke; hasn't voted and doesn't drink and drive at the same time [I sincerely hope] and life is a joke at the moment. His last term's report was OK and every teacher said he needs to put in more effort and get better marks.

The Photo Chad Sent Us When We Were Away - the Dogs Ignoring Him

Last night, I was going on about how lovely and warm it has been and the temperatures dropped quite drastically overnight. It felt as if it was going to rain but nothing - there was a chill in the air but not that cold. Chad cycled to school this morning. He only woke up at 7.30 and I was worried about traffic and getting to school late and missing his exam and getting zero. He was writing at 8.30. He shouted goodbye and when I was leaving for work I saw his keys on the table and wondered where he was because his car was there and the BMW (I thought maybe he went to school in that) but Sheila said he had cycled. I guess they thought it was warm enough to start cycling again so they can sleep later and leave home later. Crazy that it is quicker to cycle 7km's  to school than to drive 7km's. Never mind that he cycles home and then goes back to school to fetch his young lady. She isn't doing exams so she finishes normal time. He just writes and then comes home. I still haven't posted the dance pictures, because blogger does not have a simple way of making a post private. The whole blog must be private or public not individual posts. I am really rethinking going over to Wordpress because it is not that difficult like I thought.

Irritating Me And My Cat Earlier When I Was Trying To Blog

On Clint's Bed My Usually Peaceful Blogging Place

On Saturday, they went to Pretoria Zoo. He thought it would be cool and so did his friend's girlfriend, they just had to convince their respective partners and off they went. That kid gets around in his car!! Apparently the zoo wasn't that nice and it was so hot the animals never came out of their enclosures. They only spent a couple of hours there and someone scraped the side of Chad's car. It was covered in white paint, which he managed to polish out, but the deeper scratches are still there. He had to park outside the zoo and it was crazy busy with taxis and cars all over the place. He was pretty bummed about it but after he polished out the marks he was OK.

 White Paint Marks By Back Wheel Polished Out

Finally two months short of a year we went to renew our passports. We have been going to do them ever since this post at the end of October last year. Ours had expired and Chad's was still valid for a year. Not anymore coincidentally it expires on Friday. Time just flies and we just procrastinate. To be honest, the long queues and nightmare at Home Affairs was reason enough to procrastinate. We decided to go to the Home Affairs Office in Roodepoort because there is no parking at the Randburg offices and it is apparently a total mess. We were pleasantly surprised, we went last week on Thursday and it looked busy, but the whole process is very streamlined and organised. It took just over an hour and a half from when we arrived there until we left. The staff were all friendly and professional. You sign in at the gate and a security guard asks what you are applying for or collecting, takes you to the queue, you pay first, then get a number.  They call out your number for your photo and then to the counter to complete the info. No paperwork or forms to fill in. Everything is done on computer - even your signature. Applying for a passport the first time may be different, but everything looked as if it was running smoothly as well and there was none of the usual complaining and grumbling that is a given when waiting in queues at Government Departments in South Africa. The collection of newborn birth certificates didn't seem to follow the same number system, but it still seemed to be quick. Before we were even out the door we received a text message confirming our applications. We get a text message when they are ready for collection.

I took my cat to the vet yesterday for her annual check up and vaccinations and the vet was very impressed with her and said she is in very good condition for a 17-year-old. Her teeth have a bit of plaque at the back, but if she is eating OK and they are not worrying her then we don't need to do anything about it. The anaesthetic at her age would be more of a risk. She must be getting old because she normally goes crazy in the car - in a basket, but she cried softly a couple of times on the way there and waiting in reception and then she was quiet on the way back. She probably thought best she shuts up before she gets another thermometer up her butt and a jab in the neck. The vet even gave her a deworming tablet and he got it down her throat with no problem, normally I am sent home with the tablets and battle and she never gets the deworming. This is a new Veterinary clinic we found after the traumatic time we had with Pluto. Garfield still looks good, but she is starting to sleep a lot more than usual and she sleeps a lot . She has taken a liking to my new laptop and is on it all the time. If it is not the bag it is the laptop. I can be working on it and she will climb onto it and just lie there.

Tomorrow Miss Piggy is going to the vet to get assessed and then put on antibiotics and anti-inflammatories and then she has to go and have an operation to fix her Cherry Eye. It now has to be done. Her eye has become infected and I am sure Pluto used to keep it clean because for all these years it was not a problem and he always licked her eye or her butt or even cleaned their teeth. Let it be noted I love my animals but do not kiss them; feed them off my plate or touch them and then touch food without washing my hands. I am really worried about Piggy going under anaesthetic, she was sterilized but anaesthetic is a risk for Bulldogs and she is quite chubby.

I am also so busy at work doing stuff for our Accountant, as usual I am late and they need the stuff because tax season opened about a month or two ago. I guess I should get to sleep these late nights blogging to get my mind off real life stresses is just making me less inclined to work during the day and more stressed because I am so tired from the late nights.

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