Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Speaking Without Thinking - Life Update

The other day Chad was in one of his clowning around moods, full of jokes and just generally ribbing me. I grab those moments with both hands and hold on to them dearly. He can be quite the moody child!!! Anyway he was joking around with me and we were laughing and a few times he said something that was quite on the crude side, but because we were having a fun light hearted moment I just laughed and said hey I am your mother. Chad being Chad he goes on and on. If he thinks he is funny or has said something funny he just goes with it over and over. He was doing this on that day and I said over and over hey I am your mother, but laughing and joking. He would slip it in every few minutes with a few other crude things and I said but laughing, hey I am your mother not your brother. There was just silence... we were both shocked at what I said and I have no idea why I said it, other than the light hearted fun humour, I said a word that rhymed with mother and devastatingly it was what Chad really misses not having. His brother, that he should have been joking and laughing with and saying these rather crude things to.  Clint was Chad's hero and yes they had their squabbles, but Clint was his protector and hero. That moment just compounded the fact that Clint was not here for Chad. In that moment, the hurt in Chad's eyes was as clear and pronounced as ever. He hides his hurt and grief so well, but that day it was there screaming at us. Like a balloon that was untied and fizzled to the ground so did our fun and laughter. After a few moments, I just said 'I don't know why on earth I said that'  No more words were needed. We both understood and we have not spoken of it again.

He did bounce back and is back to his cheeky comical self. I had to write him a letter for school. It is a tradition the school has where the parents write a letter and or a collage of their lives and in my letter I wrote that even the cheek and insolence from him makes our lives a million times better so now every time I tell him to stop being disrespectful, he says "I am just trying to make your life a trillion times better 😉 😄

I bought a new bag the other day. I use one bag only, I am so past changing bags and matching bags. One bag and that is me done. Anyway, I needed a new bag and there was not much of a selection. I need a bag that can carry a huge amount of junk. A couple of days after I bought my bag that I thought was so lovely, Chad came into my room trying to climb into my bag saying in his usual voice for imitating me "ooo look at me I bought a bag so I can climb in it and hide away from people". I can't look at the bag in the same way since then, but yes would love a bag that I can climb into when I go to the shops and see people I don't want to see. It is actually huge and quite 'barrelly" and I have only seen that now since Chad made fun of it.

Chad could not wait to turn 18, besides to get his driver's licence that was a given, but so that he could go to a Comedy Show - not a club. Most shows are no under 18's and all the comedians he likes are all no under 18. Well he has been, we took him and he enjoyed it as much as he thought he would and he decided to take young lady on Saturday night. Only after he had bought the tickets and left to pick her up did I realise that she is not 18 and she wouldn't be allowed in. And of course, Chad did not respond to my WhatsApp message. I knew they had arrived safely because I track him with Bidtrack. They got in OK, they were not asked for ID, except one of the comedians picked up on their young love and they became fodder for his show. Apparently his whole act is adlib and he just plays off the audience. They said they were both 18, but still at school and that set the comedian off. They found it hilarious and of course, I heard the whole explicit story on Sunday. The Manager did however come and ask them if they really were 18 and Chad said he has his license and young lady said she is but didn't have her ID book with her. Her Strawberry Daiquiri came with no alcohol after that. Chad never drank, because he was driving, he had a PassionFruit and Lemonade and a couple of cream soda's. The manager was obviously not taking any chances with under age drinking, which was a good thing.  They seem to think she looks older than 18, but she doesn't and Chad also has a very young face. Chad was not impressed with me the other day when I asked him if he realised that she was not even born when we got Garfield - true story our cat is old.

On the topic of cats and dogs. Miss Piggy had her eye op today. I was so stressed out because the whole vet vibe took me back to the day that Pluto died, which took me back to the day that Clint died, plus Bull Dogs are a high risk when it comes to anaesthesia. She was all stressed out when I booked her in this morning. A Cocker Spaniel tried to attack her so she lost it and then someone came in with four yapping Maltese and she went berserk and I had to leave her in that state all stressed out and then go under anaesthetic. She is still very confused now and quite groggy and not up for much. She was home for nearly 3 hours before she would take a biscuit and she is crazy about biscuits. She won't drink water or eat and I think her throat is sore from being intubated. She panted and panted and panted when we got home and I was so scared she would have a heart attack, because the panting was from stress and not heat it is quite chilly at the moment. She keeps giving me her left paw and that is probably sore from the drip. She can't have pain killers today because she had injections. I just hope her eye is OK - it looks so sore and she was under anaesthetic for an hour.

Chad just came and told me he thinks Piggy is putting on an act because he heard her running in the passage, he went to see if she was OK and as she saw him she stopped running and acted all sore. Shame in her defence she may be scared that we will take her back there.

Between my baby dog stressing me out and my baby boy the grey hairs are multiplying.

Her Very Sore Red Eye - Poor Baby

And that is a bit of an update of our tears; happiness; joy and stress

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