Sunday, 18 October 2015

A Dainty Old Soul

Nala has been with us for three weeks today and at times it feels like she has been with us forever. Although we met her for the first time on the Thursday, she moved in with us on Sunday afternoon, three weeks ago. She crept into all our hearts immediately like she had been around forever. She latched onto Chad from the get go and has not let go ever since. She follows him everywhere - if he goes to the bathroom, she is either outside the door or she looks for him, hears/sees/senses he is behind the bathroom door and then she will go off to the lounge and wait for him. She hasn't learned yet, that if she pushes just a tiny bit the bathroom door will open and she can go in. The others know that - she still has to figure that out.

Chad under the covers Nala next to him

She is still shy and reserved and a bit nervous and she is happiest when she is playing with her ball outside or cuddled close to Chad. We took her for her injections last week on Tuesday (her second Tuesday with us) and she just sat at the vet with three Dachshunds crying opposite her  in the waiting room and did nothing. She did whimper a bit and we just said no Nala and she stopped. To be honest, they were going on and on as only Dachshunds can and do. I say that with the greatest of respect, knowledge and life experience with Dachshunds - Pluto was a whiner of note. Chad was wondering if it was just her character or if my brother was really good at bringing up dogs to be obedient and well behaved - our dogs are hooligans of note. The vet was even amazed at her and was shocked that she just sat there when a Jack Russell with attitude walked right past her and she did not even notice the dog. The vet said she loves Pit Bulls, but knows that they don't really like other dogs so she was a bundle of nerves when the Jack Russell walked so close to Nala and just ignored the receptionist who was talking to her as she waited for the drama to unfold. She probably thought what irresponsible pet owners all relaxed with their Pit Bull :). Piggy was kicked out of the vet about a month ago and banished to the car park when she went for a check-up after her eye op and wanted to take on dog's triple her size. Nala just sat. In Piggy's defence when she was booked in for her eye op, she was attacked by a Cocker Spaniel and then 3 yapping maltese before being put in a cage and inflicted with pain so her next visit was a reminder of a very traumatic time.

At The Vet
Initially and still at times she comes across as a bit slow, like she will drop her ball in the leaves or in the lounge and she won't be able to actually get it and we tell Spike to find it and he does and then she will run after him to get the ball from Spike. She knows it is her ball and won't take one of the other balls, but when it is right in front of her nose she doesn't get it. I asked the vet if it was possible if she could be slightly slow ( I called her slightly retarded and Chad was so angry and told me never to call his dog retarded again - oops). When she was born, three or two other puppies were stillborn during the night and she was found lying behind the mom and long story short my brother found her and thought she was dead, but she was still alive. I thought maybe she was slow because she almost died at birth. The vet said it is possible because she has a Jack Russell that was born dead and they revived him and he is "slower" than his sibling from the same litter.

After Playtime Kisses

Getting to know Nala more and more, I think she is just a very gentle soul. She reminds me of Pluto, except he was ferociously loyal and he would have fought off a bear if he had to. Nala is loyal and given the chance I am sure she would protect Chad if it ever came to that, but right now she is just timid and reserved. She hardly ever barks and when she does she has this loud ferocious bark and I am rather taken aback when I hear her bark.

Tolerance Is Good

Spike is smitten with her - he loves her to bits and every afternoon they play like crazy and he is in his element - he can't keep up with her, but when they are both spent from racing up and down the garden and she lies in the house panting, even though he is more out of breath than her, he goes and licks her and checks if she is OK.

Staying Close To Chad

It was Mark's birthday last Thursday so he and Chad went on a bike riding trip for a couple of days. It was supposed to be for the weekend as well, but Chad had "stuff" to do - loosely translated to he missed his girlfriend, so they came back late on Friday night (last Friday not this past Friday). They took Spike and Nala with and whilst they were packing the car, she was not letting him out of her sight and every time he went to put stuff in the back of the bakkie, she jumped up into it. She even jumped on the trailer that is made of a type of mesh metal and she was unsure of her footing, but stayed by Chad.

They went to a farm that had cows and on the way there, they were stuck in traffic and there were cows in a field next to the road and she saw them and went mad barking at the cows. Chad was worried about her at the farm, but she was fine, Spike saw the cows at the farm and went mad until the cows stormed him (a fence between them) and he backed off. It was over 40degrees there so too hot for them to really run around the farm after the bikes, but they did a bit.

OK Piggy Had To Go For A Ride Around The Block When I Brought my Car In After They Left

She is the most amazing dog because she sleeps until Chad wakes up, sometimes until after 11 then she only goes outside to relieve herself. She is nothing like the rest of them who without fail wake us up long before the alarm goes off to go outside. We open Chad's bedroom door and call her, she simply refuses to go out and not once,  but every morning. Chad hasn't been to school in ages - it was school holidays then last Monday he got up bright and early because holidays were over and off he went to school only to be sent home - 15 matrics came to school and the principal asked what they were doing at school, only the art students were meant to be there. That made Nala very happy and Chad of course. So they sleep late every morning and she does not budge until he is up.

Too Hot To Play

If Chad goes out at night, she sleeps on her bed in his room and she hears his car from a mile away when he comes home and gets up crying and rushes to the door and cries and cries until he is in bed and he tells her to shush. She had stopped crying for him when he went out and then after being with him all the time at the farm, she started crying for him again every time he went out, but not for long because one of them distract her. She is not too sure of me but knows if she comes to me she will get biscuits. She still eats her biscuits and food so slowly. We battled to give her the deworming tablet when she went for her injections, we hid it in meat and Carbonosi (type of dry sausage) but she just spat it out all the time and eventually after I don't know how many pieces of meat, we got it down her throat. She is not your typical medium to large size dog who just wolfs down food. Spike swallows biscuits whole and Piggy would wolf down her biscuits if she could, but her Bull Dog jaw stops her from eating fast, but Nala is like Jingles, she eats slowly and gently.

Chad who has never had a dog who follows him blindly is really loving her. Piggy loves Chad to bits but does not follow him blindly, she will sleep with him for a bit then go to her bed and she comes to me to be let out or for her morning snacks, Jingles is always by my side and Spike is Mark's shadow, now Chad has a shadow of his own.

This year he has two girls in his life who have completed him - Nala and JD. They get him and love him and give him what he has been missing in his life for a long time... And he only has eyes; ears; time for those two right now

I haven't downloaded the latest photos onto my laptop, if I have to first download photos and even edit these in photoshop I will never get to blog. These photos will have to do and the first video is day 14 and the second one was more recent - their latest game involves the trampoline

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