Saturday, 3 October 2015

It Seems The Unexpected Was Meant To Be

Never in my wildest dreams would I ever imagine that I would be the owner of a Pit Bull. In fact, that would be as close to a miracle that you would probably get. If you had asked me on Thursday last week if I would ever consider a Pit Bull as a pet, the answer would be an emphatic NO!!!. If you had asked me last week on Thursday if I wanted another dog the answer would be a resounding NO. In fact on Thursday afternoon I said I don't want any more dogs or any animal. I don't want to be responsible for another living creature, I don't want any more heartache from the death of another animal and besides all of that, photos of our couches are indicative of just how our animals take over this house and rule our lives (and ruin our furniture). So why am I sitting on our threadbare couch with a Pit Bull at my feet, a Jack Russell cuddled up next to me on the couch and a Bull Dog and Bull Terrier to the right of me on the floor, surprisingly not on the couches!!!! Sitting in a quiet house with only the, not so gentle snores of a Bull Dog, the rather heavy breathing of a Jack Russell who is getting on in years, something we tend to forget and the sounds of the birds outside, my mind still can't get around the fact that not only do we have another dog, but a fully grown female Pit Bull.

I Am On The Couch Next To Jingles With A Pit Bull At My Feet

So why do we have a Pit Bull and who does she belong to. The dog belongs to my brother and he is leaving the country and his dog became ours without much thought and the very last thing I expected. The fact that my brother was at our house was a miracle in itself and if you asked me last week on Wednesday if I would imagine that he would be at our house the answer would be no - never. Anyway on Thursday, Freedom Day, he arranged to come and collect a letter from our house. He also asked if Chad wanted some weights and a gym bench press, Chad wasn't that keen, because he gyms at a gym and not at home, but that is neither here nor there. Chad and Mark went riding and my brother arrived at around three in the afternoon. He had a motorbike on the back of his bakkie (Ute/pickup truck) but unbeknownst to me he had his dog in the cab - a Pit Bull. I only realized that when I let Spike out and he went mad jumping on the bakkie barking - then I saw the dog - who just sat there. Needless to say, I was beside myself - worrying about my dogs getting attacked.

Meet Nala Not Very Happy on Thursday a week later

The first thing he asked was if Mark was here and then Chad (neither were) and then if he could keep his bike here until December. When he offloaded the weights and a welding machine he brought with to give to Mark he said his dog is fine, she won't fight with our dogs - she doesn't fight. Yea right a Pit Bull that doesn't fight. He asked if I knew anyone who would want her as he has to find a home for her. He wanted to take her down to my parents at the coast, but it would cost him too much in fuel. I said I would ask Mark if he knew anyone, but seriously who would want a full grown Pit Bull and she could land up in the wrong hands. Not long after Mark and Chad came home. Mark said he would try find a home for her or he would keep her here and take her to my parents. Not a chance could we have a Pit Bull here  with our dogs and my cat!!! Garfield is 17 years old, I certainly was not going to let her life end as Pit Bull food.

Her ball - her tiny piece of "security" and comfort

Initially, I had our dogs in the house and the Pit Bull was outside but then she came crying at the glass door, which Spike had broken once before years ago to get outside and I wasn't going to risk another broken door and dog fight, so the Pit Bull went back in the car with windows half way down and she just SAT THERE. A few minutes after Mark and Chad got home they went to let her out the bakkie and Spike went crazy smelling her and she was so nervous. I was inside, I wanted no part of the dogs fighting. Nala, the Pit Bull found an old tennis ball and Chad tried to play fetch with her, but she kept taking the ball to my brother but her and Spike were "playing" together. By now not even an hour after she arrived she was now our dog despite my protests that they would fight. The plan was if it didn't work out, Mark would take her to my parents. My brother kept convincing us that she will not fight, that she is well behaved that she even walks without a lead and doesn't notice other dogs. I wasn't convinced! We let Piggy out and in typical Miss Piggy style 20 minutes later she realized this dog shouldn't be here and had a squabble with her, but it was seconds and no injuries or even one mark. I still was not convinced, but somehow the dog was getting dropped off over the weekend. Mark and Chad were going riding for the weekend and I was not dealing with dog fights over the weekend on my own so the arrangements changed to her being dropped off on Sunday evening.

Not Liking Biscuits Much

And the rest as they say is history. It was very heartbreaking when my brother left, it was as if she knew he was leaving her. He put her in Chad's room so she didn't run after him, that was a big mistake. I let her out and she cried pitifully, but the other dogs soon distracted her and she went to Chad. She is very attached to my brother and apparently he hand fed her when she was born after thinking she was dead and then finding her still warm. Circumstances led to him moving and subsequently going out the country a few months at a time and although probably loved and well looked after where she was staying she missed him like crazy. She has now attached herself to Chad.

Making Friends

Garfield hid in my bathroom on Sunday until I went to bed and on Monday morning her and Nala met in the kitchen rubbed noses and all was OK in the home of Garfield. On Sunday night Nala kept leaving Chad's room if she heard me and after talking gently with no effect, I said sternly lie in your bed (her own bed) and covered her with her blanket and she went to sleep. The cutest was she lost her ball on Monday morning (not cute) and Chad was supposed to look for it when he got home from School but didn't so when I got home and found it she kept it in her mouth all the time and dropped it in the food bowl when she was eating - her ball, Spike's bowl (cute).

Don't Touch My Ball

On Monday and Tuesday, she cried when Chad left for school but the other dogs distract her then she is fine. Mark and Chad have gone to Cape Town for a wedding for the day (today), besides having better things to do than go to Cape Town for a wedding, someone has to look after the dogs. Nala has been fine so far and when they left early this morning when I was sleeping she also just slept. That is what Mark never thinks of when it comes to animals and the practicalities of having animals. Sheila is in hospital (supposedly) that came out of nowhere as she did not look sick or tell me she was sick so she couldn't look after the dogs even if I wanted to go with, which I definitely didn't. Yesterday although Chad is now on school holidays (officially after a week of finding excuses to not go to school or leave early) he wanted to buy a suit for this wedding, truth be told that is the only reason why Chad went to the wedding, he loves to dress up in smart clothes and this was the opportunity to wear a suit again after his Matric Dance. Anyway we had to lock the dogs in the courtyard because the gardener was here and although she is fine with the gardener, Spike and Piggy are not, so Chad made the call to keep them all together, I was stressing but they were fine and bonded that much more.

Still Unsure

I did not know this but I saw on Instagram on Thursday night that October is Pit Bull Awareness month and Chad coincidentally said the other night that we have two of the dog breeds on the dangerous dog breed list. Who would have thought that a fully grown Pit Bull could come and live with a Bull Terrier, a Bull Dog; a Jack Russell and a cat and humans that she had never in her life laid eyes on. She needs to be spayed and we were going to do it straight away, she has never had puppies and we certainly won't breed with her, but I thought it is better to wait until she is less confused and more settled before we put her through a traumatic vet visit and sterilization. She is going for deworming and injections next week though.

Bully Love

Chad didn't like her name and wanted to change it and said Shadow suits her better, because she is his constant Shadow, but I convinced him that he can't change her name even though many re-homed dogs go through a name change, she has had enough changes in her young life, don't confuse her even more. I also told him Nala comes from The Lion King, Simba's mom was called Nala and it means Beloved and she is beloved. Now he calls her Nala Bear, because she is a cuddly bear and is always snuggled up to him. I call her Princess Nala, sometimes, because she is such a dainty soft quiet girl. She nibbles at her food, sits down and takes her biscuits gently. I baked for them and initially she would not eat my biscuits only Bobtail Peanut Butter biscuits, then she started eating the peanut butter ones, but not the spinach and cheese ones and now we only have Beeno regular biscuits which she wouldn't eat, but this morning she had a few. I imagined (perceptions again) this Pit Bull who wolfed down big bowls of food - not her she nibbles on her Eukanuba when she is hungry. Our dogs don't have a set feeding time. They get fed at 5 as in the empty bowls (if any) get filled with food and they eat when they want any time of the day or night till bed time - she does the same. She only pees and poos when she plays and we battle to get her to go out at night to pee before bed and then battle to get her up in the mornings - now I leave her.

Getting More Relaxed

We are so in awe of her gentle nature, but I am wary that when she becomes confident she might change, but she is three so chance are she won't. Miss Piggy has less attitude and kind of accepts her, although 5 years down the line her and Jingles still don't like each other - but they tolerate each other. I have just realized Spike is now the only male - well I knew all the time but gave it more thought now. He loves Nala and thinks she is a new toy to play with, because as he "met" her they played so for a couple of days all he did was bark in his" lets play"bark - was so annoying. Now he barks at playtime only.

Miss Attitude

Chad said now I have something to blog about - so exciting!! Mr Chad full of attitude like his other dog. I told him I am going to start a blog and Instagram account for Nala so all the interested parties can see how well she has settled but on second thoughts there maybe interested parties who may find her online, interested parties who I don't want involved in my life and who I don't want knowing we have Nala so I have to rethink that idea.

Not happy that Chad went to fetch his girlfriend from school

Don't Worry Nala He Will Be Back

I Am Not So Sure About That So I Will Just Sit Here And Wait

At the moment she has Spike's spare name tag on her collar in case she gets out and runs ( we thought she would, but she hasn't)  at least Mark's number is on it until we get her micro-chipped. And that is the story about Nala and how she came to live with us and how my perceptions were changed by this docile sweet little girl.

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