Wednesday, 25 November 2015

A Whole New Chapter

Last night was Chad's graduation and awards evening and tomorrow is his final exam and then he is done with Matric. OK, we have to wait for his results before we can sigh a huge sigh of relief and move forward to a new chapter. It does, however, still feel surreal that he has finished Matric and I cannot believe how quickly this day arrived. It honestly went too fast and starting Grade 8 is definitely not a distant memory, it is still fresh in our minds. The graduation was overrated and was really a waste of time except for the students that received awards. Quite a few Matrics did not even come to the Graduation. Chad didn't want to go, but I said that we should go because we never do school stuff. We were rather disgusted that the owner of the school did not even bother to come and say goodbye to the students and thank the parents for their "business" over the past five years after all it is a business - a family business and her husband makes sure that his business and finances are first and foremost. The school had snacks and refreshments, but we went out to dinner afterwards. We went to Adega and I broke my juice fast (more about that some other time) not over the top, but I still gave in because it seemed rude to sit there and not eat - that is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

It may seem as though Chad gets a lot of things and that he is spoilt. He does get nice things, more than some kids and less than others, but the way someone reacts to their gifts and how they treat their things makes someone spoilt or not spoilt. That was so apparent yesterday. Chad absolutely hates surprises and always manages to get his gifts before his birthday and Christmas. It is like he can smell his gifts. He chose his graduation present - a Police Watch and we bought it from Take A Lot. It was about R200.00 cheaper than at a jewelry store so we bought it online. The day it was delivered he was doing a late exam from 2 to 5 or so I thought. The parcel was delivered before his exam after much drama with the Fedex delivery guy as well. When I was dealing with the delivery man for my Kefir Kit, I could see in Chad's face that he thought we had bought his watch so he was kind of disappointed to see it was not the watch that was exasperating me. Whether he knew the Take a Lot package was his watch when it arrived or not, I would never know, but when I arrived home from work, I opened the package and then went to phone the time to set his watch because the time and date was all wrong (the difference between buying from a jewelry store and a general online store). As I am intently listening to the time and trying to set the watch, the kitchen interleading door opens and in walks Chad. Total surprise and shock that he is home and I try and hide the watch, but he sees it. No use putting it away, he tries it on, takes it to be made smaller the next day and wears it. Not all the time - it is only for when he dresses up - his idea.

I told him that I would also buy him a Police Pendant. He already told JD what he wanted for Christmas and she has bought it (I think) a Police ID Bracelet so I said I would buy the Pendant.  I bought the Pendant and Icon cufflinks on Saturday. I wasn't sure when I would give them to him and he had no idea about the cufflinks. I had told him that I couldn't find the pendant and I will get it for Christmas rather because he didn't want to go to his graduation anyway. Lo and behold after work I decide to wrap the present and close my door and he comes looking for me. I shouted that I was busy, he never looks for me in the afternoons, either his girlfriend is at our house or he is watching TV. He goes outside sees me with gift wrap through the window, my back was to the window, he comes in the room and end of surprise. He never saw the cufflinks at first and when he did he was so surprised and so happy because apparently he had seen them and wanted them and was wondering how he would afford them because he had spent his money on JD's Christmas present and he spent more than he was meant to. He kept saying,"mom did I show you these" "Äre you sure I didn't show you" 'Did I tell you I wanted them" He went on and on "mom you really deserve a hug for these - let me hug you" Chad doesn't like shows of affection (to his mother). He was so happy with his R329.00 cufflinks and he knows how much they cost.

I had no idea that he wanted cufflinks and thought it was a bit risky buying them, but also know how he loves dressing smartly. Today he told me that he told JD what he was buying her for Christmas and I said "Chad surely she wants to be surprised" "apparently she loves surprises" he says. "Come on Chad don't spoil her surprise - didn't you enjoy your surprise just a tiny bit yesterday?" I said. "Yea it was actually nice." "So don't tell her what you are buying her".

Chad wants to sell his car and get an Audi - excuse me. I like his car it is so him and it was his birthday present, but it is too fast and it is one of the top hijacked vehicles. For those reasons, I have to agree with him and also it is seriously heavy on fuel. It costs over R900.00 a week on fuel and that is if he doesn't drive all over on the weekends. His other reasoning is because we told him that Mark's insurance would not insure the car without a tracker like he has in it, so he thought if he got a different car he wouldn't need the tracker. We have made it quite clear he has the tracker in no matter what he drives. It is for his safety not because we want to spy on him. I only check up on him if he doesn't let us know he is OK - if he checks in with us then no need to track. He doesn't speed anymore that is out of his system.

This is a conversation that we had yesterday - an actual conversation with him phoning me. I gave him my smart shopper card in the morning because you can get a discount when you use it at the jewelry store he bought his girlfriend's present from. So he phones me at work.

C "Hello mom - why does your phone sound like it is on speaker phone"
D "I don't know - it's not on speaker phone"
C "Can I give Sheila our wifi password"
D "No what do you want to do that for"
C "you know she has this new phone - a cheap smart phone"
 D "but we battle with slow connection as it is - she will use all our data"
C "uncapped mom"
D "yes but it still has a cap then gets slow"
C "well what's the point of uncapped"
D 'I don't know thats how it works - ye I suppose she can have it because then she won't run out of data for whatsapp when I try and get hold of her"
C "yes that was what I was thinking"
D "Chad why are you driving and talking on your phone" sudden realisation that it is car noises I hear
C 'Hands Free"
D "you don't have a hand's free kit"
C "ye built in with my aux cable - hey I test drove that Audi it is so cool"
D "did you - did you go on your own"
C "ja it is so cool - its got ................................"
C "OK then"
D "OK where you going now"
C "to buy condoms"
D " CHAD!!!!" all shades of red
C "hahahahahahahahahahahaha" don't know if it is just to tease me - don't really want to know either.
D "you should have taken my Clicks Club Card so I can earn points seeing that you are giving me grey hair you can give me points too"
C "hahahahahahah I will get you points and give you grey hair hahahahah .... bye"
D "bye my love - love you be safe"

Love that crazy kid with all my heart and so hard to believe he is test driving cars on his own, finished school and all grown up.

He is not going on Vac - he decided this weekend. The hotel that the other guys booked is nowhere near the beach or even the pickup points for the rage shuttle service and it would be four boys in one room with two double beds. The Rage starts before Matric exams even finish because the department of education released the exam timetable too late so two of the boys write on the day Vac starts and the mother who booked the hotel booked it from the 26th, the day before it starts until the 5th. Vac ends after the 5th plus they will be paying for two days that they won't even be there, Chad doesn't like clubbing anyway. He has been to a club once and hated it and went to a pub with a band and hated that too. His girlfriend is ecstatic that he is not going. She was encouraging him to go but told him it is because it was something he had to do and obviously she did not want to be THAT  girlfriend who is jealous and needy, but now she can be happy.

We are all happy that he is not going, but I didn't want him to feel like he is missing out because he was so looking forward to it, but that was before him and JD became so seriously in love. He keeps telling me how much they love each other and I just tell him that I am happy for him and he deserves all the love in the world...

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