Friday, 27 November 2015

Breaking My Fast

On Saturday morning, I went shopping to replace the sandals Miss Piggy chewed up and to buy Chad's Police Pendant for his graduation present. I never managed to find the exact same sandals, but did buy others. As a side note, although MR Price has the prettiest of sandals that are dirt cheap, I forgot why I stopped buying shoes and sandals from MR Price years ago - if the inner soles of the sandals are any colour but the natural beige, the colour of the inner soles dye your feet if a drop of water gets on them whilst you are wearing them. I couldn't find the Police Pendant at my normal stomping ground, but they had at Clearwater Shopping Centre and I absolutely abhor shopping there and have been there about three times many years ago. Chad has been going there often lately and I asked him if he didn't feel like taking me there to buy these "famous shoes Piggy chewed up". He had a burger from Burger King on Friday at Clearwater and he decided to take Mark for a sit-down as opposed to take-out lunch at Clearwater - directly translated to Mark paying for lunch :).

It worked out perfectly because I could buy his Pendant whilst they were having lunch and were under the impression that I was shoe shopping. Before we left I made myself a Green Juice so that I didn't give in and eat a Burger to "try out" Burger King Burgers and my Kenwood Smoothie machine broke and messed a whole jug of green juice everywhere. Kenwood seriously threw their name away with their smoothie machines. This is now the second one that broke and this one I haven't even had for long although I have probably used it more than the other one. Mark said I should get a NutriBullet, but they are so expensive and do they really last longer than the others. I saw in the Clicks' magazine that they sell a Kambrook one for R899.00 that received 10/10 from the three Clicks' judges that tested it. I think Kambrook may be a Clicks' product, so that could be why they gave it 10/10. I can use mine, except every now and again it loosens the blade part and all the liquid runs out and messes. On Saturday because I wasn't watching it opened completely and as I lifted the jug it came completely loose and messed everywhere and half blended green juice looks pretty gross!!!!

I was really very proud of myself because after buying the pendant I went up to Burger King and sat watching Mark and Chad eating their Burger King Burgers and Chips and did not even crave or want or have even a chip. Fortunately, I had juices in the freezer for the weekend. Fast forward on Monday night to Chad's graduation evening and although I had nothing to eat or drink at the Church Hall where they had the graduation, I did eat when we went out for dinner. I had grilled chicken stuffed with spinach and feta and ordered veggies for my side. What happens - they give me chips instead of veg. I was really good and put the chips on the side plate and they looked really good, but I was not going down that road of destruction and ate the butternut that they brought afterwards. I left the spinach because it was full of cream and all things yummy. I now have Juice for lunch, Kefir and Flaxseed for breakfast and steamed chicken with only lemon juice and no herbs and spices or salt and butternut or gem squash. Also a banana and or cashew nuts after work.  This is now my meals. BORING with a Capital B!!!

I have not had meat or coffee since the 1 November or sugar or any processed foods since then and after eating relatively healthy foods for most of the year, I should be healthy right. I did lose the plot quite often over the year, especially in September and October - I stuffed myself on cupcakes; chocolates; sweets, banana bread and even red wine. Healthy foods just don't fill a grieving hole - OK neither does stodgy unhealthy food, but it is a lot more comforting than non-stodgy food. The uncomfortable guilt adds to the sombre sad grieving mood. Chad said the other day "Gee mom,  but you HAVE lost a lot of weight - imagine if you did not go on bad food eating binges". It is true, I would have been at my pre-Clint's death weight ( which I thought was overweight then), but then again I may have stayed on a strict diet then fallen right off the wagon and put all that weight back on. Now I have hopefully learnt that I can get back on the wagon as easily as I fall off it.

On the whole, I have had far more healthy spurts than unhealthy ones this year and after my Insurance Medical I believed I was very healthy. My Cholesterol was not even mentioned and I passed my Medical with flying colours even a stress ECG. Last week on Monday I went to the doctor to have a skin tag removed. It was right where my bra goes and started as a mark for years and all of a sudden I had this ugly skin tag where the wire of my bra goes and it was gross and freaked me out so I went to get it removed. I also have a flat wart thing on my ring finger that I have had for more than 10 years and it has been burning lately so I had that burnt off. Oh, my word how painful was that and it still is. That night I hit it on the cupboard door and the skin split open next to the wart. The doc also said it might not go away by itself, I must just buy the stuff from Dischem and do it myself. Not a chance will I willingly inflict such pain on myself  - I will pay her to do it. I did not know how much I used my left hand until now and it hurts each and every time - I have even started to rethink my hand washing obsession - plus I hit it on something at least 50 times a day. The skin tag healed long ago with my bra digging into it - not this thing on my knuckle - an unhealing place to have a sore or lesion. It is minute but feels like a massive crater.

The Offending Lesion

My doctor was pretty impressed with how healthy I look and how much weight I have lost. I haven't been to her for well over a year, but I don't quite think she believed that I should no longer take the Glucophage and I told her I have never taken the Cholesterol Statins and I am sure that my Cholesterol is fine because it was not an Insurance issue. She gave me a lab form to do bloods at the end of December and said I must have my Insurance Blood results sent to her. On Monday, I received a text message from her rooms to say my Doctor received my Insurance blood results and my Cholesterol is extremely raised. I was pretty floored, in fact, I was shattered. Here I was believing that I had changed to a fairly healthy lifestyle. Here I was living on green juices and choosing foods that increase my good cholesterol and lower my bad cholesterol and turns out I was wasting my time. I do eat too many cashews and although they are raw and unsalted they are full of those glorious things called calories and I would lose a lot more weight if I didn't eat them but hey they are heart healthy and so delicious and give the crunch that you don't get from salads and a green juice diet. Other than the raw cashews that I eat, most of the food I eat is boring. Here is the supper I made for Mark the night I received the news from my doctor and my food was the boring bland chicken and butternut. Chad had a baked potato instead of the capsicum with melted cheese and mince - even more yummy and I have the high cholesterol, except Mark's insurance was turned down because of his liver and mine wasn't turned down for my cholesterol, doesn't make sense, but I am not complaining.

Get Recipe Here and Excuse My Not so Pretty Plating Up

We heard that same day that another one of our Client's had a heart attack and died the other day. His wife is actually our Client and she is 45 so not sure how old he is, but he is extremely fit. He was doing some mountain bike race, he told his friend who was his team mate to stop a moment and he had a heart attack and died during the race. Fit doesn't necessarily mean heart healthy. So I gave some thought to my cholesterol levels and perhaps if I didn't change my eating habits I would have had a stroke by now, because I was feeling that ill and bloated and out of breath this time last year. I feel better now - so much better and that has to be the motivator behind my new food choices.

I have decided to go do the tests next week as opposed to the end of December and see what those results are like. I read that coffee can play havoc with Cholesterol levels and the Insurance tests were not fasting - they were random. That morning I had lots of coffee before the tests, so hopefully that messed with my Cholesterol levels. I was also eating a lot of popcorn - that was my choice of snack this year and even though it was air popped I put lots of salt on it. I crave salt, something I used to hate. It may have something to do with either my Underactive Thyroid or Nexium depleting all the magnesium in my body. I have a recipe for gluten free bread from Wheatbix, which I am going to try and make and eat it with Flora Pro-Active. I really do not want to go on statins. The one month that I took them, I felt sick all the time and my appetite spiralled out of control. I have also read more bad reports of taking statins than good.

On the Kefir making front, I have so much Kefir now that I threw some away. I forgot to increase the flaxseed to two tablespoons this week, so will probably do the detox for an extra three days. I have also decided to carry on eating Kefir after I have finished the detox. I will use it instead of Ayrshire yogurt in my smoothies - may help with the high Cholesterol. An ex-blogger who I still keep in contact with through email had a colleague who swore by drinking Kefir. When I heard that, it made me feel more sure about it being good for you as it was more real than reading about it on a random unknown web page.

And that is my unhealthy healthy lifestyle update - high cholesterol or not I feel like a different person to last year this time so it wasn't all in vain

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