Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Nala Has Found Her Voice

Life is not an Instagram cropped image and my life and home definitely isn't. We always have an old towel, now used as rags lying on the kitchen floor in the hope that when the dogs drink water their dribbles [gushes of water] don't go all over the floor making foot prints and paw prints all over the house. We always have shoes lying around and cupboard doors left open; dog toys everywhere and bags and packets everywhere just waiting for Garfield to claim them for a bed. Our house is a mess, clean but an untidy mess at the best way of times and if I had to wait for that picture perfect moment to take photos I would have none. So please excuse the shoes lying around and the wide open cupboard in this photo below [and all my photos] I have cropped out as much of my morning madness as possible, but how cute do these two look - Soul Twins. This photo for me is the epitome of their relationship. If Chad is Nala's soul human then Spike is her soul twin. They stand together drinking water, they sit at the precisely same time when I say sit for biscuits, Spike will run and stand next to her when she runs to the door and one day Mark was playing with them and they both jumped into the air after the ball at the exact same time. It looked like it was choreographed and of course, I was just walking past from the front garden and never had my camera or I should say they never do something amazing like that when I am ready with my camera. Spike is definitely the yin to her yang, Miss Piggy and Pluto had that kind of relationship with Pluto, he had such a calming effect on her and Spike, I believe, makes Nala feel secure.

In this post about Nala not being perfect, I said that she never barked, that night Mark and Chad said she does bark, she has a very deep vicious bark. Her bark is deep and vicious and does not suit her demeanor and she does bark, but not to the extent of our other dogs. On Saturday when I was on my own at home, the neighbour's dogs were barking and barking, nothing unusual which is why their house was burgled with their daughter hidden under the bed and no one took note of the dogs barking non-stop - that was last year November. Nala suddenly started crying softly and it became progressively louder and then she ran to the front door and scratched and barked and she set all the others off.  I was a bit nervous opening the door to let her out. I always get scared that someone is on the property when the dogs bark like crazy in the house and I am alone and don't know why they are barking. I noticed a group of people talking to the old man from next door (Jehova Witness people). One of the dogs from the house that was robbed last year was out in the street making all the dogs bark and Nala was ready to jump through the bars of the gate to the dog. Spike was also going crazy, but she was more excited and agitated than him. I will never push her boundaries because I think she will get into a fight if she feels threatened. I kept Miss Piggy in the house so that they did not get into a frenzy at the gate and fight amongst each other like Spike used to before we had him neutered and Miss Piggy can be very bolshy. The photo below is Nala's typical way of wanting to go out when Chad wakes up and forgets to let her out and I don't know she is up and also when I forget she is outside (twice now) and she wants to come in, but obviously on the other side of the door.

On Monday, it was Nala's birthday, she turned 3 on the 16 November 2015 and today, the 18 November 2015, it is Miss Piggy's birthday and she turned 6. We are bad furkid parents because we didn't buy them a present, a giant bone or bake them a cake - seriously these dogs eat a packet of dog biscuits a day if they are the Peanut Butter flavour ones and if they are other flavours then two days and they are done. So no special treat on their birthdays, maybe I will bake them biscuits on the weekend. Miss Piggy is absolutely crazy about butternut and I am trying to perfect butternut biscuits for her.  So whilst Nala has found her voice Miss Piggy has found her inner child. On Monday, we had one hectic rainstorm and a bit of hail - not complaining we need the rain, but either Nala turning three, or another week with us or the rainstorm made her a bit crazy in that instead of her usual quiet self, she was playing in our lounge with her ball. Our cramped lounge!! Piggy joined her and kept taking her ball when Chad wasn't throwing it to Nala. Piggy would huddle under the coffee table chewing on the ball. Eventually, they settled and we became involved in TV until Chad noticed Piggy chewing up my sandal under the table. There she was chewing away quietly under the table on my new shoe. Two days before she turns six and she resorts to puppyhood. Mark and Chad both think it is not noticeable and I could still wear them, but they were really cheap so I ws not that fussed, except that they are very comfortable. I don't like flat shoes and battle to find shoes that I like that are flat, but if I wear high shoes my back really aches so I went looking for flat shoes the week before last and bought two pairs of slops (as in the rubbery ones) and two pairs of sandals from Mr Price for R179.00. OK, they are not fancy at all but R179.00 for four pairs of sandals. The pair that Piggy chewed is really comfortable. The plan was to wear high shoes and then wear the slops whilst up and down at work  like I did with my old faithful slops that finally broke the other week, but these were so comfortable, I wore them all the time - now I need to find another comfortable pair.

The Victim Shoe

Hey I was busy chewing that shoe you took away
I absolutely love this photo of Spike, totally relaxed on all their beds after they were brought in from outside before the storm started on Monday - Sheila puts the beds outside every day when she cleans. Nala is getting more and more settled every day and there are more happy looks in her eyes than sad ones. She loves licking the other animals and has even started licking Garfield and Jingles. Garfield has only ever really had a relationship with Spike. 

And that is it from the Fearsome Five (Shame no photos of Jingles) and a massive storm just started so Nala and Jingles and Garfield all jittery and time to make dinner

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