Tuesday, 10 November 2015

OK So I Didn't Say I Was Perfect...

For the best part, it would seem that we acquired a toy dog on the 27th of September 2015 and not a Pit Bull. I am not complaining at all, but I do tend to expect a Pit Bull to jump out of this docile dog one day and I hope that day never happens. Nala doesn't even look like a Pit Bull, but she is one and her bloodline is known for generations. The other day Mark said jokingly that she is an insult to Pit Bulls, because she is just so docile. Our dogs are hooligans, there is no doubt about that. they are noisy and boisterous and crazy and Miss Piggy who is no longer the baby, but will always be the baby is probably the craziest of all. She doesn't play as much as the others, but when Chad plays she goes crazy and when he jumps on the trampoline, she sprints onto the trampoline and gets into a wild frenzy. When I play with the dogs on my own Miss Piggy just observes.

I Am Beneath These Games

They all bark too much, Jingles probably the most and Spike spends as much time barking as what he does playing and we have to constantly tell him to shut up so that he doesn't irritate me  the neighbours. Nala, on the other hand does not bark and I think I have heard her bark four times since she has been with us. Once she got disorientated in the front garden, it is not big at all, but because the gardener was there the side gates were closed and I think she panicked, she barked at the dirt bin collectors once, she literally barked once and then ran inside, tail between her legs. Another time she barked and then cried for Chad and yesterday she barked, but just one bark and then cried for Chad when he rode his motorbike. Other than that she cries for Chad when he goes out, but not for long and it is getting better now. It was strange because she never cried during the week only on the weekends when he went out and this past weekend she was fine, but the minute his car comes around the corner even at midnight she is up and crying for him.

Baby Nala

There is no doubt she is a good dog. The other night Mark put them out and she doesn't have a problem going out at all anymore. Chad and I were in the lounge and unbeknownst to us Mark had given the dog's Vienna's before putting them out, she came into the lounge and our house has bad lighting so we couldn't see what she was doing, but she refused to go out. Turns out she was eating a Vienna (hot dog) -  she had bitten this Vienna into 3 pieces and was slowly and gently eating the Vienna whilst we thought she just refused to listen. Nothing like the rest of the dogs especially Spike. Remember that time he bit Jingles'ear off. That was all Mark's fault and he really did not mean to bite her ear off, he thought it was a piece of biltong and Mark just tried to cover up, because I always tell him that the dogs are not scavengers, but he insists on throwing biltong to them. Anyway, that was a costly exercise for him and a stressful time for all of us and a very traumatic time for Jingles.

Happy Face

So we have this perfect dog, who is gentle and sweet and loves Chad to bits. Yesterday he rode his bike and she was so excited when he started it. She jumped into the air and tried to run out the gate after him. She has a very happy demeanor and a very sad demeanor and you could see in her eyes that she was so happy when he got on the bike. When he rode off, I thought she would jump the 6 foot wall, but she came in crying. She either associated the bike with the weekend they went riding and she ran behind Chad all over the farm they went to or she associates it with my brother because he had a bike and the bike was also at our house. Mark found a buyer for the bike and they were all in the back with the bike with her getting used to everyone. Whatever, the reason she just wanted to run after Chad. He went out a second time and she cried and even scratched on the door. One morning when I let her out, I got involved in my morning routine and forgot her outside for about 15 minutes and unlike the other dogs, she never scratched or barked. Even Garfield our cat will scratch and meow at the door if she is on the Patio and we close the door. Nala just lay outside the door until I went out the kitchen and saw her lying there, so scratching on the door was quite a thing for her.

Sad Nal Because Chad Was Out For The Day

She is really so attached to Chad, the weekend before last we bathed the dogs. I did Piggy and Jingles and Mark did Spike, Chad was going to bath Nala, but he was watching a movie so Mark thought he would bath her. I called her to the bathroom and as she saw the bath she sprinted tail between legs. Yes in my almost 8K bath - I just figured the tin bath we bought was too much effort and I have a cupboard full of chemicals that kill 99.9% germs, so we bathed them in my bath. Chad had already bathed Nala in my bath and she just sat there. When she ran off when we called her to bath we just left her. An hour or two later, Chad's movie was finished, he bathed her and she just sat in the bath with her head leaning on the edge of the bath. I am waiting for Chad to send me a photo he took. I was at the shops when he bathed her. I love Chad with all my heart, but as his mother I know he does not have a calming or nurturing effect on dogs. He gets them all into a frenzy - when they see Chad they see "play like crazy"; go mad; go wild, so it is very strange for me that Nala is the way she is with him. It boggles my mind that she runs terrified from us and calmly lets Chad bath her. Don't get me wrong I am so happy for Chad that Nala is like that with him because she is what he needed for all these years - (and of course JD). If there ever was such a thing as dog and human soul mates then this is it because Chad did not get her as a puppy and she took to him immediately. No coaxing or getting use to him, just immediate attachment and that is what is so weird and amazing to me.

New Comfort Zone

Tiptoeing Around My Shadow

My bathroom has now become another comfort area for her when Chad goes to school early, she comes to the bathroom whilst I shower and our bathroom is tiny so I have to navigate around her {she matches our bathroom}. She started coming into my room the week before her second bath, which was kind of out of bounds for her and I am not sure why - we didn't stop her from coming in there. Maybe in some dog communication Piggy made it clear that it was out of bounds. I also know that the first Monday after Nala arrived Piggy attacked Spike and they got into a scuffle in my room for some weird reason Piggy lost it for a second and if I remember Nala was in the passenger when it happened and that may have kept her out of my room. Thankfully there have been no scuffles since and she now comes into my room and each morning she slept in a different bed.

In Piggy's Bed

I Will Just Sleep On The Floor

Passed Out After Waking Me Up At 4 am EVERYDAY

We Play Musical Beds

Now My Turn

I have really digressed and have taken so long to get to the point of my post Heading - nothing unusual. When Chad and Mark went to that wedding, I was sitting in the lounge eating a chocolate and then a chocolate cupcake (mmm about that gluten and sugar food intolerance I have developed) anyway so I was eating and she was begging with her head on my knee and I don't feed the dogs anywhere but in the kitchen, so I ignored her. A bit later I went to the bedroom and the cupcake wrapper was on a plate on the table next to where I was sitting and there was Nala creeping on the couch to steal what she thought was food off the plate. This gentle slow eating dog is a food thief!! She never did it again so I thought she somehow loved chocolate. Chocolate is bad for dogs, but my 17-year-old Maltese Cross was a chocolate addict and went crazy when he smelt chocolate and ate lots of chocolate and lived to 17 and nothing happened if he ate chocolate. Piggy once found Smartie Eggs that fell off the table and ate about 3 of them and was rushed to the vet and I was up the whole night with her, she had such bad gastritis. Nala didn't get the chocolate and she never tried to steal again. She does lean her head on my lap or leg and beg, though.

She Really Is Begging So Politely

Last week we had chicken for supper - Mark and Chad did, I am working on my food intolerances and have gone back to green juices only. I walk in the kitchen and there is Nala digging in the bin to get the chicken bones out of the bin. Ha food thief!!! Jingles does it too, but can't reach. Our dogs are not allowed bones - another expensive lesson for Mark when he used to give Spike bones, because what do wild dogs eat. Well, Spike isn't a wild dog, he swallows food whole and got a bone stuck in his digestive tract. We do buy them big dog bones as a treat but haven't since one of them got horribly sick when we bought them massive bones when we came back from holiday in December.

Her Bone Is Bigger Than Her

So we know Nala is a food thief, in her defense she never ever said that she was perfect. On Saturday night, I put them out and she never came in. I called and called and she just never came. I went from door to door - no Nala. I checked at the gate to see if she was waiting for Chad - No Nala. I went out the glass door into the back and there she was in Clint's Memorial Garden and I think she was trying to get the fish.  She had this perky happy look on her face, but I shouted at her and this morning she was there again. Besides the fact that she is not allowed in that garden, Chad said I should put up "keep out" signs for her, the cheeky brat. Something, the gardener says it is ants, has destroyed that garden. All the seedlings we planted in September are dead and I couldn't understand why the garden looked "√§bandoned". Sometimes my brain doesn't work well and time flies but when I realised that it was only in September that we planted the seedlings and it has nothing to do with the now drought we having, because the front garden is flourishing and then the gardener said it is ants so I put ant poison in the garden, now Nala keeps going in there andI hope she is not trying to eat my fish.

Those are her two imperfections, but she is slowly coming out of her shell and on Saturday I was sitting in the lounge on my phone and I looked up and had to do a double take because there was Nala licking Piggy and Piggy was just sitting there. Of course, I tried to take a photo but disturbed them and they stopped and then awhile later they moved next to the chair where I was sitting and she started licking Piggy again and I missed the photo opportunity again, but took this sweet photo below. They have progressed from tolerance to acceptance and that is massive because Piggy and Jingles barely tolerate each other. Jingles and Nala accept each other in a way that they have been together forever and don't even notice each other.

Acceptance Over Tolerance

Nala used to only eat biscuits from me if Chad was at home, but Piggy has taught her that the minute I walk into the kitchen it is biscuit time or if we are in the kitchen and I go near the cupboard where the biscuits are then it is time for a biscuit. This is what my life looks like mostly - surrounded by animals and in the mornings I step over piles of dirty laundry and animals - unless of course Chad doesn't go to school, then she STILL sleeps until he gets up at whatever time Chad gets up.

Morning Routines - Living In Harmony

This post was way longer than I meant it to be, but that is the latest on Nala and friends. Since doing this post hours ago and doing the photos now late at night, we have had fireworks going off in the area and Nala was petrified, so no doubt we have gone back 6 weeks when she was settling so nicely. I hate fireworks and I cannot see how anyone can find pleasure or beauty or anything good in fireworks and they are still going on now at 11pm.

Calling Me To Come Play Yesterday Afternoon

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