Monday, 2 November 2015

School Just Got Real...

Actually life just got real and that reality started a week ago. I honestly cannot say when Chad last went to school or when school ended officially. It has been a blur of coming and going since the week of his Matric dance. There was study leave, then prelims, then school holidays and then Chad geared himself up to take school by the proverbial horns after the short Spring break, he woke up early on the first day back to school, left home before 6.30 and rushed off to school - that was the 12 October 2015. At around 8 am, I had not even left for work and Chad walked into the house and said there were about 15 Matrics hanging around (there are 45 Matrics) and the principal called them and asked what they were doing at school - school was over it was now study time. Pass Go collect R200.00 and proceed to the exam hall. Not quite collect R200.00, more pay your exorbitant school fees until the end of the year and come to workshops if you want to if your teachers were doing workshops. The Afrikaans teacher was offering extra lessons at a fee of course on the weekends, but we were paying school fees and there were no classes during the week. That did not work in her favour as I am sure many parents felt the same way as what I did and they probably complained to the school and the workshops were changed to school hours. Chad slept through the first workshop (at home in bed) after failing Afrikaans prelims and then suddenly Matric got real and he attended all the workshops after that. Well, I just don't know how Chad went from this:

Pre-School Graduation

... to this - without me noticing

Matric Dance

OK obviously I did notice Chad growing and getting older and all grown up, but it really went much faster than it should have - especially this year. I won't lie this year has been an extremely emotional year for me and there have been many days that I have struggled to cope and grief has crippled life. That is not to say that previous years were easier, it is just that whatever it is that you are living in that moment, be it happy, sad, frightening it is always more intense and hectic at the time that you are living it than previously.

This year just went even faster than it should have and perhaps it is because school unofficially, officially ended around the end of August after the dance and instead of putting his head down and nose to the grindstone, Chad has been relaxing and taking life as it comes and then his first exam started on the 19 October 2015. He did his CAT practical (Computer Application Technology on the 19th and then he was off again, but that kind of jolted him into going to the various workshops at school and then last Monday on the 26 October Matric got very real. Exams started with a bang with English and he did an exam every second-day last week. I don't even ask how his exams went because Chad is known to finish an exam say he "owned it" only to scrape through. Chad also knows EVERYTHING and I am just hoping all that knowledge he has is being transposed onto his examination answer sheets. I like to believe that he has passed out on the couch at 7 pm from studying so hard during the day and not because he has been chatting to JD on WhatsApp until early hours of the morning.

To be totally honest Chad has been very angry with me, so I have just let conversations slide over the past couple of weeks. He told me he was no longer going on Matric Vac, because JD was going overseas on the day he came back from Vac and he would rather spend the time with her. I thought it was the wrong reason to not go (although we didn't want him to go in the first place). I said he will end up resenting her and she also said he must go and not stay home because of her. He was really looking forward to Vac and he has been planning it for the best part of the year - remember the budgeting they don't warn you about. Everything is booked and planned with friends and although I get why he doesn't want to go, I told him he should rethink it and he got so angry and we ended up having a terrible fight about it and everything just piled onto the emotional bandwagon. So for the past almost two weeks, I became the provider of food and nothing else, whilst he sulked and in a show of defiance he took all his glasses and plates to the kitchen last Sunday and put them in the dishwasher and it was a huge collection of dishes and he even emptied the kitchen bin. This Sunday I asked him what I could do to make him so angry again so that he could tidy up and pack the dishwasher out of his own - he had to silently agree he can be quite an idiot at times when he tries to spite me. Afer all the picking up after him and giving up on nagging all these years who would have thought that a show of defiance would have saved me a lot of work.

Chad is over his anger and sulks and it is back to the normal Chad and I believe Vac is back on - I am not even getting into conversations with him over it until a week before he leaves. All I know is that his girlfriend is no longer (at this stage) going overseas in December so Vac is on - Days of Our Lives - I tell you.

Right now exams should be his only focus but unfortunately, they are not, but yes school just got real. He writes until the end of November, but I think next week he only writes one exam and the following week one exam as well. Lots of time to study or watch movies........

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