Monday, 9 November 2015

The Year Of Chad

I often make reference on my Blog to the fact that our lives are based on the TV show The Middle. If you missed those posts and you are curious, you can read them here and here. Well, The Middle has gone through "The Year Of Sue" her final year of school and now she is in College. Now Chad is nothing like Sue, he is nothing like any of the kids in the show, but bits of all three children make up our lives and he definitely gets his cheek from Axel the boy, but this has been Chad's best year at school and I have tried to make it The Year Of Chad. As life would have it things did not turn out the way it should have and this year has been very tough for me and the year that Chad and I had a massive breakdown in communication fight, which is all happily and thankfully over and all forgotten.

This year being tough for me emotionally is not entirely because of it being a year of firsts for us - all the things that Clinty never got to experience, it has after much analysing on my part, been tough because Chad is all grown up and won't need me anymore. He is not my baby anymore and it is tough dealing with it. It is also very scary with him going out into the big bad world very soon. Every minute and every second of the day that he is not wherever I am, I wait for that dreaded call. Believing that one family can't go through the same tragedy twice, is naive and stupid. However, he just has to live his life and he has to live it as confidently as he can.

In some ways, it seems like a lifetime ago that he was a little boy and sometimes it seems like yesterday. The other week I said to him that I cannot put him as he is now, in my mind with that little boy who used to strip all his clothes off in the car as we drove through our gate after school, because he was so hot and run off to the pool in his undies and spend about 20 minutes running around the pool deciding to swim and then never actually getting into the pool, but the next day it would be the exact same procedure. Strip in the car; dash to the pool and run around. The first thing he said when I was reminding him about it was "...And I never ever swam"  with a big smile on his face. Chad has grown in leaps and bounds this year and time and time again, I forget that he is 18 and not  little kid anymore and that is where the frustrations come in.

I miss fetching him from school and our long chats we had in the car every afternoon - long discussions and arguments or just silence. Whatever it was I miss it.  I am so proud of Chad for many reasons and he has matured so much this year. There is a kid in his class that he struggled to accept for many years in fact since they both started at the school. We had so many discussions about this kid and it is truly something that most people don't understand and very rarely accept even in this day and age. I am not going into too much detail because this is a public blog, but it is just something Chad did not understand and for years I told Chad that it is not a choice, people are born different and she did not choose to be who she is. Now this year they have become very good friends and Chad has come to accept her as she is. She may not have been the same person when she was born as what she is now, but she is just that - a person - a lovely girl who did not ask to be born differently. She is, in fact, the prettiest girl in his class and looked the prettiest out of the girls in his class at their dance.

Tomorrow Chad is going to book for his Learner's Licence for a big bike because his licence is only for a 125 Cc and now that he is 18 he wants one for a big bike. I am not ecstatic about it, but he doesn't plan on riding on the roads all the time. I am going with him to book tomorrow morning and we have to leave at 5.45 to join the queue for the gates that open at 7.30. Ridiculous that you have to queue from 6 (some get there earlier) just to book your licence and that is just the queue to get into the gates to then start the first of many queues. He has no exams this week so he has a week off, then he has one exam the following week and I think only one the last week. Their graduation and awards evening is on the 23 November and Chad has already chosen his graduation present a Police Watch. I told him he should study first then choose graduation presents ;-).

Chad Getting Dressed For A Wedding

I have been thinking of closing down my blog, now that Chad is older and going into the big wide world, I don't want any searches landing up here on my blog. I won't ever delete it and may make it permission based. I also don't blog that much anymore, I just never feel like blogging and so many blogs that I read have closed recently. I will give it some thought over the next month and then decide next year.

That's my weekly update of Chad's current life. Was not intentional that it has become weekly, just procrastination that lead me here and now it is so late and I must get up at 4.30 tomorrow.

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