Tuesday, 15 December 2015

New In Nails And Some Serious FOMO

It is no secret that I love nail polish and all colours of the rainbow. Sometimes I buy nail polish and never use it. Usually, because I am going through a lazy stage and don't do my nails, but I will be drawn to a nail colour (usually blue) and just buy it. I love nail colours as much as I love coloured pens and stationery - I lie - I love nail colours more!!!

As much as I love nail colours, I am not into having my nails done at a salon and sitting for hours getting them done, but my eye always catches beautiful nail art on someone else's nails - I am like a Crow with a shiny object. For some time now I have seen Jamberry Nails on Instagram and as we do, I Googled the heck out of them, but you don't get them in South Africa. What are Jamberry nails you may be wondering??? Well, to get the lowdown on Jams, you can visit Sammy's blog, The Annoyed Thyroid. Courtesy of The Annoyed Thyroid, here is a snippet of what they are: "Jams are basically heat-activated nail wraps and are not to be confused with the nail polish strips you find in the shops. They can last up to 2 weeks on your fingers and up to 6 weeks on your toes!"

Jamberry Samples - Click On Image For More Info

Sammy, from The Annoyed Thyroid, an Australian Blogger, became a Jamberry Consultant sometime this year and I stalked her Instagram Account like crazy followed her Instagram account more closely and oohed and aahed over her lovely nails, until finally I am sure she had enough of my FOMO and offered to mail me a sample (FOMO - feeling of missing out - for those who may not know the acronym).

I was like YES PLEASE if you don't mind I would love to try them. If you live in South Africa, not to be a negative ninny, but you know our postal system - it is quite a risk going the postal route. However, Sammy did conquer the unreliable SA Postal system once before, when she sent me a Scatter Love card. So we took on the Postal System once again and we conquered it. Well, it took 26 days from Australia to South Africa and into Chad's hands mind you and not in our letter box for me to get my sample. They arrived on a Friday and I could not wait to try them. They are really fantastic although in my rush to try them, I did not do them justice. The sample was just to do an accent nail on each hand and I still have two more to try. Last weekend I was so busy watching mindless television that I did not have the energy or inclination to do my nails. I was actually too stressed, more about that in another post and this past weekend I was busy with another task that was both upsetting and time-consuming so I never did them again, but I will be doing them next week as we quieten down and hopefully close up shop for a break.

Jamberry Accent Nail Ring Finger - Kangol Nail Polish On Others

So although I did not quite "nail" it, Jamberry's are really fantastic and so much better than acrylic and gel nails. I will definitely buy them from Sammy's Online Store now that we know that we conquered the good old SA Postal services. I just have to wait for our good old Rand to climb up a bit after it hit rock bottom after this weekend's fiasco with the Finance Minister Shuffle and Re-Shuffle.

On the subject of Gel nails, on Saturday, I went to our local Clicks store, with NO INTENTION of buying nail products and saw this lovely Essence Grey, that was begging me to take it home. I have wanted a nice Grey for such a long time now, but was not prepared to pay over R250.00 for the Revlon Grey I saw, so when I saw the Essence Grey, I bought it. I stopped buying Essence some time ago because I bought a couple of bad batches - the colour peeled right off in a day, but I took this regardless. When I used it yesterday, I saw that it is a Gel Nail Polish, but you don't need a UV Lamp. It dries quickly, but I still managed to mess up my nails, because I did them so late last night, then had to still bath, but I love the grey. That is why I didn't waste the Jamberry Samples - doing my nails late at night

Essence -The Gel Nail Polish

Disclaimer, although I did not pay for the Jamberry samples, I wasn't given them as a Product Review. This is a completely honest opinion of the Jamberry Wraps (and if I wasn't so tired, I would have done a better post) and it is my honest opinion of them and I will do a follow up post when I have used the rest of the samples.

Essence Colour 53 Rock My World
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