Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Our Dog Nala Loves Our Visitors

I heard that my brother was coming back to South Africa, we hadn't heard from him for some time and he hadn't asked about Nala nor did he tell us he was coming back to South Africa and would like to see her. On Wednesday, I said to Mark and Chad that I would love to know if Nala would remember him if he came here, but it seems as if he doesn't want to see her. He is back in the country and hasn't asked about her, perhaps he feels it is better to just move on and not stay in contact. Then on Thursday morning, I received a Whatsapp message from him early in the morning to say he was back in South Africa and if we are around, he would pop past and say hello. We chatted about Nala and then I had to go to work and also go and do my blood tests. I told Mark that he wanted to come and see Nala and Mark said he didn't think it was a good idea because she has just settled down and she will regress. Nala took awhile to take to Mark and with Mark's rejection issues he was having none of her rejecting him again. I think it was more than just a joke when he always jokingly said if it wasn't for him, Nala would still be sitting in the car.

Excuse Me I Am Having A Bath

On Sunday, after Mark and I went shopping, I looked for my phone and saw that my brother had sent a message, asking how we were and I said to Mark, I bet he wants to come and see Nala. I was right!! It was around 1 pm and what could we say. If we made excuses it would be a month of excuses and he would think that something had happened to her or we had given her away. I had mentioned to him that we were worried that she would regress if she saw him and she was doing so well and we finally belonged to her. He said he didn't think it would be long and she would be back to being settled again. Chad was in a mood and said if Nala likes "C' more than him then she must just go with him and not stay here. Chad's rejection issues are worse than Marks. I think Chad was going through all the emotions or very similar emotions of what a parent of an adopted child must go through when their child wants to meet their birth parent. Chad's rejection issues stem from Clint's death and losing someone so close to him again would be devastating for him.

Put Your Laptop Away & Give Me Some Attention

We assumed my brother would come straight away and Chad kept asking when he was getting there and eventually at 3.15,  I sent a message to find out when he would be coming and he said about half-past four. It was the longest one hour I think Chad had to go through. The old man next door had people over and every time we heard a car we thought it was my brother. Eventually, when he did arrive, we didn't even hear him, he had to phone to say he was at the gate. Chad opened the front door and said must I let her out and I said you might as well. She went rushing up to my brother's bakkie (Ute) and jumped on it and Chad walked off and said I swear she can just go with him. When he got out his bakkie and said hello, she danced around and wagged her tail and Chad still feeling rejected said she has never done that to me (she has and I reminded him that she does) and he walked to the lounge. My brother came inside, introduced me to his girlfriend, they brought us biscuits and biltong for either us or the dogs.

We Sleep Anywhere That Is Cool

His girlfriend sat down and Nala jumped on the couch and jumped all over her, licking her and when we told her to get down she went and sat by Chad. My brother said, give her ten minutes and she will remember me, ten minutes came and went and she just did her own thing, sitting by Chad or lay on the floor. Spike was more all over them than Nala. Spike will take his ball to anyone who comes to our house so they can play with him. My brother's girlfriend went outside to have a cigarette and Spike stood barking at her with his ball in his mouth and I knew it was his "let's play bark" Mark said I better go out and see if she is OK because she doesn't know it is a friendly bark. Nala came out with me and wanted to play and Spike played with his girlfriend. Chad said my brother must feel really sh!t that his dog doesn't really worry about him and my brother kept saying that it is strange how she just attached herself to Chad and it is strange. I am sure he is happy (and he did say so) that she has settled so well and he could see that she was settled, because although she was all over Chad, she was also all over the house, inside and outside doing her own thing and not attached to Chad. She has only been with us for 2 and a half months and when she was with my brother, he had been out the country for longer periods and when he came home, she would not leave his side and when he left, she pined for him for a long time and would not eat.

I Match The Decor

We thought we would have a problem when he left, she ran up to his bakkie and jumped on it, so my brother said we should put her in my car, we did, but before they were out the gate, Chad let her out (probably testing her devotion to him) she just jumped out and ran to get her ball. She did not even look at him leaving. We just played with her and she carried on her normal routine.

Come On We Wanna GO Play

Chad said she is well and truly our dog now and everything is hers now, the house, the cars and all of us, she is a part of, but she is Chad's dog. We were so amazed yesterday, we know that she knows that if Chad goes in my car she goes with, but yesterday he went out in my car three times and as he picked up my keys, in the house, she went running outside with him to the car. How she knew he was going in my car and not his, only she would know.

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