Tuesday, 22 December 2015

She Is A Lifetime, Not A Christmas Present

Whilst everyone else is either on holiday or rushing around shopping or preparing for a Christmas feast, I am blogging. In fact, this time, last year we were on the last leg of a VERY long trip to Paternoster. As fun and relaxing as what that holiday was, I am quite glad we are not going away this year and I don't even feel as if we are missing out. As much as we need holidays to de-stress, they can be very stressful, especially when you have animals and finding trustworthy animal lovers to take care of them. We are also not doing anything exciting for Christmas and we are only buying Chad and his girlfriend Christmas presents. Chad is all sorted and for once he will be getting a Christmas present on Christmas Day, not like in the past when he gets them months/days or weeks before Christmas, birthdays or Graduation.The other day we were talking about his aversion to surprises and getting presents on his birthday/Christmas and his love of opening presents that don't belong to him and his girlfriend said with this shocked/surprised look on her face and said, "I know, Chad said look I bought you a Christmas present (a month ago) let me show you, whilst unwrapping it, they are earrings, let me just see them, I forgot what they look like". A week later he bought her actual Christmas present - a heart pendant - same story - so now he has no idea what to buy her. Chad has always been like that, he can't keep a surprise and doesn't like surprises and she loves surprises.

Well being the odd child that Chad can be, I asked him what the protocol was on parents buying [his] a girlfriend a Christmas present. I have to check with him first although it would seem a bit odd if we didn't buy her a present when she is at our house every day, eats dinner with us every night and I sometimes send food home in a Tupperware if she leaves before we eat. Buying a present would be a normal thing to do, but there is nothing normal about us I guess. The biggest problem is that I have no idea what to buy her. What do you buy a 16-year-old girl, who you don't know that well even though she is at your house every single day! Well, that was until Saturday - she has gone to stay at her bestie for a few days, who lives far from here.

Buying for  a teenage girl should be so easy, except she is not a girly-girl at all. On first impressions, she looks like a real little Madame and very very girly-girl, but she is actually a tomboy, but puts in an effort, because she feels she should try to be girly sometimes. I guess her mom or stepmom or some other girl has told her that. She is a really pretty little thing, but would rather be jumping on the trampoline with our dogs on a Friday night or shooting Chad's pellet gun than being out at a club or painting her nails. She is naturally pretty and doesn't need makeup. I am not posting pictures of her on my blog because I don't think it is right. She knows I blog because Chad told her, but won't give her my blog name and I told her I am not a blogger as such, I just have an online journal and nothing exciting to read. I told Chad, in front of her, he shouldn't have told her about my blog.  I still don't think it is right to post pictures of her unless I have her permission.

I am really struggling to think of what to buy her and went shopping on Sunday with Mark which was a nightmare, so I am attempting to go again tomorrow. She desperately wants a kitten, but her father hates cats and she thought (so did Chad) that she could keep it here as we seem to be the adopter of many animals and we love cats. One problem Garfield hates cats. I asked her the other day if she knew how old Garfield is and she said no, I told her that she is 17, her eyes grew bigger than the day we discussed Chad's present opening habit. Garfield is older than her which is mind boggling. She is a lifetime, not a Christmas present. What happens if they break up ( I am not allowed to say that). What happens if our dogs don't like the kitten and what happens if Garfield in her old age stresses and runs away or dies. I know Garfield won't live forever, but I don't want her to stress in her old age. Garfield also has a litter tray now and it is just one litter tray too many - she has had it for about two years. As much as I would love a little kitten it is just not practical. I told Chad and JD when Chad moves out one day (never) they can get a kitten.

Clinty & Garfield

I am probably the worst boyfriend's mother right now, but I just can't have another animal attaching itself to me. To distract her from wanting a kitten we went to the Bush Babies Monkey Sanctuary on Saturday, now Chad wants a monkey - haha not a chance!!!

Will it be a slap in the face if I bought her a toy kitten?? I have no idea of where to even start looking for teenage girl presents. She may be a girl after my own heart because I am certainly not a girly-girl but I just don't know what to get her.

Thanks for reading...

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