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The Idiosyncrasies Of Two Idiots

My posts about Nala and how she is getting on with her new siblings are not in chronological order or any order for that matter - they are in Dianne's too lazy to blog or do anything order. I was going through photos on my phone the other day and saw just how much she has changed over the past month and how her real personality now shines through. She had a bit of a setback the other day when Mark and Chad went away for the weekend, but it was short lived and she is back on track again  (more about that weekend in another post). In fact, she is so back on track the other night she suddenly started jumping all over Mark whilst he was sitting on the couch and then she had a game of rough and tumble on the couch with Spike. By the time I opened my camera to video them, they had calmed down, but no, we are not getting new lounge furniture anytime soon and below is a snippet of why not.

Yesterday Mark and I came home from work at the same time. He came home early because it was our last day at work and we had a braai for the staff then left early. The normal routine for the dogs is that as I get home, I have to go and play with them. Both Spike and Nala come running to the car, each with a ball in their mouths, I barely put my stuff in the house and we play, otherwise Spike barks like a crazed dog. When Mark gets home, he plays with them, but he does not put in as much effort as what I do - I really tire them out, especially Nala. Mark playing with them is just a habit - Spike's routine. Yesterday I didn't play with them because Chad and JD had just played with them. We were sitting in the lounge and Spike kept barking at Mark, so he played with them for a bit (2seconds) because they didn't want to play, translated to Mark was too lazy and hot to stand outside and play. A while later Nala came and stood by me and kept dropping her ball by my chair - she actually stood there bouncing it at my feet, but I was even lazier than Mark and ignored her. She then went to him, climbed on his lap and started licking his face - they went to go play. So cute!! At around about 8 last night, Chad and JD were playing with the dogs outside and called me to watch her playing with a soccer ball - she was chasing after the ball and trying to get it in her mouth. I then had to play with her - our normal game of fetch and then she was satisfied and settled for the night.

Too Tired To Move

I always feel quite bad, because our dogs don't go for walks. We used to take them for walks, but it is far too stressful, especially if I go with. I always stress that they will have fights with other dogs and going to parks where people allow their dogs to walk without leashes and the dogs come up to Spike who then wants to fight, is just too stressful. Piggy turns into a monster if she is on a leash walking with Spike. She was the total opposite if she walked with Pluto - he had such a calming effect on her. The other week, I read an article on why walking/running your dog until they are bone tired, does not stop them from ripping up your garden or destroying everything in sight - it doesn't stimulate them mentally. I can't remember where I read it, but I have been watching our dogs playing and giving it a lot of thought. Playing with them, not only tires them out physically but mentally too. Pounding the pavements in a long straight line doesn't give the mental stimulation of racing after the ball, looking for it, turning around when it goes in the opposite direction, finding it hidden under leaves. Sometimes the ball goes by the cars and Nala who is very good at finding it hidden somewhere in our carport, first stops waits a bit then races to get the ball and gets it before I have even discovered where it landed.

Any floor Will Do When We Are Tired

I take back my words of her being slow (retarded) - I think her not being able to find her ball when it was right by her was her way of hiding it so no one could take it away from her. It was her form of security. This photo below of her ball in Spike's bowl of food, totally confused Spike, he would not go near the bowl and kept barking at it, but she put it in the bowl after Chad had been home every day for awhile and then went back to school. This was on the 28 October and she has come a long way since then.

What The Heck Food Is That In My Bowl

A Ball - You Seriously Expect Me To Eat A Ball

Chad and Mark went to the workshop one Sunday and she went with. Chad took her upstairs once and then down again. We have like an alcove or passageway that leads off the reception area that has an interleading door and the workshop which also has an interleading door. The stairs to the upstairs offices are in the passage area then if you go upstairs there is another passage to a mezzanine kind of area opposite the offices and right on the other side are fire escape type of stairs into the workshop. Chad closed the workshop door and reception door and they went into the workshop area and left her in the passage area, within seconds she was upstairs across the mezzanine area and down the stairs into the workshop by Chad. He only took her to the offices, not across to the mezzanine level. She is definitely not slow - the not finding her ball had something to do with her insecurities.

We went to fetch Chad's new (pre-owned) car the other day. He couldn't collect it straight away because Bidtrack had to take the tracker out of his Golf and put it into his Audi and that took a few days. The minute that was done, I had to rush him there to fetch this long awaited car and it was at 3 in the afternoon and Mark was busy. I went home to pick up Chad, Nala walked with him to the car and saw he was getting into my car and stood waiting for him to open the back door so she could get in. If he goes anywhere in my car or this old Nissan Tracker Mark has, he takes Nala with - let me rephrase that, Chad only stoops to the level of driving a Hyundai Getz if he wants Nala with. She hopped in the car and off we went to collect the car. I took this photo (below) of her in the car when Chad went into the dealership to collect his car. Chad loves that photo of her and said it is a stunning photo and it is, but I said he needs to clean her eyes, because they are full of muck - his reply was "Oh no that is why we got her - she is a no maintenance dog" :D - Piggy has to have her eyes cleaned, her folds powdered and her backside wiped 9 out of ten times. Chad is having nothing of that with Nala.

Car Rides Are The Best

Shame Chad also said after we had been to fetch his car, it must be terrible for her that every time she goes in a car, she wonders if this is going to be her new home. Her face lit up and her eyes were bright and happy when Chad climbed out the car and then when he was no longer in view, she became very sad and withdrawn wondering if he was gone for good. She hasn't had multiple owners. She belonged to my brother as did her mother, so she was with my brother from birth. He bottle fed her and found her at birth next to her mom who had collapsed whilst giving birth, so couldn't feed her pups. The mom was hospitalized and sterilized - long story, but my brother became Nala's surrogate mom (not too sure about the other pups). Then last year he went through a very ugly breakup with his partner of more than 25 years  and he left with Nala and the clothes on his back and his car. So Nala went to a strange house, leaving behind a family of dogs and a human family. She went with my brother because she was so attached to him. I think he may have also worked out of the country before the breakup. I am not sure of the details, but after the breakup, he did leave the country for a few months at a time and had to leave Nala behind. She was well looked after and loved, but she missed him and we saw how traumatic it must have been for her, every time he left when he left her at our house the night she came to live with us. That she attached herself to Chad is quite something and what I think helped her settle was having Spike as a distraction. Spike also suffers from separation anxiety even though he has never been taken away from Mark, but he gets very agitated when Mark goes away and if he is in a car with Mark, he is an absolute pain. He has to sit on Mark's lap when he drives, which is not practical, so it becomes quite stressful having him in the car, but he is not on the level of seperation anxiety as what Nala is.

Spike has an inner concern that is hard to explain. When we first got Spike, he was the sweetest thing ever but as he got older, he became destructive, he fought with Pluto all the time - I mean a Bull Terrier against a Dashcund, no brainer who was the one who was badly hurt. He would chew up my stuff and I just hated him, because he hurt my Pluto. It was during the time that we were going through the courtcase against the person who killed Clint. Pluto was always my comfort and took all my heartache and stress onto himself - hard to explain but he did. On the days that we went to court, I was completely wiped out and devastated and broken. On those days, Spike would be an angel, he would lie on the floor next to the bed where I was lying after I got home from court and he would do nothing wrong. He would not chew up anything, fight with the other dogs or even bark. He would just lie quietly, Pluto would always lie in my arms. It happened every time we went to court or on days, I could not cope with my grief. Spike had an inner sense and I believe he had that same sense that Nala was troubled and grieving and he took care of her and made her feel safe and comforted. It is something beyond normal explanation and understanding. Every time she cried for Chad when he left to go somewhere, Spike would run to her and lick her and sit by her. Even when she was panting and tired from playing, he was even more tired than her, he would run to her side and lick her and make sure that she was ok. He still does it.

There is no doubt that Nala ended up at the best home possible, not because we are better dog owners than anyone else, but Chad needed a dog like Nala in his life, even though he has Piggy who loves him to bits, it is a different kind of love. Nala also needed Chad, but she also needed Spike and Spike probably needed her. They are two loving idiots who complete each other. Neither dominate each other. We don't really have a dominant dog in the house, they each dominate something different. Jingles is probably the most dominate one. JD said last night that she was scared of Jingles and for a long time, because she is vicious, but not to strangers coming here, like a guard dog, but vicious towards the other dogs and anyone who tries to pick her up or cuddle her. She gets love on her terms.

Chad bought Nala a new ball a few weeks ago, but no new ball is safe from Spike and that afternoon after many short sessions of playing with the new ball whilst the plumbers were at our house digging up the kitchen, they got into some serious playing after the plumbers left. The new ball lit the fire under Spike and got him moving again. This video was after they had been playing like crazed wild dogs for about 20 to 30 minutes, then I only decided to video them. The last fuzzy bit was when I tried to video her getting the ball from Chad when he was washing his hands. She thought he was washing the ball, but Spike had it. She went to the tap to take the ball out of his hands like she does each time we play and then wash the ball at the end of the game.

Chad takes JD home every night in my car, because he takes her home late and takes Nala with. The other night he took Nala and Piggy and they both sat like angels in the car. Last night he gave Spike a turn and left Nala at home. He sat quietly for two minutes then went crazy in the car - no manners Spike!!

What???? Why Am In The Car!!!!

If there is a dominate animal in this house it would actually have to be Garfield. I took this photo earlier when I went for a biscuit break. A biscuit fell by Garfield and Spike waited until she walked away from the biscuit to take it.

Umm - That's My Biscuit

OK I Will Just Wait For You To Move

This photo below of Nala licking Garfield is for my mother (if you reading) who believes Nala hates cats. OK, maybe Garfield is actually just a dog disguised as a cat and immune to dog hatred because Chad just told me that she also chased the cat from next door and almost got it. The cats that Spike hates, because they come into our garden and torment our dogs and stress out Garfield. I hope they realize that Nala is so much faster than Spike and she will get them. Even with Spike chasing them they still come right up to our door and try and get into our house. They are just lucky Nala listens when she hears the word no.

Morning Kisses

Biscuit Time

Well, that is the latest on Nala and her antics with her siblings - not blood siblings but definitely love siblings.

Thanks for reading...

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