Saturday, 2 January 2016

2016 In A Word

Happy New Year to you and your family from us - I hope 2016 brings you all your heart desires and more...

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Firstly if you love the animated New Year Gifs I have on my Blog like the one above and the Christmas ones I had on my blog, you can get your own by popping on over here. This is not a paid or sponsored post or link, just a courtesy link to an awesome site with free animated Gifs and Graphics. I have a hard time making decisions and choices and need a lesson in "less is more" but I can't help myself the graphics are just too cute to choose only one.

So all over the Interwebs is this thing about having a "word" for the year. It has been around for a few years now, but more and more people seem to be doing it this year. I am normally all "ain't nobody got time for that" but today I thought why not. However, I am not going to get all deep and go for hope, trust or courage, I am going to go for something simple - CREATIVE. The reason for my word is because I am doing the FMS Photo A Day Challenge again this year Last year I dropped out very early in the year and in 2014 I dropped out in December because I still had a blackberry then which did not have the Instagram App, so I was using a Samsung tablet and an update went wrong and I couldn't upload photos so fell out. This year my goal is to finish the challenge. You can follow my FMS Photo A Day Challenge on Instagram or play along - it is really fun. You can also find all my photos in my sidebar  near the bottom of the page, separate to my normal Instagram Photos. I use Snapwidget Pro to do separate slideshow widgets for specific hashtags - this one is #fmsphotoaday2016 - Below are the prompts for January.

Find Out More By Clicking On Image

I have also decided to do the Capture Your 365 Challenge a different challenge that I attempted once and only did for about a week, but this year I am going to put more effort in. You can also follow along on Instagram or at the bottom of my sidebar with the hashtag #captureyour365. The prompts are below.

Find Out More Here

I am also doing a third one with my Pentax Camera - also tried before and gave up. I am using 365Project.Org which you can find over here. I am not doing that on Instagram as my camera does not have WIFI so it is a mission to email pictures to get onto Instagram and I don't want too much bother because bother causes me to give up.

Find Out More Here

And that is how my word Creative came about. I am going to try and spend more time this year capturing memories and moments and less time on the mundane in life. Getting this post up before midnight will be the first of my creative achievements (LOL) I have 10 minutes left and it will be the 2nd of Jan 2016... Don't say it but this year is already flying by.

Hopefully, my word for the year will make me accountable and I finish all three challenges. It is leap year this year, so it will be 366 photos x 3 challenges for 2016!!!

Happy New Year...

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