Monday, 25 January 2016

A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That...

Our Summer rains have finally arrived in all their glory and we have had lots of rain this past week. Heavy flooding downpours, which is great because we have had a very dry spell. Part of the country is suffering from a severe drought and seeing images of dead farm animal carcasses as well as fish on news sites and TV programs is quite soul destroying, so no complaining about the rain - not even when our pool turned into a mud bath as it does when we have torrential rains. The other day, Chad and I were both caught in the storm and the roads were like rivers. I was just up the road so not too bad, but Chad was caught in the thick of it and said his car was like a 4X4 as it made it's way through rivers of water in the roads. Today we have had drenching drizzle for most of the day from around lunchtime on and off so the garden is happily drinking it all in.

Nala, however, has not enjoyed the rain, because it meant no playing for two days, actually three, I think - my memory is like a sieve and I honestly can't remember. On Friday, when I came home from work it wasn't raining, but extremely muddy and I was in two minds about playing, but couldn't deprive her of another day of playing. The week started off with Chad deciding to train her to stop nagging to play every five minutes and she was not happy. Every time she came to me with her ball in her mouth, he would call her and make her drop the ball and lie on the couch. That was on Monday night and it was quite funny, because for the very first time in many months, Miss Piggy went running to Chad's bed and tried to climb on it - she is too short - and he lifted her onto his bed and she slept with him until 4 am and Nala slept on her bed on the floor. It was as if Piggy knew he was cross with Nala. At 4 am when she left, he went and put Nala on his bed. Nala always goes to sleep on her bed and Chad actually picks her up and puts her on his bed and she sleeps right by his face the whole night. He doesn't mind the dogs on his bed and encourages it.

Needless to say their game on Friday was wild and crazy because they had so much built up energy from not playing for so many days. We played for over an hour and Spike was still panting an hour later. Plus with the ground all muddy and wet, they were slipping and sliding more than ever. I also made them run much further because where they normally run from was so full of mud. I thought Nala would be over her nagging to play, but not a chance. On Saturday morning, Mark and Chad went to deliver a car they sold and I fell asleep after they had woken me up and I was woken up by a thud; thud; thud. Nala was sitting by the bed, dropping the ball onto the bed and then onto the floor to get me to wake up.


Eventually, I had no option but to get up and play with her. I made coffee and sat on the step by the front door, hidden from the street by a tree and just threw the ball to her and Spike - this morning I had to do it again as well as throughout the day with another long energetic session last night (Saturday night)

At the end of November, I took my sewing machine in to be repaired and serviced. I lost the foot, years ago, before Clinty died. It was still quite new and who knows how I lost the foot, because it is not something that you take off, but anyway I lost it and the sewing machine sat in my cupboard for all these years.  Finally, I found a place in Randburg called Northside Sewing & Service and took it to be repaired. They replaced the foot and serviced it for R460.00. I was really impressed with their service. I dropped the machine off on a Friday mid-morning and early on Saturday they called to say it was ready. I felt quite bad because I only fetched it on the following Thursday. I just never had a chance to get to go there.

I used it for the first time today, to take in  to try and take in my clothes that are too big. I haven't tried them on and didn't measure them so I am not sure whether I messed them up or not, but either way, they didn't fit so it won't be a major loss. I wish I could sew, but I just don't have the patience for sewing. I also bought a little sewing kit from the sewing shop, because I was going to start sewing - and of course, that is not going to happen. I think I just bought the kit because I loved the colourful pins and cotton.

Yesterday morning I was going through my Instagram feed and one of my "photo a day" photos was featured for creativity by #captureyour365. I was pretty chuffed because I was battling with the prompts this past week because they were all on lighting and I am not a photographer and I just do photo a day for fun and as a distraction from the mundane that is life. It was this photo below and it was last minute as I was running my bath water, the prompt was artificial light and I thought ah ha candle light is artificial light. If I had put more effort in I would have taken away the facial sponge and face wash :)

In other news, Chad still hasn't made plans to study and he is unsure of where to study or whether to do correspondence or full time. We disagree on the correspondence because he is not disciplined enough to do correspondence. He is helping Mark with car sales for a gap year job to earn money. He was going to do bar flaring but thank goodness he thought about it and agreed that driving around the streets of Joburg late at night/early morning is far too dangerous and Chad is also not into the whole club/party/drinking scene so bar flaring wouldn't be for him anyway. He now has the office next to mine and we also bought him a laptop for Christmas and all day I get called to help him with his laptop. I keep asking him if he called his CAT teacher all day to help him :) I enjoy having him around. What I also didn't know is that my son who didn't bother with school stationery loves stationery on his desk and has claimed most of my stationery - not that he has that much work to do :D but it would seem that he has my love of stationery DNA.

I mentioned in this post about Pluto that I received my Animal Anti-Cruelty League Diary on Thursday. I thought it came through the normal postal system, but it actually came by courier. The postal strike from the previous year must have really messed up their sales to now use a courier company. The diary costs R250.00 with a little name tag and although the diary is small, it has so much info inside it. It is well worth the R250.00 considering it is for Charity. It also comes with gift wrap if you have bought it for a gift for someone and a CD with classical or meditation music on it. I have never listened to the CD's, I don't even use the diary, my phone planner is enough for me as I don't have a hectic schedule that needs planning. I just buy the diary (most years) to support the Charity, but for anyone who needs and uses a Home Organiser, this is perfect and has everything you can think of in it and more. You can order the diary from Crossbow Marketing or add your name to their database to be contacted for next year's diary.

This is not a sponsored post and neither am I affiliated to Crossbow Marketing or the AACL, I just think it is a worthy cause worth mentioning.

And that is some of what is going on at the moment. One other thing of concern or confusion if you follow my Instagram feed. I am really struggling to get back onto my healthy eating plan. I juiced for 4 days in the beginning of January and crashed and burned badly on the 5th day. This past Monday I juiced for the day and Tuesday was back to eating junk. My first crash I used hypothyroidism as an excuse and convinced myself that I have to be cognisant of the fact that I do have hypothyroidism and sometimes I have to feed my thyroid or I have to eat because my thyroid is playing up and I am exhausted and can't function without food, more importantly, carbohydrates and instead of going for healthy carbs, I, of course, attacked the bad carbs and have not stopped and it is now past a thyroid issue and more a glutton issue. I have decided that because my birthday is coming up, I will have cake for my birthday and whatever junk I crave but come February I am back on healthy foods.

That's it for my Sunday reflections for this week - wishing you a great week ahead!!

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