Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Congratulations Chad

Finally, the Matric results are out and Chad passed and I am so happy, proud and relieved. Although, Chad went to a Private School, they follow the BED syllabus and exams, so when IEB (Independent Examination Board) results came out last week, I think a few people were wondering why we were not congratulating Chad on Social Media. Mark loves Facebook - it didn't happen if it isn't on FB and of course, me on my blog, although I am always behind with updating my blog, so that wouldn't be strange at all.

I wasn't doing the midnight newspaper check and neither was Chad. My biggest fear was his handwriting because it is really bad. Clint also had a bad handwriting just like mine, but Chad's is really bad, he told me just now he was also worried about his handwriting being a problem. All the stress for nothing and although he didn't get a Bachelors Pass, he has a Diploma pass which means he can go to a Technicon or do a bridging course and then go to University. He was going to do a bridging course and then study Electrical Engineering, but is now not sure.

One of his friends failed maths and Afrikaans so failed Matric. His parents must be devastated. He is from Malawi and they put so much stock in Education and getting a good education and his father is a Professor at one of the Universities - it must be such a blow. He went with Chad to all the Afrikaans workshops, but still did so badly. He can rewrite one subject, but if he rewrites maths then he has to be tutored by a Matric Maths teacher and their Maths Core teacher is extremely clever, but cannot explain/teach Maths. Now he has to decide which to rewrite - Maths would be far better for his future than Afrikaans. Chad also put so much effort into Afrikaans and nothing into his other subjects, yet just managed to pass Afrikaans. He is quite upset about it because he thought he would do better in Afrikaans. He did Maths Lit and not Maths Core, which he now regrets and we regret not forcing him to do maths core because he averaged 70% from Grade 10 in Maths Core and got 74% for his final Matric mark. To do Maths Core, you need 50% in Maths Lit and he was way above 50%, but it is over and no looking back, just to his future. He doesn't want to go out to celebrate. Chad is not big on drinking and partying, which is a massive relief too.

Congratulations and Well Done Chad - love you lots and everything of the best for a bright and prosperous future. We are so proud of you and extra proud of you getting two marks above 70.

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