Sunday, 17 January 2016

Help!!! Please Save Me From This Dog

Have you ever wondered what happened to the cute little Pink Energizer Bunny, well wonder no more, because it morphed into a cute Black & White Pit Bull Called Nala. That dog does not stop!!! It was around the time that Spike went to the vet for his dewclaw injury that Nala just developed this insatiable energy. Thinking back, it was around Christmas that she started developing her real personality and character and that was around the time of her third month anniversary with us. Miss Piggy, although no longer the youngest will always be the baby, she has that youngest child, spoilt brat demeanour and everything about her is just cute and like a little cuddly puppy (that hates cuddles), although she can be as wild and as rough as a dog ten times her size, she does not have Nala's "young dog" energy.

Along came Nala, the quiet, serious and gentle Pit Bull who was now the youngest, but seemed so much older -she was a real old soul - a dainty old soul and she didn't seem like the youngest, more like the oldest of them all.  Then there was a subtle change when she turned three when we thought she had started to come into her own, but she has really only developed her personality now and is so cute. Except she just does not stop playing and it is driving me insane. Chad even said yesterday, "Yoh but Nala is pee'ing me off with that ball of hers, she wasn't like that when we first got her." She permanently has a ball in her mouth, nagging with pitiful eyes for someone to play with her and Chad does not play with her half as much as I do and he is complaining!!!

It actually started on the day we officially closed for December break and she was nagging me to play with her and I wasn't really in the mood to play and she kept dropping the ball by my feet and then climbed all over Mark and started licking him until he went out to play with her. Not that we really had a break from work, because Mark went to work nearly every day, but I was home and played with the dogs throughout the day with no real routine. Now Nala expects to play all day long, she doesn't stop. She now climbs onto my lap when I am sitting on the couch and bounces the ball all over me. One day, I swear I am not making this up, but she almost shoved the ball into my mouth, because I ignored her. I ignored her just to see what she would do. She rolls the ball up my arms and in my neck, whilst she climbs all over me until I get up and go outside to play with her.

Standing Outside Long After I Have Gone Inside

Hoping I Will Come Out & Play Some More

We found her ball that came with her when she came to live with us, so on Friday, I thought if I played non-stop for 30 minutes with her ball, she would soon tire out and perhaps she was missing her ball  and that is what she wanted. Not a chance!!!! I still had to go out twice after that even in the dark to play, otherwise, she just waits outside for me, climbs all over me or stares at me pitifully with the ball in her mouth drooling all over me - mmmm gross.

It has been the whole weekend, sometimes she is so exhausted she hides by the trees (and I have timed her) for 15 seconds and then she is back at "our" wall (hers and mine) ready to play. You can see in this video, how if I ignore her she plays by herself and then puts the ball on the wall when I must start playing again.

Our garden is scattered with balls of all sizes; shapes; types and colours, but they are very particular about the chosen ball for the day and sometimes Nala and Spike decide they both want the same ball - just like kids. On Friday, Nala found a very old ball of Spikes - a big Bad Cuzz ball, one of the very first ones we bought him years ago and Spike found a broken squashed red tennis ball, he just carried around in his mouth. I then coaxed her into taking her ball that she brought to our house in the hope that, that was what she was looking for, but no luck. She played with it, but the more we played, the more she wanted to play. Yesterday, we started playing at 9 in the morning until 7 at night, sometimes playing for 45 minutes at a time.

Every time I turn around, there she is, as silent as the night, standing with a ball in her mouth. The black panther ready to pounce!!!! Spike cannot keep up with her and he is so noisy, he barks all the time and barks if he wants to play, she is silent -  all you hear is her panting and the thud of the ball or rustling of the leaves, as she runs up and down; leaping through the air catching the ball.

The Baby/Boss

I can't wait for work tomorrow so that I can have a rest - only kidding not looking forward to work but need an afternoon nap now... will post this later... Slept, uploaded pics, now off to play AGAIN...

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