Sunday, 10 January 2016

Spike And His Dewclaw

JD absolutely adores Spike and he adores her. She is now in the pecking order and beats both Chad and I. It used to be Mark; Me; Chad then Sheila. It is now Mark; JD; Chad and I vie for third place, but I am usually relegated to fourth; because of JD and then Sheila. If JD could take him home, she would, then again she has been here more than at her house over the past month, he might as well be her dog. Who knows what they are going to do when school is back (that is her; Chad and Spike) but seriously if Mark would [let her have his dog] and her dad would [let her bring a dog home] Spike would be off home with her.

Very Blurry Pic, but taking toy to JD and barking outside Chad's door

JD loves Spike so much she bought him a Christmas present - a rope with some hooves on it although a ball would have been a better present because Spike and his Bad Cuzz balls are on another level. Anyway, she put in a lot of effort into buying him a toy. Chad didn't see her on Christmas Day, she had to spend it with her family. Her dad is still not overly keen on his daughter having a boyfriend and I get the impression that it is an out of sight, out of mind scenario, but he is also OK with the fact that she is at our house every day, all day, until late at night. She came to our house the day after Christmas and the first present handed out was Spike's even before Chad's. Spike played a bit and left it. Nala and Piggy kept taking the toy and a couple of times Spike snapped at them and the other day he had a bit of a fight with Nala at the gate. She was stunned that he could fight with her but no one was hurt, it was over in seconds - so not really a fight as such. It seemed as if she thought he wanted to play with her and I shouted at him and then Nala kept taking her ball to him. He wasn't in the mood to play. That was the Monday before Christmas. I had also noticed that he was licking his dewclaw a lot and I don't know what it is with him and Jingles, but their dewclaws grow so long and they are always getting hurt - never before have any of our dogs had dewclaw issues. I told Mark to look at it, seeing that Spike is his dog and his whole life and then I duly forgot about it.

Passed Out - Blame It On The Heat - before the hurt dewclaw

JD came to our house again on Sunday after Christmas and as Spike heard her voice, he rushed off to look for the toy she bought him so they could play. Later that afternoon after she went home, Mark and Chad were playing tug of war with Piggy and Spike and Spike yelped and couldn't put his paw down. He had hurt his dewclaw and it was bleeding. When JD heard about it, she was so upset and told Chad to throw the toy away, but it wasn't the toy that hurt him. Mark obviously didn't check his dog's foot when I told him to because it always falls on me to look after the animals and I didn't because it is his dog and he must start looking after his dog. There is more to dogs than lying on the couch with your dog lying in your neck. Anyway, I put a dressing on it and some Bactroban and a bandage and gave him some Regal Joint Mobility. Does wonders for pain, not only joint mobility pain. We were going to Sun City the next day and just hoped he would be OK. The next morning we took the bandage off and when Chad fetched JD at 5.30 in the morning, to go to Sun City, Spike was ready to play when he saw her.

Tired, but we will lie in the hot sun

Poor Baby with his daddy and sore foot

Most days his foot was OK and then on Saturday, last week Mark noticed he was rubbing his ear a lot and he cried and limped a couple of times when he played and he was not his active self, so he took him to the vet on Sunday morning. Nala and I were playing when they left in my car and she was not happy about Spike going in my car and not her. She wasn't stressed or anxious, she just refused to come inside. The vet was very busy so they were gone for long and Nala just wanted to play all the time or lie outside.

Too Sore to Play

Nagging To Play

Two and a half thousand rand later and a day at the vet and Spike had his dewclaw removed and had a bacterial infection in the front lobe of his ear. No idea where he got that from. Nala was out of sorts the whole day until Spike came home, but all she did was nag me to play and it was so hot, I was scared she would overheat. We let them swim one day in December, the vet said one swim wouldn't have caused the ear infection, anyway, Nala cannot swim at all and sank to the bottom - it was panic stations. Piggy swims better than her and Bull Dogs are not supposed to be able to swim. Nala has been in the sea, not with us and loved it. Spike doesn't like the sea or pool will only get in if Mark is in the pool, but Spike likes the tidal pool at the sea. Spike came home at 5 on Sunday and because he was sick and sore, he got a new toy, which he took off the shelf at the vet (so they say) but he was too sick/drugged to play and Nala took the ball. This is her nagging me to play, the whole day with playing [with breaks in between of course].

It was back to work for me on Tuesday, so we were back to our normal routine and on Thursday when Chad took Spike to have his bandage removed and for a check up, in my car, Nala again was not happy and very confused and showed her confusion again by playing. Every time we came inside, she would bring me the ball and she was acting all strange, Mark thought she had heat stroke from the heatwave we were having - another huge vet bill looming. She came and lay on my chest, stood on the lounge chair with a ball in her mouth or stood by me nagging. We had the aircon on, so it wasn't that hot inside and I kept wetting the ball and filling the feet of the ball with water to cool her tongue down because her tongue was almost on the ground - with the ball in her mouth. She would only drink water if Spike drank water out the bowl at the same time.

Pit Bulls Don't Stop

Lying On My Lap - A First

Can We Play Already

By the time she went to bed, she was her normal self. Lo and behold I was sitting in the garden on Tuesday night and Jingles started yelping and limping when she was wandering around the garden and I thought she had injured herself, it was a thorn in her foot, blown from the thorn tree after one of the storms, but that dog screeches like her foot has been cut off. What a procedure to get the thorn out without getting bitten. She is a very strange little dog.

Jingles Stole The Basket From Garfield Who Stole It From Me
 Anyway, alls well that ends well and so far no more injuries or sickies and Mark spent the week doing Spike's tablets and his ear drops - a job usually relegated to me.

Piggy & Nala - Bonding More & More Each Day

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