Saturday, 20 February 2016


I have been toying with the idea of closing down my blog for some time now and one of the reasons is because Chad is now an adult and I don't want any searches from people Chad knows or who he may get to know in the future, to land up on my blog. Chad told his girlfriend that I have a blog, but did not tell her the name of my blog and one day, they were messing around with each other and she asked me what the name of my blog was. I told her that I respect Chad's wishes so won't tell her the name and he shouldn't have told her about my blog. I am not a blogger, I just blog and it is random thoughts and she really does not want to read it.

I was also thinking of making my blog a permission read only blog and Nicky, another blogger suggested that I make all Chad's posts private and then random non-personal stuff public. That would be great, except blogger does not allow for some posts to be private - the real downside of having a blogger blog. There is a workaround and you can insert code in your blog HTML header and anyone with the password can access sensitive or private blog posts. If you are interested, you can learn how to do it over here. The alternative would be to start another blog for all your private blog posts and make that blog private or permission based and then have a link in your original blog to that private blog (see more here). Yea too much hard work (for me) and as I said earlier, I blog... I am not a blogger. It is possible to make your whole blog private, but not individual posts - you would go to settings - basic - scroll down to blog readers and make it Public; Private only blog authors or Private only these readers and add their email addresses, but readers and authors have to have Gmail accounts to access your private blog.

The other option is to move over to Wordpress which I have thought about often but never have and then when I wanted to look for a new design on Etsy, Chad said I must leave the Sunset image and not change to some stupid design. I asked Chad a few months ago if I should close down my blog and he gave me some flippant reply that he doesn't really care. As long as it stays privately public he does not really care. Privately as in it is never associated with him in real life.

It got me thinking as to just how much Chad is like me and we do not like change. Metathesiophobia is the fear of change and Metathesiophobia often leads to Tropophobia the fear of moving. So although to say we suffer from Methathesiophobia would be quite extreme and we have moved far too often to suffer from Tropophobia, we do hate change and it has more than likely stunted our growth somewhat - not physical growth obviously, but our success and achievements in life. I did not realize how much Chad disliked change until one day for some reason all of our plates were dirty. I had forgotten to turn on the dishwasher and it was a Saturday and we had breakfast and the dinner plates from the night before and the breakfast plates were not washed and there were no clean plates, but our dining room sideboard is full of plates we never use and are kept for one day never. I took some plates out that we use sometimes, washed them and kept them for everyday use. Chad bitched and moaned every time I dished his food up in them because he did not like eating off them. He would get an old plate and the rest of us would eat off the "new" plates. Finally, he has relented and is OK with eating off them, but still prefers the others - he said it doesn't feel right eating off them and something as simple as a change in a plate he eats off is too much for Chad.

Back to my Blog, for now I am keeping my Blog Public and closing it for Chad's sake is really just an excuse because I am too lazy to blog. By the time I do want to blog about what we have done or places we have been to, or things we have tried, months have gone by and it is too late or irrelevant. Instead of blogging or doing anything else for that matter, I spend my time watching mindless television and I really mean mindless. How I Met Your Mother; The Middle, Three and A Half Men, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family to name but a few and no they are not mindless, but we watch repeats of repeats of repeats. I also watch far too many reality shows and not of the Kardashian or Honey Boo-Boo type - I have NEVER watched a single episode of either, but you would have to live in a cave, deeper than Homo Naledi's cave to not have heard of those shows. I watch shows like Britain's Got Talent; XFactor UK, The Voice and Masterchef Australia. There is a new (old) Masterchef Australia on now and I have made a firm decision not to watch it. I always watch from around Top 24 and get so involved and we always end up Googling the winner anyway. Chad and I always say we are not going to Google the Winner and one of us cave.

I decided this year my Word of the Year would be Creative and I would give mindless television a break. Ha!! not a chance. One night  I was sitting in the lounge not watching TV as such and I became involved in this show with Jennifer Lopez in it. I NEVER watch series ever, like I said I watch movies or sitcoms - the more mindless the better. Anyhow, I became so involved in this show, because Jennifer Lopez was so good. I enjoy all her movies. She would be the  Angelina Jolie in my world. I have watched one Angelina Jolie movie - Mr & Mrs Smith and did not enjoy it - I don't get the hype of her and Brad Pitt. The show I was involved in is called Shades of Blue and I was so bummed that I missed episode one in the series (I watched episode two). I was hooked and then I forgot that I was supposed to watch this new fantastic series (yea my brain is quite fried) until one night I ended up watching Chicago PD with Chad. I was slightly confused and thought it was the same show until Chad [im]patiently explained the whole Chicago Trilogy to me and guess what now I am involved in the hospital one and the cop one of the Chicago trilogy too. I watch it with Chad and he doesn't watch Chicago Fire, he watches something else in its place, but I am starting to think that (from the bits I catch at the end when we change channels) that the fire one may be better than the hospital saga. I struggle with medical shows still. I enjoy Chicago PD but don't love it as much as Shades of Blue. I did manage to catch episode three of Shades of Blue because you know Mnet and DSTV - they have DSTV Catch Up and DSTV many many repeats - how I could possibly have missed episode one of season one of Shades of Blue almost seems impossible with all the repeats, but sadly I did miss it.

Who would have thought that I would have become a series junkie (unless you count 90210 a series, which I use to watch?) Well now I have another excuse not to blog...

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