Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Natural Hair And Nail Treatments

During my search for the cause of my thinning hair and peeling nails, I came across some natural remedies for hair loss and hair breakage, which reminded me that I used to use Coconut Oil and Olive Oil in my hair, back in the day before they became overpriced dietary/cooking oils. The other oil that was recommended for thinning hair was Castor Oil, which I duly bought and mixed with cooking Olive Oil. The Castor Oil smell is quite strong, especially if it is left in your hair for a few hours, before washing out and because I couldn't find Rose Water, I thought I would go to the Clicks at a bigger mall to look for Peppermint Essential Oil to mix with the Castor Oil to give the oil a more pleasant fragrance. They never had any essential oils other than Lavender and Eucalyptus and I wanted neither of those, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that you can still buy Pure Coconut Oil and Olive Oil from Clicks - no more using cooking Olive Oil in my hair.

I could not believe that I had forgotten all about using Coconut Oil for years and years that I even forgot that such stuff existed. I also managed to find Rose Water at Checkers in the baking aisle - I did not know that Rose Water was a baking ingredient until I looked for it and researched it. Now every morning before I shower, I put a mixture of Castor Oil, Olive Oil and Rose Water in my hair. I massage my scalp with it and then leave it in for anything from 5 minutes to 5 hours, depending on the day. I took an old hair serum bottle and filled it with a third Medicinal Olive Oil, a third Rose Water and a third Castor Oil. It needs to be shaken well before use as the Rose Water separates. I pour about 20 ml into the palm of my hand, rub my hands together and massage my scalp and then run my hands through the rest of my hair and leave it in until I shower. I rub the rest into my nails. I have done this every day for about two and a half months and my hair felt oily for the first time last week - that is how dry my hair is and I wash and condition it every day. I stopped putting it in my hair for a few days and did it again this morning.

Every other night I rub Pure Coconut Oil in my hair, not much, I rub it in my hands and then I plait my hair and rub the coconut oil into my hair whilst plaiting my hair. My hair definitely feels healthier and thicker, although it is still thin and it is really weird because when I put my hair in two plaits, the one plait is much thinner than the other. Mark and Chad don't get this whole plaiting my hair thing, but I will rather go to bed with plaits in my hair than have my hair fall out because it is all knotty from sleeping and I have to rip the hair out when I try and get the knots out. Did you know that if you wash your hair and plait it at night, then sleep with the plaits in, when you take the plates out in the morning you have nice waves/curls. You can also put a bit of serum or curl booster in before plaiting.

My nails stopped growing and not only did they stop growing but they also just peel. One day I was doing filing and I know it is a laborious task, but not exactly back breaking or labour intensive, anyway something shot across the desk and it was half my  Essence Nail Gel that shot off my left pinky nail. This is also the reason why I haven't bought any Jamberry Nail Wraps and couldn't give an honest review when I was sent the samples. I only did an accent nail, but they peeled within two days and it was hard to say if it was the wrap or my nails and I am leaning towards my nails. I haven't done my nails since December because it is a waste as they just peeled. Last week I noticed that they have stopped peeling and are slowly starting to grow. It takes six months for your nail to grow from the nail bed and I am sure it is all the Coconut Oil and Olive Oil I am rubbing into them as well as stopping the Gaviscon and Nexium.

Did you know you can even use Coconut Oil to remove your makeup - I am not keen on doing that, but in December I ran out of night cream and being December and out of routine, I kept forgetting to buy more before it ran out. When it did run out I used Coconut Oil and carried on using it at night until last week and my skin felt softer and looked clearer. I think it was just out of habit that when I needed day cream last week I just bought night cream as well. Coconut Oil is too oily for daytime use under makeup, but I do use it as a body oil most days.

I am not going totally natural and I WILL ALWAYS use shampoo, conditioner, soap and deodorant. I am not that into saving the planet to walk around unwashed, but these natural products have helped the side effects of chronic medication. I also rinse my hair in Apple Cider Vinegar from time to time, which makes my hair shiny and more manageable.  My hair may remain thin, but it is not breaking like it was.

I also had the dates wrong in this post. I started my Kefir Cleanse on the 16 November 2015 and did the full cleanse well before I redid my blood tests, so it could very well be the Kefir that normalised my cholesterol. I believe it is a combination of everything.

 I can't wait to put colour on my nails again, but right now I am just enjoying my healthy looking nails. They are now white and not ragged and transparent. They were so bad at one stage my thumb looked like it was bitten to the nail bed almost. Soon I will be able to buy Jamberry Wraps and hopefully by then, our Rand will have strengthened somewhat.

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