Friday, 22 April 2016

Six Years Of Blogging - Time Is But An Illusion

Today 6 years ago I made my blog public. I started my blog on the 10 of April, but only made it public on the 22nd and it had a completely different name. I can't even remember the name, it has had so many. It feels like a lifetime ago that I started blogging yet it feels like just yesterday that Clinty died - it certainly does not feel like nine years ago. We always say time flies, but it really is just an illusion. For me, Mondays have always flown by and Tuesdays drag by slowly - no matter when it is, where it is or what I am doing. Mondays go fast and Tuesdays go slowly - yet every day I basically do the exact same thing and my routine never changes. Mondays fly - Tuesdays drag both have 24 hours in the day.

I still haven't decided on what to do with my blog going forward and I am starting to sound like a stuck record and very self-absorbed or blog absorbed. I might blog every day or almost every day - I have so many thoughts in my head or I may just give up. It seems any thought I put out there, even if I just think it and not say it out aloud, the universe decides otherwise and puts a stop to it. Another illusion or reality I am having at the moment.

I have mentioned a few times that I was busy doing a writing course and initially I wasn't happy with the way things were done at the Online College. Well, I finished the course and I passed. I also completed the Game Lodge Management Course and I passed both. These courses were supposed to tie up in a new adventure Mark and I were planning for our future, but that ship has sailed and we won't be boarding it now or in the far future. I passed my Game Lodge Management course with 85% and it sounds good, but it isn't really considering that a pass is 65%. The first module, Mark and I did together and we only got 67%. He hasn't done the rest and I did better in the other three without his opinion and (incorrect) input. Economics I only got 75% - it was tough because it was figures and percentages and blah blah blah boring.

Weirdly enough I found the Game Lodge Management course more interesting than the writing course. However, I got 90% for the writing course. Apparently, I have a great respect for the English Langauge and I also have good writing skills. The tutor certainly hasn't read Chad Life Us. I feel like a bit of a fraud because I am deleting the blog I started for the course. The Tutor believes it has potential and I was very enthusiastic and something else (can't remember). The thing is, it was just for the course because I wasn't using my Personal Journal/Blog for a course.

I did learn quite a lot from the course - like, who would have known when you write (for the web) you must use simple language, not flowery fancy language. Headings must be simple and not elaborate. Images are so important. I always thought I got carried away with images. Images must have captions. I am a bit confused about that as I am not sure if it should be a caption on the images through Pic Monkey or Photoshop or captions that you add when inserting your image into your post. I think it is the former, because when I did that she said my images were fantastic and no comments about adding captions on that assignment.

I also learned, no long paragraphs and long sentences. I didn't know paragraphs should be short. Chad said at school they were taught 5 lines to a paragraph. What I learned at school was too long ago for me to remember, besides when we were at school creative writing wasn't encouraged. I went to school when we had a Government and education department that didn't encourage women (girls) to do anything else but cook, sew or type - I didn't learn to type either - hence all the typos in this blog. My course blog was checked meticulously for spelling errors and typos - no could instead of good or their instead of there or had instead of add and so on.

There was a lot more that I learned and when you proof-read what you have written, you should rather have a 15-minute break and then go back and check for mistakes. How true is that!! I can read over something a million times and not see a glaringly obvious mistake, after I hit publish, do something else then reread what I have typed and then find all the errors.

She Thinks She Is A Bush Pig - Her Favourite Pose

What I need to do is tidy up and update my blog if I don't take it down. Next Friday we will have had Nala for 7 months and I haven't added her to our Animals page even though she has been the main character on my blog for a long time. Pluto died a year and 3 months ago yesterday and I haven't updated that either. That is a tough one and sometimes I forget that he is dead. I also forget that it was last January that he died and not this January - time is but an illusion.

I also want to have a look at a new app for recipes called Yummly - you can read all about it over here. I am always searching for recipes and I always end up making the same boring food or get stuck on something and over do it. Bobotie has been the latest recipe of the year, day, month; week.

Now it is way past my bedtime, I didn't realise it was so late and I will probably forfeit the 15-minute proof-reading rule for sleep. Tomorrow I have an appointment with my son to go on a shopping expedition. I need my energy and wits about me for that.

Have a great weekend.

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