Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Helicopter Parenting - Except In Sickness - TMI

About a month ago (actually it was exactly a month ago, I checked on my medication box) I woke up on a Sunday, lay around in bed, showered around midday and then felt so exhausted I went back to bed. I felt very tired and my eyes were burning they felt so fatigued. I thought nothing of it and just thought I was extremely tired and needed a good sleep.

That night I watched TV and during the Sunday night movie, when everyone else was complaining about how hot it was, I started feeling really cold. Just before the movie ended, I started shivering and I was really freezing cold. I went and had a quick shower because my whole body was shaking I was shivering so much and hopped into bed and put the electric blanket on.

During the night, I woke up with a bursting bladder and as I climbed out of bed my legs were so weak, I collapsed. My whole body was aching, my head was spinning and felt like a weight on my shoulders. I had to get to the bathroom to empty my bladder and after that, I spent the night going from burning hot to freezing. I went to the Doctor on Tuesday, because my body was still aching and I was feverish. When I bathed my body ached when I touched any part of it and I started with Gastro. The Doctor told me she had treated 20 patients all from different families with Gastro the day before. She treated me for Gastro as well and for Sinusitis and Reflux. The Reflux was so bad it had affected my vocal chords so I had to go back onto Ulsanic and she gave me Nesopram. She wasn't quite sure if I did have a bug or if my throat caused the Gastro and Sinus or the reflux caused everything.

I was so sick for the whole week but went to work but came home early. I then heard my brother had the same symptoms and he thought he was either developing Diabetes or had food poisoning because he was so weak and his head was exploding. He had been told previously by a doctor that his sugar was high and he needed to keep a check on it as he could develop Diabetes. He was very worried and then when he had heard I was sick we realized it was just a bug and strange no one else got it.

Two weeks ago, I made Cottage Pie for dinner and for some strange reason we hadn't had it for over a year or longer. Chad thoroughly enjoyed it and had seconds, thirds and more. That night I went to bed quite early and was woken up by Chad making a noise. Usually, I struggle to fall asleep and if I am woken during the night I don't get back to sleep. I was annoyed with him for making a noise, but I fell asleep again. I get woken up again, by Chad making such a noise and it sounded like he was rearranging his room he was making such a noise.  I was angry and got up to see why he was making such a noise.

Turns out I did not fall asleep for 5 minutes, but for over an hour and Chad was so sick he was hurling everywhere. He kept waking up feeling like he was going to be sick, but he was feeling so weak he kept going back to sleep until eventually he really did get sick and it was too late to rush to the bathroom.

He was angry with me because he was making such a noise and I clearly "ignored" him when I heard he was so sick. I felt so bad because although he is almost 19 and I shouldn't be getting up for him when he is sick, I knew exactly what it felt like having an aching body, feeling weak and burning with fever and a headache so bad it felt like it would explode and I wasn't even puking.

He was up for the rest of the night with bad gastro and vomiting but in his anger and stubbornness, because I clearly did not care, he refused any medication I wanted to give him or help and of course after that I didn't sleep either. Eventually during daylight hours, he accepted my offer of medicine and sympathy and asked me how I could not hear him vomiting and making such a noise for hours. It was weird that I did not hear a thing and fell into a deep sleep after the initial noise that woke me. I told him that it would be very weird if I jumped out of bed because I heard my 18-year old get up at night, surely he must have realized that I didn't hear him getting sick. He has always accused me of babying him and being a helicopter parent surely he should have known that if I had heard him I would have gotten out of bed even if it meant to tell him to be quiet if he had continued to make a noise and kept me awake. I would not have just lay there. He should have woken me up and called me to help him.

He thought he had over eaten and let's just say we won't be having Cottage Pie again for a very very long time. It wasn't the food it was definitely a bug and the same bug I had except I wasn't vomiting. His ears and eyes were also burning and his body ached and he could hardly lift his head off the pillow. Fortunately, it was only a 24-hour bug or taking Pectrolyte straight away helped. I just reminded him the next night that if he is sick wake me up - don't just assume that I have finally given up being a helicopter parent.

Last Sunday, I woke up again feeling weak and exhausted and I was feeling so nauseous. I was feeling more and more sick as the day went by, I just could not deal with having the same bug again. I took Valoid throughout the day and it wasn't helping. As I fell asleep that night, I also had to rush to the bathroom and was hurling my lungs out, but fortunately, the next day I was fine. My GERD is back in full force and the Doctor gave me a months supply of Nesopram, which turns out has the exact same ingredient as Nexium. It doesn't help the reflux at all. I will admit, though, that I am eating very badly which is just making the reflux worse, but the only noticeable difference is my nails are back to peeling and not growing.

After stopping the Nexium and rubbing coconut oil into my nails every day, they started to grow again after months of not growing. They were so hard and strong, I took a photo of them on the 2 April, strangely the day before I got sick. Now after a month of being on Nesopram, the generic being Esomeprazole, which is also the generic ingredient of Nexium, my nails are back to peeling and breaking and they look like they have been bitten down to the quick. Neither Nexium nor Nesopram literature mentions that the medication can affect your hair and nails but I am even more convinced of it now than before that it is the Nexium/Nesopram. At one stage I thought maybe from dieting and juicing, I was lacking something in my diet causing my nails to stop growing and my hair to fall out - there is nothing that I am lacking in my diet now nor for the past six months - It is the Esomeprazole or Nexium/Nesporam.

I am now hoping all the bugs and germs will leave for good.

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