Thursday, 5 May 2016

Still Smoke Free, Still Craving and Taking A Break

Today, I have been smoke-free for three years and looking back I honestly don't know how I made it this far. The cravings are still as intense as what they were 30 minutes after I finished my last cigarette just after 5 PM on the 4 May 2013. I sat down with a cappuccino at 5 pm on a Saturday and smoked my last cigarette. Strangely, I knew that day I was giving up for good. That was also the last day that I enjoyed coffee/cappuccino as well. No coffee that I have had since that day has tasted even half as good as that cup with my last cigarette. Quitting smoking was tough and although I am still craving cigarettes, right through my smoke-free months, I have been determined not to give into that one cigarette that will take the craving away.

Typing this is making the cravings even more intense and I know if I had access to cigarettes now, I would not hesitate to light up and start smoking again. So I have to shake myself off and not be stupid and let all those months of suffering and illness go to waste. I wish I was that determined with my eating habits, but sadly food is a source of comfort. Even feeling ill from eating far too much stodge and junk hasn't stopped me from eating and putting on weight over the past 6 months. I need to get my head right again.

I have also made a decision that this weekend I am unpublishing my blog. I don't know if it will be forever and I don't know how I am going to get around the 404 errors. I unpublished my course blog and removed all the search descriptions and haven't had any 404 redirect messages, but it was only up for two months so maybe that is why.

I am not sure if I will ever publish Chad Life Us again or maybe it will be down for less than a month, I can't say - for now, all I know is that it is the right decision to take it down now. I will still be on Twitter and Instagram (I think), but I won't be doing the photo a day challenges.

I may still blog but unpublished to get stuff out of my head and I am not sure how that works for anyone subscribed via email if the emails are still sent. I will have to figure that one out. However, I will still be available on my email address for those who have my email address and want to stay in touch from time to time. I will still be reading the blogs I follow.

I won't be giving up the online or blogging world totally and you can find me over here. I am running this blog for a bit. It is not blogging as such, but a Social Sharing site and I don't know how long I will be doing it for. I helped set it up initially (you can see by my love of playing in Photoshop) and have been running it since Feb or March this year. Don't even ask why I am doing it considering it is a Social Sharing site and I am all about that Social Life - NOT.

For now, I will say So Long and thank you for reading and I will still be stalking your blogs. Right now the time is right and coincidentally I made the decision on the anniversary of my smoke-free journey. I am, however, leaving it up until the weekend so that I can remove the last of the search descriptions.


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