Saturday, 9 July 2016

Must Love Dogs...

If you are not an animal lover then rather step back and come back another day. Correction if you are squeamish in any way rather hightail it out of here... quickly!!!. Even if you do love dogs!!!

I'z Got A Bug In My Butt

My blog is about my life and like my life it is not all frills and fairy tales - sometimes it about blood and gore and rather offensive, but hey it is real life. Considering that my blog is currently unpublished and more than likely will remain unpublished forever, no one will be reading this real life drama unless it is possibly Chad or Mark one day in the future. If they do read it, they will be reminded of why I said.... PLEASE, NO MORE DOGS!!!! or cats or birds or fish or any living creature I may have to take care of.

Animals bring much love and joy but along with joy comes sickness and death and sadness. The other day I received a frantic call from Chad whilst I was at work. More frazzled than frantic. "Mom I don't know what is wrong with Piggy.... She has blood coming out her Butt..." I have been feeling all doom and gloom of late. Ever since my one budgie died and I delved into thoughts of how old the budgies are it reminded me of how life is just hurtling by. All our animals are getting older and older and each day we have them is actually a privilege and should not be taken for granted.

My Butt Is Sore & You Just Ignore Me

I panicked and asked Chad if it is coming out of her rectum or next to it. We spend our lives wiping Piggy's butt like a little toddler after she has made a poo (you must love dogs to own a Bull Dog) and the other night it looked a bit raw when I glanced at it. She walked past me whilst I was cooking and I asked Mark to check her butt because dog bums and cooking don't go hand in hand nor arm in arm even if you do love dogs. Naturally, Mark NEVER checked her butt and it slipped my mind. Chad said it looked like the blood was coming from next to her rectum. She had slept in his bed the night before with Nala and there was no bleeding of butts. He went to the shops at around midday and when they came home, JD said look at Piggy she is full of poo. Poo turned out to be blood.

I asked Chad to send me a picture (this was all in seconds). I phoned Mark because he was out and I said I need to get Piggy to the vet because she is bleeding from her anus. Rear end bleeding is serious stuff. It could be poison or cancer or any darn thing. Chad can also be a bit neurotic when he sees blood and rightfully so because his brother bled to death when there was not a drop of blood to be seen.

When I saw the photo, I knew it was quite serious and Miss Piggy needed the vet. I packed up and rushed home as quickly as I could and safely within the laws and rules of the road. I arrived home and Chad came to the car carrying Piggy in an old towel, barking orders at JD, who looked quite upset. Miss Piggy looked even worse huddled in Chad's arms. Let's just for the record state that JD is a keeper. How many 17-year-old girls would be cleaning their boyfriend's bull dog's butt - awkward alliteration that!! She must love dogs... or she must love Chad or maybe both, but she was there cleaning and wiping (and glaring at Chad who shouted at her earlier [apparently]).

Piggy was fighting fit at the vet and ready to fight with every and anything that moved so we waited outside. All the vets were busy doing open heart surgery so it was quite a wait. The receptionist came out and had a look and said it looked like an anal gland abscess. Not serious but painful.

Piggy has been a pain in the butt for a few days now, well according to her everyone has been a pain in the butt except her and it turns out she had a pain in the butt.

This Never Happens - Quick Grab The Camera 

Fortunately, it burst and just required flushing out and not surgery to cut it out. It also required pain medication and antibiotics. She has to go back on Monday for a check up. On Tuesday they need to have their annual injections so she can get checked then. Nala was also meant to be sterilised this month and we were not counting on an emergency vet visit which is a real pain in the butt. Her butt also requires being cleaned daily with salt water, which is a pain in the butt for her. I am so used to cleaning her butt.

That Looks Dam Sore

On Friday morning I was rudely awoken by a dog coughing and spluttering and sometimes I ignore  pretend I am sleeping in the hope that someone else will tend to the problem or it will go away. Not a chance. I was too late. She vomited all over the room. She is supposed to have her medicine with food and we have given her lots of biscuits because it was easier that way and in the long run, it wasn't easier just messier.

The vet said it could be a swollen anal gland, cancer or an abscess. Seems it was an anal gland abscess and we hoping it heals up soon. She is so cute she normally runs a mile when she sees me coming towards her because cleaning hurts her, but earlier this evening I walked into the lounge with her packets of tablets and she came running and sat down to get her tablet. I started putting her tablets in a Vienna (hot dog) and she loves that so when she sees the medicine packet she knows it is hot dog time.

Looking For Attention

Naturally, the others are enjoying the extra treats as a result of poor Miss Piggy's painful butt, because one dog can't get a treat and not the others... BUT I make sure she gets more than the others. Poor little baby.

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