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An Angel, A Birthday, A Death - All Come As One

A year ago we met this beautiful dog for the very first time {ever} on the 24 September.  She came to live with us on the 27 September. At no time did any of us honestly believe that Nala would still be with us a year later.

Sulking Because Chad Has Gone Out

The anniversary of her stay with us will always be remembered because it is right after Clinty's birthday. An angel distracting from the tears of death. In the quiet of our tears, she silently crept into our hearts. There was no plan it just happened.

She took a bit longer to warm to me and just knew me as her playmate, the extension of her ball. The end that threw the ball to her. She took quite some time to warm to Mark much to his chagrin. She has a quiet acceptance of Sheila, nothing rah-rah, very much like Pluto had with Sheila. She also has Sheila wrapped around her finger though and often when I leave for work and Chad is up before me, you will find Sheila throwing the ball for her.

Nala and Spike are smitten, they are like one at times. It is so sweet that Spike is smitten with both Chad's girls, JD and Nala. He absolutely loves JD and she is now just under Mark in his hierarchy. Nala has a reserved acceptance of JD. She has a relationship with Garfield, the same as what Spike has. Garfield has no relationship with Jingles and Piggy. They all just live in harmony, but she will often rub up against Spike and Nala and sit with them.

Nala and Piggy have the same relationship as what Piggy and Pluto had, although they have had a couple of scraps. Not Nala fighting with Piggy - just Piggy fighting with her when we have had workers at our house and Piggy has been stressed out she would snap at Nala or anyone in her way. Piggy never once snapped at Pluto - they were  complete soul mates.

Piggy always used to eat out of Pluto's bowl with him when he was eating and she does the same with Nala. They all have a bowl of food, but Piggy and Nala go eat in the kitchen at night when we are all sitting in the lounge or doing whatever after supper stuff we do and they eat. Nala steps back so Piggy can eat and then Piggy steps back so Nala can eat, but she really just steps back so that Nala can eat again and she can share the bowl.

We haven't had a day's problem with Nala. She just quietly slipped into our lives and got on with life being our dog. Chad says she is a weird dog and she freaks him out (he says that with all the love in the world). She will walk up to one of us and just stare, her eyes the windows to her soul just staring deeply at the person she is sitting in front of and then she will rest her head on a lap and carry on just staring and staring. No whimpering or crying - not a sound or movement and this can go on for a long time. Our weird girl.

I have this theory about her. As the story of her birth goes, her mom collapsed during childbirth, my brother found her and two other puppies "dead" the next morning after he came to check up on her mom. He spent most of the night helping her mother give birth and then eventually both exhausted she fell asleep and he went to bed.

When he went to pick Nala up, she was warm and she was still alive. My imaginary story, not theory, story, is that was when she became an Angel and her path in life to become Chad's dog started. Yes, it is just a story, but many legends and myths were once based on the truth. The other version is that the night Pluto died and went to Clinty, Clint sent Pluto's spirit down to Nala to start her journey with us. She has the same silent demeanor as Pluto, silently loyal, except Pluto was ferocious and so protective, but given half a chance or if the need arises Nala will kill for Chad. The other difference is that she adores Spike and Pluto hated Spike.

The day Pluto died was the day JD and Chad started their romance unofficially, it was on the 21 January, it was on and off and became official on the 21 August, exactly 7 months later. Their first month anniversary was on Clinty's birthday and out of respect for me or for silent unspoken reasons they never celebrated their first month anniversary (they made a big thing out of their second month anniversary). Three days after Clinty's birthday and their first month anniversary, Nala came to our house and attached herself to Chad, 3 days later she moved in and became Chad's shadow and blended in with the rest of the animals with not a single issue. It was like she belonged.

Chad's two angels - both loved by Spike, both understand him and love him and care about him and they both just fitted into our lives.

OK, sometimes Nala seems too good and perfect to be real, but she has some naughty moments. So here are some Nala'isms

  • The one end of the couch that Mark and Chad almost always sit on belongs to her. If JD is at our house, Chad and her sit on that chair and Nala will push and push closer and closer to get to her spot on the couch. JD loves it because Nala doesn't have the same adoration for her as what Spike has. That's how she grew attached to Mark, lying closer and closer to get to her spot on the chair.
  • We have new neighbours, since March and they have dogs, our previous neighbours had cats, no dogs. These dogs love fighting through the wall with our dogs and Nala is the instigator. She will always run to see if their dogs are around to bark at.
  • She loves Chocolate cake, once when she had only been with us for a week, Mark and Chad went away and I was craving chocolate, so I bought red velvet Cupcakes from Woolworths. I put my stash of snacks for the night on the table next to the chair I sit on in the lounge. I put the Cupcake on a plate and then went to the room to get my phone. I walked into the lounge and there she was creeping on the couch to grab my Cupcake off the table. She got such a fright when I walked in and caught her in the act. Whenever, we have chocolate cake, she sits drooling and begging and first chance she gets, she will grab it.
  • She absolutely loves chicken and when she first came to stay with us, she was often caught knocking the kitchen bin over to get the chicken bones. Thanks to her love of chicken, I now make them all rice and chicken livers, which they get on a Monday and Thursday morning. I cook the chicken livers in the rice and sometimes cook butternut mixed in it. Miss Piggy loves chicken livers but with her tummy issues, she can't eat them. When she was a puppy we had to give her rice to bind her stomach and she loves butternut, so she can have chicken liver flavoured rice. She goes mad for it, both her and Nala.
  • Carrying on with the love of chicken, one night whilst we were eating dinner, we had chicken salad for dinner, we heard clanging and spoons falling in the kitchen and Nala came running into the lounge. No one was in the kitchen and I went and had a look to see what could have fallen. The salad spoon was lying on the kitchen floor, which had been in the salad bowl. It looked like she jumped up onto the counter to steal the chicken in the salad.
So she is not perfect and she still nags and nags to play, but she is still this little angel that brings us as much joy as our other animals. She is not wild and crazy like the two hooligans, she is calm and serene, but full of energy.

JD had a bowtie from her cousin's party and they put it on Spike yesterday and he looked so cool. Chad put it on Piggy last night and she got so excited and went wild. We tried to take photos and get them to sit, but the excitement was too much with Piggy going wild. We put it on Nala and she was just unsure and reserved. 

 Nala hasn't been spayed yet. The procrastinators hitting it hard as usual. She was in heat in March during Clint's death anniversary. I was dealing with so much stuff at that time and had to deal with a dog bleeding everywhere too. She was very good about keeping herself clean, but our dogs are inside dogs and are all over everywhere so Chad and I went and bought diapers and put them on her. She was not impressed, but more annoyed that she wasn't allowed on Chad's bed. Chad had taken me to the shops to buy the nappies and I bought newborns. Don't ask me why I thought newborn diapers would fit a big dog, but yeah, Chad never lets me live it down. Chad spent every moment of her season sorting out her diapers and making sure she didn't mess anywhere. He is an amazing kid and with the things he does for his dogs (Piggy and Nala) he is going to be an amazing VERY hands on dad one day (in like a hundred years time). He said by then he will probably be sick of wiping butts and putting diapers on.

Oh and she loves to sleep. If Chad sleeps until 12, she sleeps until 12. She gets so annoyed if he gets up early and leaves early. Then she runs around whining. She gets up early on a Monday andThursdayu for her chicken livers and rice and then goes back to bed. She knows why I have called her and she comes straight to the kitchen to get her food and doesn't even go outside to relieve herself first.

... And a little proof to validate my myth, bearing in mind that as two females, Piggy and Jingles have no relationship and have hated each other since day one, but as the years have gone by, they tolerate each other with avoidance. Spike and Piggy have a wild rough and tumble relationship and theoretically speaking two adult female dogs brought together should not have such an amazing relationship.

And I have hundreds more photos just like these...

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