Saturday, 1 October 2016

Password Protecting My Life

Wouldn't it be absolutely wonderful if we could password protect our lives. Password protect from the hurt and ugliness, the nasty bitchiness, the jealousy and vindictiveness. Imagine being able to put a password protection on untimely deaths, your children dying, child abuse and animal abuse. Just protecting your life completely and utterly with a single password. Only those that have the password can enter and interact and as soon as they start being trolls kick them out and change the password.

Sadly, we can't do that and life and the universe just throws punches our way and we either roll with the punches or roll into a ball and try and fend ourselves from them. Some get more hits than others. Sadly it is those that are closest to us that hurt us the most in most instances.

So as much as I would love to password protect my life I can't, but I did manage to password protect my blog. It is a bit weird to have a blog and then restrict people from reading it, but my blog is really just for me to indulge my slight love of getting words on paper or I should say words on a screen.

I enjoy "writing" but my blog is first and foremost an online journal, it is not a blog per say. I have gone through many stages of blogging and wanting to take it onto a different journey, but it is and always will be my personal journal. This year I faced many dilemmas and one being Chad getting older and the need to protect him from my online world.

The other dilemmas were on an even more personal level which you can read over here and here. I then decided to take a break from blogging and unpublished my blog, saying goodbye to my part of the Interwebs in this post.

I won't lie, I missed blogging/writing and sometimes took photos for one day in case I blogged again. Mark although he was one of the main reasons why I stopped blogging, would often say you should carry on with your blog - don't stop. I don't know why he would want me to carry on, it's not like he always read my bog, or was involved with it. Maybe whilst we were striving for peace and serenity in our lives, he had the excuse to go on Facebook or Whatsapp whilst I blogged. I don't know.

In July, our one budgie died and besides wanting to document her death, so I knew when she died, I felt an urge to write about my feelings regarding her and death and grief and wrote this post. It started me off on blogging again. Some posts not even published, just words hashed out in a blogger post unpublished, some published (in my unpublished blog) with so many typos and spelling errors, some with photos, some with no photos.

I then wrote this letter to Clint on his birthday and it was so much easier to write from the depth of my heart knowing no one would read it. It also helped ease the emotional hell I was going through and it was a reminder that writing does help from a therapy point of view.

I was typing up this post last Saturday and I told Chad I was blogging when I explained why I sounded less than enthusiastic with my greeting when he came home with Jade after our recent misunderstanding.  All the juicy details you will find over here. Chad said "I thought you deleted your blog? Me "I didn't delete it, I just unpublished it, so no one can read it, but I still blog" Chad "Well what is the point then?" Me "I don't know, I guess I enjoy writing" Chad his usual witty self " Well I guess you had zero followers so doesn't matter" Laugh Laugh walk off...

Well I then got a bee in my bonnet, because I did enjoy the interaction with the few followers I had. Although I still follow my favourite bloggers, it is not the same as their perspective and or opinion on my thoughts on my blog so I decided to visit the school of Google technology to get my blog Password Protected. I searched and searched how I could password protect my blogger blog, you can do it quite easily with Wordpress, but not Blogger/Blogspot. With Blogger blogs you can make them read only and give people with a Gmail account permission to read your blog, but that didn't seem practical because what if someone without a Gmail account wants to read my blog. OK, wishful thinking, because Chad is right, I don't have people falling over their PC's to get to my blog to read it, but I just didn't like the idea of making it invite only through Gmail. Also with making it read only, it didn't have an option to have a landing page to say this is an invite only blog with an option to contact the Owner (Me) to get screened and invited.

I discovered this post  by Blogs By Heather on how to password protect a page and a blog. It seemed pretty easy, but did I struggle. The biggest problem was getting the landing page to work and I almost (at 2 am) contacted Afrihost support to ask them to redirect my blog. That would have been a huge mistake. I found other sites with HTML codes to add to your header to make your blog password protected, but the html didn't work and at 2 am I was getting more and more frustrated and tired and eventually fell asleep. Just as a side note Blogs By Heather has so much blogging info and blogging help and links to templates as well as Social Media tips and help if you ever need help.

I can become like a dog with a bone and I just don't let go with some things. It was stupid, because the next day, I got everything to work - when my brain and eyes weren't flickering on and off like a fluorescent light about to blow. The only frustrating part is that, even when I log in to add a new post and every time you open a new page or post, you have to type in the password again, otherwise you get thrown out to the landing page over here.

I haven't given the password to anyone as yet, as I still want to fix a lot of posts. When I go into my posts to edit photos and or fix spelling errors, the post republishes and sends me an email to say that Chad Life Us has published a new post. If I do this 10 times, it will send out the email 10 times. I don't think it is related to the password protection issue, I think it is just a blogger issue. I don't want anyone to get even more annoyed with me and my blog by getting hundreds of duplicate emails. As soon as that is sorted, I will give the password out to those you want to read it.

I am also looking into changing my domain to .com, but I need to first find out how the parking of domains and redirecting works. My blog went from many .blogspot names, where I lost a lot of images and info to chadlifeus.blogspot to my own domain. Afrihost assisted me in redirecting the blogspot blog to my so that I didn't lose any info or images and I need to first make sure I won't lose anything before changing to .com. The reason for going .com is a personal one and I really should have gone .com from the very beginning.

If you have the password and you are reading this post, thank you for wanting to be part of my journey as frustrating as it is with this password protection. I really appreciate you reading my blog and for understanding that this is a Personal Blog and protecting Chad's Online presence whilst indulging my love for writing and the free therapy I derive from it, is of the utmost importance to me.

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  1. I absolutely understand and agree with the wish that we could password protect our lives. I've been attacked recently for not sharing my pregnancy with a family member (with whom I'm not close at all). They don't follow my blog but recently started following me on Instagram. I can only assume they clicked through to my blog from there and read about it there. So silly to get so uptight about something that has nothing to do with them and of course we'll share it wider with everyone when I'm a bit further along. Eish - password protect would be ideal for my blog too, but there are now so many women doing fertility who read my posts and I started to share our journey because it is scary and there is no info available on what to expect. So password protecting it would mean it's not freely available to those women. But, Yes - absolutely wish I could password protect my life at times.

    So glad you are still writing - and I enjoy reading what you choose to share.

    Sending lots of love as you guys go through the next few months of change.

  2. Hi Nicky,
    Thanks for reading and the comment. So sorry that you are having a hard time with family members. My blog is password protected more from extended Family and (ex) family friends knowing my business than complete strangers. Your blog is informative and interesting, mine is just an online diary. Getting a personal opinion and story so much better than a clinical one too when it comes to infertility. I wish you all the best on your new journey too. Seems 2017 has so many changes for so many of us.
    Take care and all the best.
    Dianne xx


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