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Happenings On The Home Front 23 October 2016

Well, I have managed to sit down to tap away at my keyboard to get another Happenings on the Home Front Post out. Happenings on the Home Front posts are something like my Sunday Reflection posts to try and keep up to date with what is going on in our lives. I have done similar with my Looking Back posts but of course, what I am really good at is being consistently inconsistent and give up quicker than I can say inconsistent, so we will see how long they last for. The idea was sparked from Sula from Skimming Stones Blog, who does a week in pictures series, but all my posts are picture heavy anyway, so I decided to do a kind of weekly Life Lately series.

This week was both eventful and uneventful. On Monday we had a power failure from 2pm until way past midnight. After warming up leftover meat from the day before by boiling water on our gas stove and putting the meat in a roasting pan and making a salad, I sat outside and enjoyed a glass of Flutterby Merlot. I love the label and it is a "PET" 100% recyclable bottle. The wine is pretty good too. Read all about my newly acquired love of wine and my very sophisticated unsophisticated wine taste and knowledge over here. The dusty patio table is a testament to the current drought situation  drought we had until it started raining this week.

On the subject of recycling, you know the Waste Pickers, who we all hate and blame for everything that goes wrong in the suburbs. Well, they are here to stay and I was the biggest hater until I watched this mini documentary on Carte Blanche. These men do this terrible job, digging through trash, pushing their loaded trolleys whilst getting sworn at by motorists and taxis alike and sometimes even driven over by taxis and for a whole R200.00 a day, sometimes less. Then you wonder why crime is so high in South Africa.

Well Chad ever the champion for the underdog, felt really bad for these Waste Pickers to the point of feeling guilty for his privileged life, so we decided to separate our rubbish. Yea, we bad like that we don't recycle except our papers and boxes that get collected on a Friday.

I put our bins out on a Sunday afternoon and have a separate bin for recycling (labeled) and they still dig in the normal bins. I was watching one drinking the drops of alcohol in the empty bottles after Mark's party. They still make a mess and I have noticed they only take the plastic bottles. They remove the lids and leave the glass and cans. I may start taking less effort in separating our garbage to make their lives easier and rather spend that time doing something else. Then I think it isn't that much of an effort and if they are selective at least I am making a tiny effort to reduce the rubbish on our landfills.

After our fantastic rain on Tuesday night, we have had stormy hard rain every night since then. Again, my son made me feel guilty when I said I love how it storms every night and that we have lovely weather during the day and he said, "Except I feel very sorry for the homeless". Sad, but true but we really need the rain and my garden is loving it.

Sadly My Sweet Peas Didn't Make it

All These Plants Except The Strawberries Are From Seeds We Bought And Planted

Sadly, our Sweet Peas didn't survive the harsh sun and extreme heat with minimal rain. We had so many seeds from last year and we were happy to see them take off and then distraught as they literally burned in the hot sun one day. My gardener and I, OK my Gardener, has developed quite the green finger and I buy seeds and he plants them in pots and then when they big enough he plants them around the garden. He planted the Sweet Peas straight into the ground - maybe that was our mistake.

Bird Bath 

We have this little bird bath pond thing in the front of the garden (picture above) which was bone dry and this is how much it has filled up with water this week. I think it may be cracked so we have had more rain than that. I also have these plastic dishes among the plants for water for the lizards and to try and keep the birds away from the pond and they are pretty full of rain water and mud and leaves. It is just so hot during the day that by mid afternoon everything is dry again

Our fish pond is also nice and full and so is our pool. As disheartening as what it is to hear that the dams are still not filling up, it is wonderful that our plants and pool and pond have had the benefit of the rainstorms.

Yesterday, I had just finished filling up the wild bird feeders with seed and fruit and I was about to go to the shops and Chad said, Mom come quick, come see this massive bird on the picnic table. We don't have a picnic table and I half-heartedly looked out the door but couldn't see anything and I just said, mmm I am going to the shop, I thought he was joking.

It turned out to be a Pigeon on the Garden Bench in Clint's Memorial Garden. Not sure how Chad came up with Picnic Table. The Pigeon let me come right up to it. I did it slowly, closer and closer and it just looked at me with one beady eye. I went and filled the glass that I use for the wild bird seed and put it right next to the bird. Chad thought I had used one of our glasses and was flabbergasted that I would do such a thing 🙄. I then filled an old bowl with water and by then it had jumped onto the back of the bench. Half flew/jumped.

I left it and went to Woolworths up the road. Whilst I was at the shops, Mark put the Pigeon on the grass and scattered some food around. I came home and it was eating the food. I went right up to it, to see if I could see if it was hurt and again it just watched me. I left it and sat on the patio and kept an eye on it from a distance. After quite some time, Spike saw it and ran up to say "hello". He didn't bark or try and hurt it, just ran up to it like he does with Garfield and the Pigeon got a fright and flew across the pool and landed on the patio roof.

It sat there for about half an hour then started walking around so I thought I would help it down with the pool net. The idea was to monitor it until we could take it either to Free Me or our Vet. They deal with all animals/birds/creatures. They were closed. Instead of helping the poor Pigeon to get down with the net, I gave it a fright and it flew into the neighbour's garden.

Chad won't let me live down my stupidity of sending the bird to its death in the name of helping it. The good thing is that we know it can fly and fly quite far. Maybe it was hurt and winded and needed a rest and landed on our garden bench. I had just been taking photos of our pond, the one's in this post and I did not notice a Pigeon on the bench or anywhere near the garden. I don't know if it fell out the tree or if it flew there and just landed out of exhaustion. I don't think it is the Pigeon that always comes to drink out the pond. It looked smaller than that one.

It stormed again last night, but a real proper good storm just before ten. It added to my guilt of chasing the Pigeon to an untimely death. I can only hope it was OK. I was so relieved that Chad didn't have to go out in the storm to take JD home, she never came over as she had to study for maths. The storm was really bad and we also had another power failure, but this time only for an hour. Chad also commented that Nala is no longer petrified of storms like she used to be. Then only did I remember how she used to get so frightened and would only lay on the floor in the one part of the lounge. She has become so confident and comfortable. I mustn't speak too soon, because Diwali and Guy Fawkes is coming soon, which means fireworks. We will see if she is still scared of them. I cannot stand fireworks and don't know how anyone cam find pleasure in watching them or setting them off or partaking in any event that has them.

Well that's it for this week. Another week over. Another week where I have gained more weight with what seems like no end to the junk eating...

And I seem to be over my sudden onset half day illness...

Till next time...

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