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Happenings On The Home Front 30 October 2016

Another week has gone by in a flash of the eye and I am ready to rehash the week with a new Happenings On The Home Front Post. Happenings on the Home Front posts are something like my Sunday Reflection posts to try and keep up to date with what is going on in our lives. I have done similar with my Looking Back posts but of course, what I am really good at is being consistently inconsistent and give up quicker than I can say inconsistent, so we will see how long they last for. The idea was sparked from Sula from Skimming Stones Blog, who does a week in pictures series, but all my posts are picture heavy anyway, so I decided to do a kind of weekly Life Lately series.

Other than being incredibly hot, can you say heatwave. Well, that is what we have had and other than a drop of rain on Wednesday night we haven't had any more rain. Well, it came down in buckets but was over within seconds of getting excited and taking pics to share on Twitter. Moral of the story, boasting and bragging are no no's and the universe said, you want to brag, say goodbye to the rain.

The other biggie this week was losing my blog. I have wanted to change to .com for a while and finally decided to do it. I first checked with Afrihost because my blog redirects from and if I lose that I lose everything. Wordpress blogs work differently. I also did not want to lose my domain and I wanted that to redirect to

I emailed Afrihost and their support staff did not understand what I was wanting until someone by the name of Brendan got involved and understood exactly what I was trying to ask. Perhaps he has a mother or elderly relative, that also thinks they know so much about IT and technology when they don't, so he understood this old woman who couldn't explain herself. He confirmed it will all work. I went ahead bought the domain and paid for hosting and set up my emails. {If you have my email address just change what you have from to .com}. I am currently changing all my subscriptions and I have decided not to carry on hosting the domain for awhile. The emails I get are not that important that I need to forward them or put on an auto responder.

It then turned out that Afrihost was waiting for my payment to show, which took three days and then 24 hours for the .com site to work so I had to redo setting up my emails. Then Brendan who knew what I wanted became the elusive Brendon and no one could assist me and no one knew what I wanted and last night I became so frustrated because no one knew how to do a simple redirect. Well not that they did not know, they just made redirect something very complicated not knowing how blogger powered sites/blogs work I guess. Last night I left my blog for an hour to go bath and came back to this. A Google 404 error.

I was livid because I told them to leave everything until they find out who Brendan is and he can assist me. Brendan called this morning or midday (that is morning for me on a Sunday). He insists no one at Afrihost made any changes and I insist I didn't. He spent forever on the phone with me and we sorted out the .com redirect but is still coming up with a 404 error. It takes 2 hours to change. I am going to check in the morning. So currently, my blog is published with no password protection on it and will stay published {against my will} until this is resolved because that would just complicate things and may have confused the other support staff. I doubt that was the issue because when Brendan checked last week it was password protected. So thank you to the Brendan's of this world for being knowledgeable, professional and helpful to middle-aged women with hobby blogs who have short fuses when things go wrong. For R29.00 a month hosting and tech support 24/7 you can't get better than that and that is why sometimes I get really frustrated when things go wrong, but always recommend Afrihost. Let's just hope redirects tomorrow.

So I took a quick break to put our bins out because I heard rumblings in the sky and then there were some emails up and down to Brendan from Afrihost and shutting down and clearing browsers and restarting and a phone call and now redirects to I think Brendan may still be on leave, even though he is phoning from the Afrihost number, technology is such that these things are capable of happening. I think I heard small children talking in the background and I think I am feeling very guilty, but I did say when he is available then get him to contact me. I didn't say pull him from his leave. I do highly appreciate it, though.

The rumbling of thunder is getting closer and louder and Nala was in two minds about playing, so we went out quickly, but the one rumble was a bit too loud so I am off play duty today. I hope it does rain because our Sweet Peas started to grow again, maybe these were smaller ones hidden under the leaves, but now with the past heatwave, they will die again. I am so impressed with my St Joseph Lillies. I bought two plants from Woolworths about 3 years ago, saved the bulbs, replanted and this is now the second year that they have flowered.

Chad always wanted an apple tree when he was younger and we could never find one. I don't know if he even knows why an apple tree. Nevertheless, he wanted one and it was one tree we could never find until we went to a new nursery a few months ago,my favourite nursery closed down to make space for another office block, Chad and JD came with and there was an apple tree. It ended up looking like a dead twig, but our gardener religiously watered it each week with a watering can (water restrictions you know) and after all that wonderful rain it has tiny blossoms on it. The tree is tiny and so are the blossoms.

So the other night when I wanted to jump out of bed at 3 am and throw Epsom Salts on the plants but did not, I did it the next morning. Epsom Salts is supposed to be very good for the garden. It makes grass green and gets rid of pests and good for Hydrangeas. The proof is that the top Hydrangeas are about 5 years old (no Epsom Salts until the past 3 months) and the ones in the bottom picture we bought about three months ago and they have been given Epsom Salts each time it has rained and when they were planted and they look healther and have grown faster.

In other news, I discovered that you now get Organic Wine. I didn't know wine could be Organic, but yes, we can put a healthy spin on anything and like I said over here, my wine knowledge and taste extends to the look of the bottle and label and sometimes the name and then the taste. So this is an Organic Merlot from Woolworths. It is a dark plum-red wine with a nose of cherries and chocolate. Ripe fruit compote and vanilla flavours on the palate with a deliciously soft palate. Loosely translated in Dianne lingo, Chocolate and Wine consumed together, especially dark chocolate and Merlot good, but chocolate based wine I am not a fan of. So will give this a miss in my endeavor to drink wine for healthy benefits  enjoyment. It contains no added sulfates and must be drunk in 24 hours another reason for not buying it again. The 24 hours.

I have so much Kefir that Chad said I should open my own Kefir factory. At R275.00 for 2mls of Kefir grains plus delivery, there is a fortune to be made from the stuff. I don't know why it is "growing" like wild oats this time but it is and I threw two bottles away the other day and put a half a bottle in the dog's special food I make them. No adverse side effects and they enjoyed it.

I pour boiling water in the bottles to sterilise them and every time I do that I wonder how come the bottles don't break, because we were always taught don't put hot water in glass because it will crack. Lo and behold the other morning still grouchy and half asleep from lack of sleep I pour water in the bottle to get cracking with the separating and the bottle cracks. I woke up very fast after that. Strange how for weeks they haven't cracked and one morning you pour wrong and crack.

Yesterday I went to Clicks to buy toiletries and I needed new eye makeup because mine was finished. I went to a bigger Clicks than I normally go to but not the big ones in a mall. When I was paying, I don't know if it is the heat, but the cashier was less than enthusiastic about working, which isn't typical of Click's staff. She was throwing the stuff in the bag and threw the eye shadow and of course, it cracked. I knew it would so I checked right there and we went to change it and it was the last one. I was so mad and asked how she can just throw customer's goods like that. The supervisor gave me a refund. I was shocked for a tiny Essence Quartet Eye Shadow R65.00. Essence used to be affordable makeup, imagine Yardley and Revlon and we won't even go down the Clinique road. I also bought new Essence pale purple nail gel and I am so disappointed. I stopped buying Essence Nail products from too many bad bottles and this one is all bubbly and yucky too.

Whilst browsing around I spotted these eye masks for tired eyes, I am always tired and thought I would try them. You put them over your eyes like a mask and they heat up and then they steam your eyes. You do it for 10 to 15 minutes. One use only. I can't say my eyes were less tired but I think sleeping solidly for a month would do the trick.

Nala was OK with the Fireworks for Diwali last night, but Chad was even saying they are not hectic like before, maybe those annoying people left the area. Miss Piggy is taking strain with the heat and she always seems to battle during the first heatwave from Winter to Summer. She looks like she has the same coat as the other dogs but her coat is more like wool. When she is wet it takes forever to dry and is definitely thicker than the others.

Nala and Spike are still ever so in love and they are still like two soul mates deeply in love. Spike and Jingles also tend to enjoy lying together with me in Clint's room whilst I bang away at my laptop.

We have been having such beautiful evening skylines this week all with the promise of hot sunny days and no rain. I am still following the Panayotou Trial and it is still causing me heartache and turning my stomach and I still can't say why I have been so badly affected by this case. It reads like the worst crime novel ever written and you know we have some really bad cops in this country and then you hear how they are grilled by defense attorneys and you wonder why the less than stellar ones turn rogue.

And that's it for this week...

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