Saturday, 22 October 2016

Sudden Onset Illness Is For Real

Years ago when I worked for a real boss, in a real job, not that my job now isn't real - it is very real and the stress is very real too, but anyway when I was sick then ,there was no such thing as a one-day sickness. You always had to take off two days so your boss/es didn't think you were lying and taking off work for nothing. So whether I was just having a pretend sick day or I was genuinely ill it had to be two or more days, because there is no such thing as a one-day illness.

Well, I have proven over and over that one day, even half day illnesses are a thing, they are as real, they happen. I have proven that you can be perfectly healthy and full of the joys of the world and spring included and the next minute can be as sick as a dying donkey and then next day wake up as right as rain with no medical intervention. If you are in any way squeamish leave now as this is an overshare post.

In fact, I have been having far too many of these sudden onset illnesses even for my own liking. The most recent time was when I was almost crippled with a migraine and it felt like the worst pain ever, even though I know I have had far worse pain. Everything in the moment is always far worse than something from the past because the intensity of the feelings and pain have diminished with time.

So I was at work on Wednesday, working away, snacking on Peanuts, because we have no Cashews and I thought Peanuts may satisfy my Cashew Addiction {they don't}. Mark bought me a chicken prego roll for lunch, which we have quite often from a butcher/deli halfway between work and home. About 20 minutes after I had the roll, I started getting pains in my diaphragm. The same pains I alwaysget in my Solar Plexus region.

I was feeling uncomfortable and nauseous, but I plodded on. I went home and the plan was to have curry and roti for supper. We hadn't had it for ages and after the rain, we had the night before, it just felt like a good day to have curry. As I slaved over the stove and rolling out the rotis, I kept getting severe cramps and bouts of nausea. I tried Bicarb, my new natural remedy for tummy ailments. I had Chamomile Tea, which I sipped on (no milk or sugar) . Nothing helped. I was getting hot and cold and I was about to abandon the meal quite a few times and then it would go away, then come back with a vengence. I decided half way through cooking, if I am going to get this food cooked, my only option is to try taking a valoid which usually works. It didn't this time.

By the time I dished up I was barely managing the pain in my solar plexus and then shoved my food in the microwave and rushed to the bathroom where I was so sick. It was more bile than anything else. The cramping and the vice like grip around my back and solar plexus area was excruciating. I thought we had Buscopan in the house but we had nothing.

I couldn't lie down or sit or stand it was so sore. After several bouts of vomiting up bile, I had a bath because bathing cures everything, it didn't. I just lay in the bath and could not even really wash properly. Mark wanted to take me to the ER but I didn't want to go. I consulted Dr. Google instead, as one does... there is that convenience of not leaving home to pay ridiculous after hours consultation fees. Well, Dr. Google and I concurred that it was either Food poisoning (the Prego Roll) or Cholecystitis - Gall Stones from excessive fatty foods (peanuts). Dr. Google has diagnosed me with Cholysistis once before which I thought was from fatty lamb chops only this time the pain was so severe and throughout the night I would just doze off and then wake up in severe pain. I had another valoid and another cup of Chamomile tea before getting into bed, which I sipped on through out the night.

I eventually fell asleep and woke up the next morning at around 7 feeling almost as right as rain just a bit washed out from the vomiting and retching. I strained my Kefir, which I didn't manage to do the night before and chugged it down still warm, which is gross. I went about my daily chores and Mark sent a message to see if he must bring me some Lucozade and I said I am fine, I am coming to work.

So yes it is possible to suddenly get sick and recover just as quickly with no medical intervention and or medication. I can imagine if I did go to the Emergency rooms, I would have had hundreds of tests and piles of medication and would have thought the medication had worked. I do have a theory as to why this happened, but that is a post for another time. I have eaten Peanuts since then to test my theory and Mark had the same Prego roll, but it is possible the chicken on mine was from a bad batch.

I never got to eat the curry, I just could not face that after such excruciating pain. Chad said the curry was so good and I said he could have mine. There was also some left over in the pot which I told Sheila she could have this morning and she thought I said she could have mine in the fridge and ate that too. Needless to say, Chad was livid, so we were both looking forward to curry we didn't get to have, so I am going to make some more tomorrow night.

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