Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Sending Love & Light During Your Darkest Hour

In Memory Of Russel 30 November 1989 to 22August 2008

Dearest Jennifer and Family,

Sending you lots of love and light and strength to get through this day. The day that should be a day of joy and happiness celebrating your son Russel's birthday. It has been 8 long years of heartache and tears and the 9th birthday without your beautiful son.

It seems like just yesterday that we met through our shared grief. I just wish that we had met for another reason and that we shared joy and laughter instead of tears and broken hearts.

With love, hugs & strength
Dianne & Family 💔

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Monday, 28 November 2016

Happenings On The Home Front 27 November 2016

Another month is over and another week to wrap up in my Happenings On The Home Front Posts. Nothing much has happened but these posts are to get me to get stuff out of my head more than anything else. I do end up harping on and then run out of steam and leave out stuff we have actually done. So we will see how it goes today.

As I type this someone is busy looking at our house - at 15.43 on a Sunday afternoon, by the time I hit publish it may be 10 pm tonight. I don't know what happened to "by appointment only." Just phone and send them around on their own to a house that looks like a tornado hit it every Sunday. Not looking forward to this.

Last week we had to have passport type photos done and Oh. My. Gosh. I looked like a mass murderer in mine. We went to a proper photographer at his studio (Mark's client 😏). I know Passport/Id/License photos are usually scary but that is because they are done under a tree at the entrance of said Government department, but these were in a studio with supposedly better equipment. Chad and Mark tried to convince me that they were OK, that was after Mark said that I looked VERY angry. Chad later agreed with me and said when I redo them maybe I should wear something lighter because my hair is so dark, I won't look as though I am about to commit a mass murder. A week later and I haven't gone to have my photos redone.

On the blogging side of my life, I discovered, also the week before that all the links in my posts prior to changing from to .com no longer work. I think if  I had not canceled the hosting and changed to domain parking then the change from to .com would have gone smoothly. Now I need to go and change all the links - or just leave them 🤔.

Chad said the other day that we are scared of change and it is true, all three of us hate change and just carry on in a safe rut. In life things change and some things stay the same. The other morning I climbed out the shower and there was Piggy lying in the bathroom on my slippers. I took a photo and later on during the day, Google photos kindly sent me a reminder of the year before and it was a photo of Spike in the bathroom. Some things remain constant in our lives and that is my showering buddies. I aways have an animal in the bathroom with me when I shower.

We had to go to Home Affairs this week and like every Government Department in the World or DMV you need to pack a picnic basket to sustain you through the long queues. At this time of the year visiting our Home Affairs department a picnic basket will not suffice. You need a hearty breakfast, lots of liquid to stay hydrated, a picnic basket full of snacks, lunch and maybe dinner to get you through. Oh no, wait the doors close at 13h00 so you won't need dinner!!!. What you will need, though, is to bite hard on your tongue, but so hard that you ooze patience and politeness whilst bleeding humbleness and humility in the face of arrogance and disrespect. They have something you want and all you have to offer is more work and that isn't acceptable. Don't Be That Person!!

We went on Tuesday morning after the traffic. My thinking was that no one likes working on a Monday, so if anyone needs to renew a license, get an Id or a passport or any official document, they will take time off on a Monday. The staff at The DOHA also don't feel like working - it's Monday leave them alone!! My normal theory of going midmonth when no one has money didn't work because registering a baby is FREE - no money needed for that or did it work? Imagine the queues when people have money.

We arrived there at 9.30 signed in at the gate at the friendly security. Walked to the entrance to see signs plastered everywhere that the systems are slow and it is Nationwide so they can't do anything about it and inside was already full and bare in mind we close at 13h00. Yes, they open at 8am, the systems are slow, there are queues of people but we will close at 1PM. There were people everywhere and I went to the shortest queue, inquiries - I knew from when we renewed our passports last year.

I told the man that I needed a copy of MY unabridged birth certificate, he gave me a form (I got one off the internet the day before and completed it) and told me to go to counter 7 or 8. They have chairs to sit on but as you may or may not know South Africans can't and don't queue. I looked at the form and although I brought a black pen, (Government departments don't have pens, police stations don't either, although the security at The DOHA gate does have) the form I was given was different to the one I got online (not from DOHA website). I looked at the bodies sitting on chairs and leaning against walls, floors, and notice boards and said to Chad - I am not doing this and we left.

Yes at my age I need an Unabridged Birth Certificate. My mother gave me my birth certificate in March this year, I never opened the envelope until last week on Saturday. I thought it was my unabridged birth certificate so that nightmare could have been completed 6 months ago. If you don't have an unabridged copy of your birth certificate go get one. You never know when you may need it - or your marriage certificate or any unabridged certificate you can think of. Chad has his we got it years ago. Mother and Father have to go together to get a child under 18's birth certificate - to apply for it, one can go collect it. Mark has his unabridged birth certificate - from Zimbabwe!! It took two days a few months ago. It cost him R1200.00 and he has it after giving the person only his name and Id number and the town he was born in. I don't know if it was done legally, but this is Africa. Things are made to be difficult so that someone can make money. I have learned to accept that - if you can't beat them - join them.

I phoned Mark and said that I need to find a "queue for you" company because I just can't do this. By the time I got to work he had found someone - a company in Pretoria for R1500.00. I agreed it was worth the hassle and they would have it in 5 days. They sent an email and it was R1500.00 ex-vat, ex-department fee, ex a few fees and I needed certified copies of my parents Id's and it would take 5 days provided everything was in order at Home Affairs. I couldn't justify that cost so I told Chad I would go early on Wednesday morning and he said he would go with. It is always nice to have Company and someone to hold your place - if need be.

We were meant to leave at 6.45 but only managed to leave at 7. I don't know how we used to leave so early to get to school but 7 felt like 5 am. Tthe traffic was not too bad because we were going against the traffic. I did get a bit lost because I wasn't thinking and made my way towards the DMV.  It was a bit stressful driving in morning traffic, getting in the wrong lane and wondering which lane I should go in. Chad said, "mom it is South Africa make it any lane you want" after we watched a stream of cars go through the red lights. If you stop at a red light, you get sworn at, if you in the turn only lane to turn you get hooted at.

We arrived there at 7.30 and joined a queue. There were two queues and one seemed to be applications and one was collections. Closer to 8, the security sent his clipboard around for signatures and details and a man came back from speaking to him and I heard him tell his son the queue we were in was for passports only, so Chad went to ask the security. The security said he should go to the other queue. I told Chad to stay in the queue and I would ask. The security then told me to stand right there behind another man so I was second in the queue. I sent Chad a message and said stay where you are and fill in the security form. Another man was told to stand behind me and he was talking to the security man in an African language. I asked the man if I was in the right queue because I would hate to cause a riot because I was moved to the front. He said I was in the right queue - he saw my form and said he was also applying for copies of birth certificates because their stuff was in storage.

The gates opened, I went inside, second in the queue, Chad eventually joined me. My forms were checked and copies were made and what could have been printed right there and then (surely) will take 8 to 12 weeks. We then had to queue to pay. That queue was quite long because passport renewals are paid for first. One man was taking forever, then the Cashier came out and said that the speed point was not working and everyone must go draw money from the ATM across the road. I had cash, then she asked someone to ask me if she could see my form - she was determined to shorten her queue at 8.20 am. I showed her my form and she said "Oh Ok you have had it signed - I said yes and stayed in the queue. Chad said he would hate to work there - I said why it is the only place that you can eat breakfast and serve your Clients with a mouthful of food and then walk away from long queues and have a conversation about your night out with your colleagues whilst the queues get longer and longer. Anyway, it is done and now I wait and join the long collection queues again.

So whereas some things change others stay the same. With simple system changes, things could be less frustrating. Incidentally, JD went to apply for her ID at Randburg Home Affairs and was told both parents have to be with. Mark took Chad when he went and I never went with. It might have changed since then - who knows and her mother lives about 60km's from here.


My other constant in my life is Miss Piggy begging for biscuits every morning. I took a video of her the other morning and then Google photos made it into a GIF. Technology is amazing. Then I took a video of her sleeping. Tummy full of biscuits then back to bed whilst I have to go to work. The noise in this video is actually my coffee machine in the dining room. Hectic loud!!!

Listen to the snoring.... that was more what I was recording than the dark image. This morning we woke up to another power failure. Before it was called loadshedding and it was for two hours, now we have had a change in political parties ruling the city and it is called planned outages and it is off for 6.5 hours. I don't really like my gas stove, except when there are power outages so we can still cook. I sat outside having breakfast and watched this little bird bathing in the {chlorine} pool water. They love drinking that water too.

I saved lots of Money on the Black Friday specials by avoiding any and every store. Were the specials worth the fights and pushing and shoving. Sorry, I just can't handle it. It also irks me that we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in South Africa, Black Friday is a {very} American thing and I am so tired of retailers commercializing every single thing. I did, however, buy some more Essence Nail Polish on Thursday for R14.95. It was a pre-Black Friday special. I saw it and I took it!!! I don't know why I buy Essence nail polish because I always bitch about the thick brushes. I can't paint my nails without messing as it is and a thick brush doesn't help. My nails are also too short for red but I am always drawn to colourful nail polish.

I am going to say goodbye with another heavy heart. I went out just now to put the bins out and noticed how the garden by the gate is flourishing since the rains. All the plants in there, except the strawberries (which was one tiny plant we bought last year) and one other bush, all the plants are from seeds I bought and the gardener planted. The Sweet Peas are from seeds from our Sweet Peas from last year. These along this wall grew, the others burnt and died along the other wall. They smell heavenly as you walk past.

I hope the next time I post I don't say our house has been sold 😢 Now it is time for Carte Blanche, so who knows when I will publish this post. Chad says that he is sure the producers of Carte Blanche own an Immigration Agency because after watching it you either want to shoot yourself in the head or immigrate 😁 .... And, they did not disappoint this week

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Monday, 21 November 2016

Happenings On The Home Front 20 November 2016

How is it possible that we have passed the November halfway mark and what is more unbelievable is that I have been sticking to my Home Front Happenings posts with some diligence and discipline. It's mainly just waffle and I don't even get through all that I wanted to waffle on about but I do have two shockers to harp on about. Two mild brain openers rather than shockers to wake me up to the fact that it is the end of November.

Last year was the year of healthy eating and finding delight in Green Teas and Detox Juices. I also lost a fair bit of weight. All picked up during my smoke-free journey which caused a real intolerance to Gluten because I just had far too much of it. I won't lie I had lots of breaks in between the healthy diets but when I went healthy I took it seriously - like a full month of blending - I blend I don't juice. Same difference just one is full of fiber and filling and the other is fibreless and not filling.

I remember the first time JD had dinner at our house on a weeknight. We had roast chicken and veg and I told her we have stopped eating rice because it is unhealthy.  That was November last year when exams were over and holidays started.Thereafter, she had dinner at our house almost every night because her dad worked late and her stepmom was overseas and they lived on takeout. She is a veggie girl - not a vegetarian because she loves steaks and biltong but loves veggies just as much. We were still on a relatively healthy diet with protein and veg, BUT we are BIG rice and pasta eaters. Especially Basmati rice. Six months later after many servings of rice, I said to JD, you must think I am crazy, I told you we don't eat rice and we live on the stuff. She laughed and said she did realize [eventually] that it was part of my always saying from Monday we going to eat healthy foods again 😏

Well November is coming to an end and I should be at my goal weight a year later but instead, I am lugging around a ton of weight and nowhere near my goal weight nor my weight from last year. After one too many bowls of ice cream and far too many chocolate brownies and cupcakes, I have a truckload of unwanted weight that I would love to drop off before we hit December, but my will power stayed in 2015. I can't do more than a week of healthy eating and I am sucked back into a chocolate heap of sugar and gluten. I attempted my Popcorn and Green Tea diet again that helped me along last year to keep my weight down but slid back into a weekend of burgers and restaurant fare. All I want to do is tip that truckload of weight but all I have been doing is tip the scales.

Last Sunday night, I realized that I had not been to the postbox for ages. Signing up for email statements, accounts, and correspondence usually means getting both or none or sometimes emailed and sometimes posted. Driving towards the post boxes I saw they were building in the center and I wondered when that started. I then remembered the last time I was at that shopping center was at the end of August when we went away. I also remembered that the last time I went to get mail I was wearing boots. I remembered wearing boots because  when I stepped out the car I saw "water" running past the post boxes where I had to walk and the strong smell of human urine. Wonderful that our post boxes are used as toilets and covered in smashed alcohol bottles. I was so scared I would step in the urine and walk around with pee covered boots all day. The things that jolt our memory, Turns out I haven't been to the post office since mid-August. Chad and I were chatting and I said that I hope they are building toilets there and he said, but the thing is they will still pee right there where they drink. The joys... I just wish we could get to a point where all our correspondence, bills, statements and even junk mail become digital. We also discovered on Friday that without notice our postboxes have moved from one shopping center to another. Incidentally, we did get our postbox renewal notice in our box but no notice to where they are moving to or that they were even moving. They have moved to the shopping center closer to home but one of the worst shopping centers and also one that is a drinking hole for the local hang abouts.

Last week I mentioned that I was gifted with some medical cream. Mark has a newly acquainted friend, future ex-business partner who sells Cannabis Cream. Mark is not in partnership with him with the Cannabis Cream, that is something entirely different, but he may as well be. At his birthday party when he thanked everyone for coming, he said and I quote "Oh and my mate Dave sells Cannabis Cream  Dagga Cream so if you want any just speak to him it is good for cancer and arthritis" I had to quickly add that my brownies were Cannabis free and safe to eat. That might or might not have been the reason why some may not have eaten the brownies 😜

Well, one day D, the mate/friend/futureexbusinesspartner saw me working with my wrist guard on and said I need to use his Dagga Cream and every time he sees me he tells me about it. Ever since the inception of and great invention of the short message service I have had pains in my wrist. My wrist aches if I don't wear the wrist guard, but I thanked D and said thanks but no thanks am I using his miracle cream. I will stick to turmeric, wrist guards, and newly discovered castor oil. When Mark's cousin came for lunch a few weeks ago his girlfriend was talking about her pains in her hands and Mark started his promotion of D's cream.

The next day I was at work and D came up to my office with a packet and a tiny tub in his hands. He gave me a tub of cream and said the other two tubs ( it comes in a pack of three) Heather can have for a discounted price to try and I can try the one. I have a sore on my arm that just won't heal. Possibly because I pick at it. I don't know what happened or what caused it. Anyway, I have been using it on the sore and on my aching wrist. One morning I never slept well and my eyes were puffy and swollen and my bags were fuller and darker than normal so I put some of the cream on it.

Mark freaked and said I mustn't put it near my eyes. I have to say my bags disappeared and the dark sacks were gone before I hopped in the shower. Incidentally, Mark refuses to use the stuff and says he is not getting high on it. Let the record state I have never been high on it. I can say that the sore that would not heal has healed nicely. There is still a mark but it does not look nasty. It was a tiny spot not a nasty gaping wound. Mark and Chad are horrified that in two weeks I have finished the tub. There is a tiny bit left. Me and my too much is not enough.

Fortunately, my blog is password protected but there will be no photographs of said cream - no image no evidence. As they say, unless there is a picture posted on Social Media it never happened. It also turns out that H hasn't come to fetch her cream or pay for it, so I may just take the rest and pay D for it. I won't put it on my eye bags but will continue to use it on my typist wrists. Also for the record, D is not a  dr⥺g dealing miscreant, Mark can and does acquaint himself with some people that are more than miscreants (he just does not see what the world around him sees) but D is pretty harmless. He fancies himself to be a retired hippie but he is just a young at heart retired man from the British movie industry, back in South Africa for family reasons.

We have had another weekend of thunderstorms and drenching rains. Fortunately, no more flash floods that I know of, but none here and our pool is back to normal. We have had a weekend of regrouping as a family and a start to changes and plans to our future. Whatever they may be or how they turn out there will be a change and it won't be easy and I will be embarking on an emotional rollercoaster as we forge ahead with these plans.

That's it for now - have a great week...

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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Pork Belly

On Sunday, I mentioned in my Happenings On The Home Front post that I had made Pork Belly for the first time on Saturday night. Mark bought Pork Belly on Thursday when he stopped at the butcher for biltong and then asked me if I knew how to cook it. Well, I have never but with Google at my finger tips, anything can be possible.

I went through a whole bunch of recipes and then found this really easy and simple recipe over here. All it needed was Salt, Pepper, and Olive Oil. I added apple quarters to the roasting pan because I always put apple in the pan when I roast pork to add apple flavour.

The thought may have crossed by mind a few times to become a vegetarian whilst scoring the skin. You know what they say about pig skin and human skin. Mark bought two pieces and the first one was so easy to score. The other one just would not cut/slice/score. I used every sharp/blunt/big/small/meat/vegetable/paring knife we have in the house and hacked through the skin.

After patting the meat dry and scoring it, you sprinkle it full of Olive Oil. Cover the skin and underneath with Olive Oil, turn it with skin up and massage it with lots of salt and add black pepper. Plus the apple pieces covered in Olive Oil. Pop it in the oven, skin side up at 130° C and let it roast for 4 hours. Turn oven up to 150°C  and cook for another 30 minutes. Put pan on highest rack in oven and turn on the grill and let the crackling grill until it puffs up.

I took mine out too soon because I am not used to our oven and it was crackling and smoking and fizzing and I was worried something would catch alight. We have a Gas Stove and Electric Oven now and I am petrified of Gas. Say no more.

It was really delicious though and the meat just fell apart. I wanted to make real apple sauce and asked Mark to buy Granny Smith Apples when he went to the shops, but he said he would just buy applesauce it would be easier. Well, he bought apple jelly and I was not impressed.

We had the Pork Belly with Sula's Potatoes and a green salad. I can't find the recipe on her Blog (Skimming Stones) to link to but they are the best potatoes you could ever eat. Don't tell a soul but I think JD is only dating Chad because of these potatoes or if she wasn't crazy about him then she would date him for the potatoes. It goes without saying that Chad will love me forever, just for these potatoes too. Par boil potatoes (I make lots - this was one batch half eaten) after cutting the into small pieces. Pat dry and coat in flour with herbs. I use Inna Parman Potato Spice and Rosemary dry herbs. Just like with hair products and oils - too much is not enough so use your own discretion with quantities. Flour should be one to two tablespoons. Fry in hot oil in batches until golden brown, drain on Paper Towel or Wax Wrap (I use either or and sometimes both) sprinkle with salt and serve. So good.

I did decide after cooking and smelling the Pork and Apple aroma wafting through the house after the scoring debacle that even if I wanted to, I couldn't become a vegetarian, even living on these potatoes. I love Pork too much.

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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Dipped and Coiffed In Castor Oil

A few weeks ago when I was lying awake enjoying the sound of the rain and getting frustrated by the Instagram changes that I had just become aware of, I discovered Castor Oil uses that were quite foreign to me. We never too old to learn AND at 3 am on a dark and rainy night - who would have thought.

I was looking through my Instagram feed and then came across a comment on a photo of an American lady who I follow who has gone on this amazing weight loss and fitness journey. The comment was one of those that just feeds the curiosity of a inquisitive mind. It was something like "have a look at the photo on my timeline of us walking and see the transformation". So I did just that, I went through her friend's photos looking for this photo. Why??? I really don't know - Social Media bringing out the Peeping Tom in me.

I never got to see the photo that was proof of the transformation because I was brought to a sudden halt by a photo of "the friend" covered in Castor Oil. Not her whole body {thank goodness - that would be a voyeur alert} just her face with the caption "Covered In Castor Oil - Wrinkle Free Fit Over 40" or something to that effect.

I forgot all about the frustration and aggravation of people having an inside view of my life from my phone number as well as the curiosity of a virtual stranger's body transformation and I started climbing down a minefield of Castor Oil uses and benefits. I have been using Castor Oil in my Hair since I discovered it in February this year, but I mixed it with Olive Oil and Rose Water. Read more over here. I did not know that Castor Oil could be used on your face for anti-aging.

As with everything you search online, you sift through the junk until what you find makes sense. All the articles I came across had basically all the same benefits and uses and like this article over here says, most people view it as a crude oil, because it was always know for it's laxative effects. but it has so many other benefits. Wrinkle free skin is one of them. No, I am not going to wake up with smooth 13 year old skin {have you seen that Google anti-aging advert scam}, because life has not been kind to my skin and neither have I, but if we can halt some new lines before they get too deeply etched to be memory lines, why not?

So the benefits of Castor Oil range from a lubricant for moving parts in machines to lubricating moving parts {joints} in your body. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. Read them all over here if you haven't already. Just don't put it in your hair after washing like the article suggests. You would have to have extremely and I mean extremely dry hair to get away with oiling your hair after washing and before styling. Ask me I tried it and Chad said whatever you have done to your hair, don't do it again.😂 It doesn't look like greasy dirty hair, but a definite sleek wet look... and I went to work like that 🙄 and I did it two days later AGAIN!!!

I must admit I am not the less is more type of person. I am a too much is too little person, so I always go overboard and think this isn't enough let me put more in. I dried and dried my hair, I straightened it and straightened it but the shiny wet look did not budge. Who needs a Brazilian Hair Straightener when you have Dianne and a bottle of Castor Oil - my hair was straighter than straight. Two days later I did it again. It was the day after I had my mysterious half day illness and I thought let me try a little bit in my hair, but again too much was too little but not as much as the day before but a lovely straight wet look {sarcasm}. I went to work because I would walk from car to my office with no one seeing me and the guys at work would not know the difference or even notice and both days I had no time or energy to wash my hair again before work. I also had no plans to go to the shops or see anyone so my hair had two 24 hour oil treatments in one week.

To be honest, I only noticed how "shiny" it was when I bathed that night. Maybe we should invest in some mirrors in the bathrooms at work, I might be in for a bit of a shock some days. Jokes aside it makes my skin look so much clearer and my hair bright and shiny. Not the oily wet look shiny, but healthy looking hair shiny, because it enhances your natural colour and locks in moisture. I put Castor Oil on my face every morning before I shower. I don't wake up and jump into the shower, I do a million things first, like laundry and packing the dishwasher and make lunches and breakfast and juice before I shower and get ready for work. I put the Castor Oil on my face a half an hour before I shower and then wash it off when I shower. Some nights I put it on as night cream, but also a half an hour before I go to sleep so that it is absorbed into my skin and not on my pillowcase. I don't even notice the smell anymore. It does have a bit of an iffy smell, but it doesn't bother me.

I still mainly use the mixture of Olive Oil, Castor Oil and Rose Water for my hair, because the Olive Oil makes it easier to put through your hair. Castor Oil is very thick - hence the too much is too little episode. It washes out of your hair very easily and all I do is put Apple Cider Vinegar on my hair after washing it in the shower, leave it on whilst I wash my body and then rinse, put conditioner on and rinse. Apple Cider Vinegar is also excellent for hair. Stops hair from tangling and makes it shine and rinse your children's hair with it and you never have to fear a lice breakout. I am going back to all the old remedies, but I am NOT anywhere near a complete natural nut. I still use soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant and all the other bad chemicals I have always used, just adding a natural twist.

So that is how I ended up looking like I was dipped and coiffed in Castor Oil.

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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Welcome To My Private Online Presence

Experts are quite clear that a Personal Blog has no place in the Online World. If you want to keep a journal of your life, then get out a pen and notebook and write out your thoughts each night and put the notebook next to your bed and go to sleep. We won't even go down the Password Protected road of blogging because the blogging police will come and lock us up.

Of course, we have all become self-appointed experts in every field you can think of. We have meticulously typed up posts on how to pack your Nappy Bag {diaper bag}, posts on how to shampoo your hair, how to label your child's school stationery, what not to do outside the school and when to visit the doctor. We are all experts on something and everything and 90% of the time our opinions on our blogs are just that - helpful conversation and tips and advice. Advice and tips you would give to other people standing around the school parking area or office vending machine or sitting in the doctor's waiting room. Let's face it there are people out in the world who don't know how to boil an egg or pack a nappy bag and this advice is always welcome. {Please read my disclaimer - any advice and or tips on this blog must be used with common sense and an expert [real] must always be consulted if you are unsure - as this is what works for me and may not work for the next person or family}

So pack your nappy Bag any damn way you want, because this post is not about nappy bags, but about why I don't write in a Diary or Notebook. Besides the fact that I have the worst handwriting you have ever seen, I actually can't even hold a pen or write anymore. Granted my hand and wrist aches when I type, but actually writing with a pen is pure torture. That isn't the reason either. My Journey or Blog is to record all of our memories so one day we can look back and remember all the things we have forgotten. One day Chad can say to JD "See, I told you my mom was crazy - look what she said over here" and JD can agree and say "Oh my goodness you right Chad and she thought I was her daughter".

OK, she probably wouldn't use the word "goodness" and Chad wouldn't want to read my blog, but if he did, how would he read it if everything is scrawled in a notebook next to my bed and he is  100 miles away. There are also others who, crazy as it may sound, would like to read my ramblings and follow our journey through life - people who I would love to have come along for the ride for as long as they want. People who won't have access to the Notebook lying next to my bed - so blogging experts there is a place Online for Personal Blogs and this is my space.

I have so many posts to fix up and changes I wanted to make before giving out the password, but if I leave it any longer, I will never give out the password. We are The Procrastinators after all and all the good intentions are there, but just never happen. I decided to revert the half finished posts back to draft and get to them another time and rather give out the password now

The last thing I want is for you to think that you were not part of the finely tuned list if you land up here without the password. Tomorrow, I am going to email out the password and I am ever so grateful that you want to follow our journey and have asked for the password. I am grateful and thankful that you want to read my ramblings that much that you will go to the effort of typing in a password when that time could be spent doing something more useful. The permission-based setting won't work because not everyone has a Gmail account who I have invited along on our journey or I should say who wanted to come along.

So six months ago, I went offline and today I am {Privately} Online again. It also means that today, I am 3 and a half years smoke-free and I am STILL craving like a demon. Will it ever go away??? My countdown ticker or count up ticker at the end of my page seems to have stopped at 3 years, 5 months and 18 days, I don't know why, but I haven't started smoking so not an issue. My Photobucket images are not working either, which means my signature at the end of this post doesn't work and neither on all the other posts. I was going to give up this post and abandon the whole idea thinking something went wrong when I changed to the .com domain but seems Photobucket is down and not any technical issues on my side.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to interacting with you back here on my Blog again.

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