Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Pork Belly

On Sunday, I mentioned in my Happenings On The Home Front post that I had made Pork Belly for the first time on Saturday night. Mark bought Pork Belly on Thursday when he stopped at the butcher for biltong and then asked me if I knew how to cook it. Well, I have never but with Google at my finger tips, anything can be possible.

I went through a whole bunch of recipes and then found this really easy and simple recipe over here. All it needed was Salt, Pepper, and Olive Oil. I added apple quarters to the roasting pan because I always put apple in the pan when I roast pork to add apple flavour.

The thought may have crossed by mind a few times to become a vegetarian whilst scoring the skin. You know what they say about pig skin and human skin. Mark bought two pieces and the first one was so easy to score. The other one just would not cut/slice/score. I used every sharp/blunt/big/small/meat/vegetable/paring knife we have in the house and hacked through the skin.

After patting the meat dry and scoring it, you sprinkle it full of Olive Oil. Cover the skin and underneath with Olive Oil, turn it with skin up and massage it with lots of salt and add black pepper. Plus the apple pieces covered in Olive Oil. Pop it in the oven, skin side up at 130° C and let it roast for 4 hours. Turn oven up to 150°C  and cook for another 30 minutes. Put pan on highest rack in oven and turn on the grill and let the crackling grill until it puffs up.

I took mine out too soon because I am not used to our oven and it was crackling and smoking and fizzing and I was worried something would catch alight. We have a Gas Stove and Electric Oven now and I am petrified of Gas. Say no more.

It was really delicious though and the meat just fell apart. I wanted to make real apple sauce and asked Mark to buy Granny Smith Apples when he went to the shops, but he said he would just buy applesauce it would be easier. Well, he bought apple jelly and I was not impressed.

We had the Pork Belly with Sula's Potatoes and a green salad. I can't find the recipe on her Blog (Skimming Stones) to link to but they are the best potatoes you could ever eat. Don't tell a soul but I think JD is only dating Chad because of these potatoes or if she wasn't crazy about him then she would date him for the potatoes. It goes without saying that Chad will love me forever, just for these potatoes too. Par boil potatoes (I make lots - this was one batch half eaten) after cutting the into small pieces. Pat dry and coat in flour with herbs. I use Inna Parman Potato Spice and Rosemary dry herbs. Just like with hair products and oils - too much is not enough so use your own discretion with quantities. Flour should be one to two tablespoons. Fry in hot oil in batches until golden brown, drain on Paper Towel or Wax Wrap (I use either or and sometimes both) sprinkle with salt and serve. So good.

I did decide after cooking and smelling the Pork and Apple aroma wafting through the house after the scoring debacle that even if I wanted to, I couldn't become a vegetarian, even living on these potatoes. I love Pork too much.

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