Thursday, 10 November 2016

Dipped and Coiffed In Castor Oil

A few weeks ago when I was lying awake enjoying the sound of the rain and getting frustrated by the Instagram changes that I had just become aware of, I discovered Castor Oil uses that were quite foreign to me. We never too old to learn AND at 3 am on a dark and rainy night - who would have thought.

I was looking through my Instagram feed and then came across a comment on a photo of an American lady who I follow who has gone on this amazing weight loss and fitness journey. The comment was one of those that just feeds the curiosity of a inquisitive mind. It was something like "have a look at the photo on my timeline of us walking and see the transformation". So I did just that, I went through her friend's photos looking for this photo. Why??? I really don't know - Social Media bringing out the Peeping Tom in me.

I never got to see the photo that was proof of the transformation because I was brought to a sudden halt by a photo of "the friend" covered in Castor Oil. Not her whole body {thank goodness - that would be a voyeur alert} just her face with the caption "Covered In Castor Oil - Wrinkle Free Fit Over 40" or something to that effect.

I forgot all about the frustration and aggravation of people having an inside view of my life from my phone number as well as the curiosity of a virtual stranger's body transformation and I started climbing down a minefield of Castor Oil uses and benefits. I have been using Castor Oil in my Hair since I discovered it in February this year, but I mixed it with Olive Oil and Rose Water. Read more over here. I did not know that Castor Oil could be used on your face for anti-aging.

As with everything you search online, you sift through the junk until what you find makes sense. All the articles I came across had basically all the same benefits and uses and like this article over here says, most people view it as a crude oil, because it was always know for it's laxative effects. but it has so many other benefits. Wrinkle free skin is one of them. No, I am not going to wake up with smooth 13 year old skin {have you seen that Google anti-aging advert scam}, because life has not been kind to my skin and neither have I, but if we can halt some new lines before they get too deeply etched to be memory lines, why not?

So the benefits of Castor Oil range from a lubricant for moving parts in machines to lubricating moving parts {joints} in your body. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. Read them all over here if you haven't already. Just don't put it in your hair after washing like the article suggests. You would have to have extremely and I mean extremely dry hair to get away with oiling your hair after washing and before styling. Ask me I tried it and Chad said whatever you have done to your hair, don't do it again.😂 It doesn't look like greasy dirty hair, but a definite sleek wet look... and I went to work like that 🙄 and I did it two days later AGAIN!!!

I must admit I am not the less is more type of person. I am a too much is too little person, so I always go overboard and think this isn't enough let me put more in. I dried and dried my hair, I straightened it and straightened it but the shiny wet look did not budge. Who needs a Brazilian Hair Straightener when you have Dianne and a bottle of Castor Oil - my hair was straighter than straight. Two days later I did it again. It was the day after I had my mysterious half day illness and I thought let me try a little bit in my hair, but again too much was too little but not as much as the day before but a lovely straight wet look {sarcasm}. I went to work because I would walk from car to my office with no one seeing me and the guys at work would not know the difference or even notice and both days I had no time or energy to wash my hair again before work. I also had no plans to go to the shops or see anyone so my hair had two 24 hour oil treatments in one week.

To be honest, I only noticed how "shiny" it was when I bathed that night. Maybe we should invest in some mirrors in the bathrooms at work, I might be in for a bit of a shock some days. Jokes aside it makes my skin look so much clearer and my hair bright and shiny. Not the oily wet look shiny, but healthy looking hair shiny, because it enhances your natural colour and locks in moisture. I put Castor Oil on my face every morning before I shower. I don't wake up and jump into the shower, I do a million things first, like laundry and packing the dishwasher and make lunches and breakfast and juice before I shower and get ready for work. I put the Castor Oil on my face a half an hour before I shower and then wash it off when I shower. Some nights I put it on as night cream, but also a half an hour before I go to sleep so that it is absorbed into my skin and not on my pillowcase. I don't even notice the smell anymore. It does have a bit of an iffy smell, but it doesn't bother me.

I still mainly use the mixture of Olive Oil, Castor Oil and Rose Water for my hair, because the Olive Oil makes it easier to put through your hair. Castor Oil is very thick - hence the too much is too little episode. It washes out of your hair very easily and all I do is put Apple Cider Vinegar on my hair after washing it in the shower, leave it on whilst I wash my body and then rinse, put conditioner on and rinse. Apple Cider Vinegar is also excellent for hair. Stops hair from tangling and makes it shine and rinse your children's hair with it and you never have to fear a lice breakout. I am going back to all the old remedies, but I am NOT anywhere near a complete natural nut. I still use soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant and all the other bad chemicals I have always used, just adding a natural twist.

So that is how I ended up looking like I was dipped and coiffed in Castor Oil.

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