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Happenings On The Home Front 13 November 2016

Wow, what a week!!! Not on the Home Front but in and around our Home Town. We have had a week of rain and floods. The rain has been amazing but the flash floods around town have been frightening. I keep getting shivers down my spine when I imagine what it must have been like or what it would be like for a mother with a baby or small child in the back seat strapped up in a car seat and water rushing into the car. Sometimes I think too much and stress myself out way too much. Here is a video clip summing up the flash floods - watch it here.

The day or evening that the flash floods were happening, we had the most beautiful skyline, it was pitch black and then a red glow as the black clouds moved along. The floods were around the East Rand and we had a bit of rain. The following afternoon the sky went from pale blue to pitch black in what felt like seconds and the wind went from not a breeze to mini hurricane levels. Tiny mini hurricanes, but close to tree ripping out the ground levels.

It bucketed down during the night and we woke up to dams everywhere. Our pool looked like a dam and it rained on and off all morning. From a massive downpour to drizzle and back to a downpour intermittently until about 9 and then it stopped.

Whenever it rains hard our pool turns into a dam. We have so many trees in our back garden that the roots have killed the grass and it causes soil erosion. We are also on a little slope which becomes mountainous when it rains hard and the rain gushes down like Niagra Falls. Mark thought that building the new Entertainment area would stop a lot of the runoff, but there was so much rain and the water and mud just headed in whatever direction it could find to go downhill.

There is only one bird in this picture above, but when I went outside on Thursday morning to assess the damage, the bird feeder was full of birds fighting for the last drop of food. They had even finished the whole block of suet that has been there since I bought the new feeder. It seems we had some new visitors to the garden - suet eating birds. They must have been thrown out of their homes during the storm and found a new eatery. I need to buy another block, but I have only seen them at Lifestyle Garden Centre where I bought this one and I don't go there that often.

The garden has loved the rain, I have loved the rain, but our animals not so much. Nala is not as frightened of the storms as what she was when we first got her but does get a bit jittery during the loud heavy storms. Garfield, as she has gotten older, is not as afraid and vocal during the storms, but she does tend to seek refuge in our bathroom and huddles on the bathmat and that is when she shows her true age.

Nala's couch  our couch is still not back from being repaired so Nala thinks she will spite everyone by lying in Spikes' bed which ends up by the front door when Sheila cleans the house and before it gets taken back to the room at bedtime.

I have also had a week of technical hair pulling frustrations. My email subscriptions on my Blog were not working and then they were only showing a summary (sorry about that). I changed to MailChimp thinking that would sort the problem and that it was blogger Feedburner not working. Three days of messing around, swearing, kicking screaming, pulling my hair and rubbing my eyeballs out their sockets and the penny dropped. My setting in blogger dashboard was set to summary so any and every email feeder client would have been delivered as a summary only. So that is finally sorted.

When I first unpublished my blog before I officially said Ciao for now in May, someone told me it was still showing up in Bloglovin but you then couldn't comment. I had forgotten about Bloglovin and proceeded to delete my Bloglovin account and remove any trace of Bloglovin off my Blog. I thought I was done with Bloglovin and my blog was private. Then I received an email from Sammy from The Annoyed Thyroid last week and she told me my blog is showing in her Bloglovin feed but it is locked when she tries to comment. You know the saying once Online always Online - well that's true when it comes to Bloglovin - so much for making your blog private when it is on Bloglovin's feed. If you don't have a Bloglovin account it just means that you haven't "claimed" your Blog. I sent them an email stating that it is a private unpublished Blog and the Bloglovin support folk kindly (I hope) removed it.

I cooked Pork Belly for the first time yesterday, but it is so late now, I will do a recap of that another time and also my latest medical cream I was "gifted" to try.

Good Night...

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  1. On the bright side your pool is now full :) We found it a bit of a pain (and expense) replacing the suet in our feeder. Cliff went to a butchery and got a huge bag of bone meal for next to nothing, he then moulded it raw into balls and stored in the freezer. The birds go through a ball a day and I just pop a frozen one in to replace. It attracts the same birds for a fraction of the price.

    1. The rain came just in time Sula, our pool was getting so low - always a bright side ��
      To be honest I had never heard of suet for birds until I saw it at Lifestyle. I thought just seed and fruit and veg and obviously the worms and insects in the garden. I must try the bone meal, does Cliff just roll it into balls or use anything special (excuse the ignorance). I Googled homemade suet for birds and seemed too much of an effort, boiling and straining and....


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