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Happenings On The Home Front 20 November 2016

How is it possible that we have passed the November halfway mark and what is more unbelievable is that I have been sticking to my Home Front Happenings posts with some diligence and discipline. It's mainly just waffle and I don't even get through all that I wanted to waffle on about but I do have two shockers to harp on about. Two mild brain openers rather than shockers to wake me up to the fact that it is the end of November.

Last year was the year of healthy eating and finding delight in Green Teas and Detox Juices. I also lost a fair bit of weight. All picked up during my smoke-free journey which caused a real intolerance to Gluten because I just had far too much of it. I won't lie I had lots of breaks in between the healthy diets but when I went healthy I took it seriously - like a full month of blending - I blend I don't juice. Same difference just one is full of fiber and filling and the other is fibreless and not filling.

I remember the first time JD had dinner at our house on a weeknight. We had roast chicken and veg and I told her we have stopped eating rice because it is unhealthy.  That was November last year when exams were over and holidays started.Thereafter, she had dinner at our house almost every night because her dad worked late and her stepmom was overseas and they lived on takeout. She is a veggie girl - not a vegetarian because she loves steaks and biltong but loves veggies just as much. We were still on a relatively healthy diet with protein and veg, BUT we are BIG rice and pasta eaters. Especially Basmati rice. Six months later after many servings of rice, I said to JD, you must think I am crazy, I told you we don't eat rice and we live on the stuff. She laughed and said she did realize [eventually] that it was part of my always saying from Monday we going to eat healthy foods again 😏

Well November is coming to an end and I should be at my goal weight a year later but instead, I am lugging around a ton of weight and nowhere near my goal weight nor my weight from last year. After one too many bowls of ice cream and far too many chocolate brownies and cupcakes, I have a truckload of unwanted weight that I would love to drop off before we hit December, but my will power stayed in 2015. I can't do more than a week of healthy eating and I am sucked back into a chocolate heap of sugar and gluten. I attempted my Popcorn and Green Tea diet again that helped me along last year to keep my weight down but slid back into a weekend of burgers and restaurant fare. All I want to do is tip that truckload of weight but all I have been doing is tip the scales.

Last Sunday night, I realized that I had not been to the postbox for ages. Signing up for email statements, accounts, and correspondence usually means getting both or none or sometimes emailed and sometimes posted. Driving towards the post boxes I saw they were building in the center and I wondered when that started. I then remembered the last time I was at that shopping center was at the end of August when we went away. I also remembered that the last time I went to get mail I was wearing boots. I remembered wearing boots because  when I stepped out the car I saw "water" running past the post boxes where I had to walk and the strong smell of human urine. Wonderful that our post boxes are used as toilets and covered in smashed alcohol bottles. I was so scared I would step in the urine and walk around with pee covered boots all day. The things that jolt our memory, Turns out I haven't been to the post office since mid-August. Chad and I were chatting and I said that I hope they are building toilets there and he said, but the thing is they will still pee right there where they drink. The joys... I just wish we could get to a point where all our correspondence, bills, statements and even junk mail become digital. We also discovered on Friday that without notice our postboxes have moved from one shopping center to another. Incidentally, we did get our postbox renewal notice in our box but no notice to where they are moving to or that they were even moving. They have moved to the shopping center closer to home but one of the worst shopping centers and also one that is a drinking hole for the local hang abouts.

Last week I mentioned that I was gifted with some medical cream. Mark has a newly acquainted friend, future ex-business partner who sells Cannabis Cream. Mark is not in partnership with him with the Cannabis Cream, that is something entirely different, but he may as well be. At his birthday party when he thanked everyone for coming, he said and I quote "Oh and my mate Dave sells Cannabis Cream  Dagga Cream so if you want any just speak to him it is good for cancer and arthritis" I had to quickly add that my brownies were Cannabis free and safe to eat. That might or might not have been the reason why some may not have eaten the brownies 😜

Well, one day D, the mate/friend/futureexbusinesspartner saw me working with my wrist guard on and said I need to use his Dagga Cream and every time he sees me he tells me about it. Ever since the inception of and great invention of the short message service I have had pains in my wrist. My wrist aches if I don't wear the wrist guard, but I thanked D and said thanks but no thanks am I using his miracle cream. I will stick to turmeric, wrist guards, and newly discovered castor oil. When Mark's cousin came for lunch a few weeks ago his girlfriend was talking about her pains in her hands and Mark started his promotion of D's cream.

The next day I was at work and D came up to my office with a packet and a tiny tub in his hands. He gave me a tub of cream and said the other two tubs ( it comes in a pack of three) Heather can have for a discounted price to try and I can try the one. I have a sore on my arm that just won't heal. Possibly because I pick at it. I don't know what happened or what caused it. Anyway, I have been using it on the sore and on my aching wrist. One morning I never slept well and my eyes were puffy and swollen and my bags were fuller and darker than normal so I put some of the cream on it.

Mark freaked and said I mustn't put it near my eyes. I have to say my bags disappeared and the dark sacks were gone before I hopped in the shower. Incidentally, Mark refuses to use the stuff and says he is not getting high on it. Let the record state I have never been high on it. I can say that the sore that would not heal has healed nicely. There is still a mark but it does not look nasty. It was a tiny spot not a nasty gaping wound. Mark and Chad are horrified that in two weeks I have finished the tub. There is a tiny bit left. Me and my too much is not enough.

Fortunately, my blog is password protected but there will be no photographs of said cream - no image no evidence. As they say, unless there is a picture posted on Social Media it never happened. It also turns out that H hasn't come to fetch her cream or pay for it, so I may just take the rest and pay D for it. I won't put it on my eye bags but will continue to use it on my typist wrists. Also for the record, D is not a  dr⥺g dealing miscreant, Mark can and does acquaint himself with some people that are more than miscreants (he just does not see what the world around him sees) but D is pretty harmless. He fancies himself to be a retired hippie but he is just a young at heart retired man from the British movie industry, back in South Africa for family reasons.

We have had another weekend of thunderstorms and drenching rains. Fortunately, no more flash floods that I know of, but none here and our pool is back to normal. We have had a weekend of regrouping as a family and a start to changes and plans to our future. Whatever they may be or how they turn out there will be a change and it won't be easy and I will be embarking on an emotional rollercoaster as we forge ahead with these plans.

That's it for now - have a great week...

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  1. I thought our Boksburg post office was the only one in a disgusting state, urine etc. It is shameful. I have heard that cannabis oil is good for all sorts of things. When my dad was diagnosed with Leukaemia I suggested that he tried it but he was not keen. Mum had a massage with Cannabis oil and said it was super relaxing.

  2. Ah Sula, I think as our postal services become redundant, the facilities turn into taverns and toilets... Sad but true.
    Our actual Post Office closed down months ago and the nearest one is many miles away. Our Post Boxes where always in the KFC parking lot not at the actual post office. We do have a satellite post office incidentally where our boxes have moved to but that satellite office doesn't cover our boxes 😲
    That is interesting about your mom's massage with Cannabis Oil. I haven't noticed a difference in my aching wrist but they say it is very good for arthritis and also cancer. It is after all just a herb from the ground. Hope your dad is doing OK since his diagnosis.


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