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Happenings On The Home Front 6 November 2016

I never got around to doing a Happenings On The Home Front Post yesterday and I was going to just leave it but thought rather a day late than not at all. Happenings on the Home Front posts are something like my Sunday Reflection posts to try and keep up to date with what is going on in our lives. I have done similar with my Looking Back posts but of course, what I am really good at is being consistently inconsistent and give up quicker than I can say inconsistent, so we will see how long they last for. The idea was sparked from Sula from Skimming Stones Blog, who does a week in pictures series, but all my posts are picture heavy anyway, so I decided to do a kind of weekly Life Lately series.

Nothing much happened this week but that isn't the reason for not posting this week. Mark's cousin and his girlfriend and her son came for lunch yesterday and then another friend came around later. We had Oxtail Potjie (Stew in a big black three-legged pot we had for Mark's Birthday as well). It was a pleasant afternoon that ended early, but because D came late he went home after 8. Strangely, both Mark and I felt really sick after everyone left and I ended up puking again. We were so worried that it was the Oxtail because the butcher had marinated it again. I don't like buying marinated meat because I believe it is old and they marinate it to cover up the fact that it is old or maybe off. Turns out no one else was sick (huge sigh of relief) and I don't know why we were sick.

I also made Brownies and Chad who loves taking the mickey out of me and my baking said it was the Brownies. Never mind that he ate the leftovers today (Oxtail and Brownies) and was not sick. JD is doing exams and had to study so did not come for lunch and missed out on her favourite Brownies. Every time I make them they come out different (probably because I use different chocolate each time) but no matter how they come out, JD loves them. A girl after my own heart - another reason why she is the daughter I never had. No picture of the Brownies or Potjie again.😕

Ever since we had Jasmine Tea at the Chinese restaurant my brother's girlfriend took us to a few months ago, both JD and I have been on the hunt for Jasmine tea like the tea we had at the restaurant. I bought some from Woolworths and I thought it was the same, but the more I drank it the more I realized it wasn't anything like the Chinese tea we had. I bought a box for JD and kept forgetting to give it to her, then I had the migraine and stopped drinking the tea. On Friday, she told me that she went to a Chinese take- away near her house and they sold Green Tea and she bought some and thought it was very similar to what we had at the restaurant but the more she drank it the less she liked it but brought me some to try. I remembered about the tea I bought for her and gave it to her. She prefers the tea I bought and I prefer hers. We are planning to see my brother's girlfriend in the next couple of weeks and we need to get her to get us the real deal Green Jasmine Tea.

Last week after much moaning on email and Twitter to Clicks about my Kambrook Super Blender that packed up in less than 10 months, they replaced it. I am really happy about it, because I was juicing with my Kenwood Liquidizer and it is not the same. I have a proper Kenwood Juicer, but it is too much of a mission to use and it also uses a lot of fruit, because it extracts the juice and the fiber  stays behind so you get very little juice out. I am going to do a post on why I chose to replace the Kambrook and not get a refund to buy a Nutribullet. I also since buying the Super Blender last year I went a bit Kambrook crazy and bought a Kambrook Kettle; Toaster and Electronic Salt and Pepper Cellar. OK, Mark bought that and thought it was quite a nifty gadget. Press a button to grind your salt and pepper. It is only a pepper grinder but he said we should buy two so we can have one for Sea Salt. I was a bit perturbed after the Blender broke in less than a year that the others will also break and I have lost all the slips - hold thumbs they don't

My Kefir is still growing like crazy. It is ready in half a day and over ferments and I think it may be because I pour hot water into the jar to sterilize the bottle and then throw the Kefir into the jar when it is still very hot. Kefir grows best in hot conditions. I have started putting the milk in first to cool the jar. I gave some of my grains to Mark's cousin's girlfriend, H, because she was interested to see if it would help with her digestive issues.

In other unpleasant news, I am still following the Jayde Panayiotou trial despite the fact that it affects me so badly emotionally. I have read so many true crime books, I have also read many fiction books about crime and watched many brilliant crime action drama movies. Movies that you watch and at the end say wow that was a fantastic movie. Well, the way this case is going, it beats all those movies, but tragically this is real life and it is sickening to the core that someone can [allegedly] orchestrate his beautiful young wife's murder like that. The [alleged]mistress in my eyes is far worse than him even - standing by him after all that has come out in the trial - sad sick and tragic.

That's it another week in the life of...

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