Monday, 21 November 2016

Miscreants and Creams

Last week I mentioned that I was gifted with some medical cream. Mark has a newly acquainted friend, future ex-business partner who sells Cannabis Cream. Mark is not in partnership with him with the Cannabis Cream, that is something entirely different, but he may as well be. At his birthday party when he thanked everyone for coming, he said and I quote "Oh and my mate Dave sells Cannabis Cream  Dagga Cream so if you want any just speak to him it is good for cancer and arthritis" I had to quickly add that my brownies were Cannabis free and safe to eat. That might or might not have been the reason why some may not have eaten the brownies 😜

Well, one day D, the mate/friend/futureexbusinesspartner saw me working with my wrist guard on and said I need to use his Da$$a Cream and every time he sees me he tells me about it. Ever since the inception of and great invention of the short message service I have had pains in my wrist. My wrist aches if I don't wear the wrist guard, but I thanked D and said thanks but no thanks am I using his miracle cream. I will stick to turmeric, wrist guards, and newly discovered castor oil. When Mark's cousin came for lunch a few weeks ago his girlfriend was talking about her pains in her hands and Mark started his promotion of D's cream.

The next day I was at work and D came up to my office with a packet and a tiny tub in his hands. He gave me a tub of cream and said the other two tubs ( it comes in a pack of three) Heather can have for a discounted price to try and I can try the one. I have a sore on my arm that just won't heal. Possibly because I pick at it. I don't know what happened or what caused it. Anyway, I have been using it on the sore and on my aching wrist. One morning I never slept well and my eyes were puffy and swollen and my bags were fuller and darker than normal so I put some of the cream on it.

Mark freaked and said I mustn't put it near my eyes. I have to say my bags disappeared and the dark sacks were gone before I hopped in the shower. Incidentally, Mark refuses to use the stuff and says he is not getting high on it. Let the record state I have never been high on it. I can say that the sore that would not heal has healed nicely. There is still a mark but it does not look nasty. It was a tiny spot not a nasty gaping wound. Mark and Chad are horrified that in two weeks I have finished the tub. There is a tiny bit left. Me and my too much is not enough.

Fortunately, my blog is password protected but there will be no photographs of said cream - no image no evidence. As they say, unless there is a picture posted on Social Media it never happened. It also turns out that H hasn't come to fetch her cream or pay for it, so I may just take the rest and pay D for it. I won't put it on my eye bags but will continue to use it on my typist wrists. Also for the record, D is not a  dr⥺g dealing miscreant, Mark can and does acquaint himself with some people that are more than miscreants (he just does not see what the world around him sees) but D is pretty harmless. He fancies himself to be a retired hippie but he is just a young at heart retired man from the British movie industry, back in South Africa for family reasons.

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