Sunday, 27 November 2016

Parktown Prawns and Penny Thoughts

The other day I was getting ready for work, hair dryer blasting in between face creams and foundation when Chad went to shower. Typical male, he blasts music from an electronic device and/or belts out "music" at the top of his lungs- more like shouts from the top of his voice. The shower water is muffled behind the closed door down the passage and his tunes are pushed to the back of my mind leaving a dull indistinct noise.

My morning makeup routine is more like a time of deep thought and pondering and what should take 5 minutes usually takes 20 minutes. This particular morning was no different as I shut out all sounds and distractions. In the deep recesses of my mind, I could hear muffled shouts and thought Chad's singing was becoming a bit urgent and desperate. It was getting louder and louder and as I pulled myself out of my reverie, stood up and walked to the door, Chad came flying out the bathroom, a towel half falling off screaming "Mom... get a broom garbled garbled garb"  I couldn't make out what he was saying.

Turns out that there was a Parktown Prawn in the shower. Chad is petrified of Parktown Prawns and he was enclosed in the shower cubicle, showering away when something made him look down and there was a Parktown Prawn coming for him. Mom to the rescue like when he was not even 3 years old, a naughty mischievous little boy, getting up to no good when we heard a blood-curdling scream. We ran to where it was coming from (in our bathroom where the week before he "shaved" with Mark's razor and cut his lip). Expecting to find Mark had left his razor within Chad's reach AGAIN and blood everywhere, we found a Parktown Prawn in between Chad and the bedroom door - his only escape route. Our bathroom and bedroom was open plan. Needless to say, the Parktown Prawn more than likely stopped him from whatever mischief he was about to get up to but he has been terrified of them ever since.

For a week, I had to make sure that my bedroom door was open whilst he showered and I was ready with a weapon to kill all the millions of Parktown Prawns that hatched out of the eggs laid in the drain by the Parktown Prawn 🙄🙄. That's after he has poured half a bottle of vinegar and a box of bicarbonate soda and boiling water down the drain. EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING.

The funny thing is that two days before his terrifying shower experience, he saw a Parktown Prawn outside and was going to kill it and then got caught up in the whole save an insect mania and left it. The truth is he was probably too scared to kill it. He has no qualms about being a baby girl about this and we tease him all the time. JD is also petrified of them and Chad has come to the conclusion that I have to live very close to him for the rest of my life, possibly in the same house. I don't have a photo of a Parktown Prawn, there is a photo of one in this post if you don't know what they are or you can read all about them over here. Wikipedia to the rescue.

Talking of houses, our house went on the market the day before the Parktown Prawn episode and Chad is now happy to leave his childhood home that has been invaded by scary monsters. I am pretty heartbroken about it. We have lived in this house for so long, the longest we have ever lived in one place. Chad graduated Nursery School; Primary School and High School here. It also means I have to pack up Clint's room. I now use his room as a place to blog (like I blog so often). I do sit at his desk and stare out the window deep in thought and forget about blogging. I also sleep in Clint's room some nights, either because Mark and I are fighting or because his snoring is beyond snoring.

When Pluto was dying  I slept in Clint's bed with my one eye open and my soul crushed, lying on the edge of the bed, not going under the duvet, my gown my only covering. Clint's room has become my refuge and went from a shrine to a place of comfort. Over the recent years, I slept on the edge of his bed with a warm gown and found comfort but could never disturb his "bed". I now sleep on the edge but under his duvet.

Hydrangeas = Fond Memories Of My Maternal Grandmother

Most of Clint's stuff is packed in his cupboard but it is not boxed up and given away... It is still his room. I don't know where we will be this time next year, I don't know what will have become of us or where our future is heading - I just know our house is on the market and my head is all over the place. There are so many signs for and against this move. Like the day before the agent was supposed to come and take photos for the listing, our pool turned into a mud bath from all the rain. Every day after that it rained on the day that she was meant to take photos, so she eventually just put up the signs outside. The photos were eventually taken on Tuesday and our house officially listed on Wednesday. Not a single call as yet and I am uncertain as to how I feel about that - good or bad...

We have done so much to our house over the past two years and now we packing up and leaving it for someone else to enjoy. We were sitting up in the pub on Monday night, just Chad, Mark, and I and Mark took photos of the garden and sent them to me with the caption "All your hard work". It was to make my heart happy and filled with pride and joy, instead, it crumbled my already broken heart and filled it with heartache and sadness. {All photos marked as Mark's Photo are the photos he sent me}

To be fair, it was not my hard work but my hard delegation. The gardener did all the planting where I told him to plant and Chad didn't like my designing and displays so he took over and did the decorating and designing side of the garden. I can honestly say that I love my garden and my heart swells with pride and awe at the beauty of the flowers and plants. I feel blessed to have a garden to enjoy and a gardener that keeps it maintained and looking pretty.

Our garden was almost destroyed by the drought but it survived and it is a combination of rough bush and  pretty delicate. It is hard to believe that when our gardener started working for us, he knew nothing about gardening. He is another Zimbabwe tragedy that came to South Africa, the land of milk and honey only to find that the honey had gone rancid long ago and the milk had soured along with his hopes and dreams of a better life even though he came here legally and never crossed crocodile infested rivers. He lost his job as a chef and when our previous gardener left for better prospects and took over his dead brother's life, Ishmael came to work for us.

He takes so much pride in the garden and initially him and I clashed a bit until I got to know him better. I told him he should have taken photos of our garden before and after and started a portfolio to show prospective future employers his work. He should, to be honest, start his own gardening service. He is educated and intelligent and has the potential to be more than a gardener. He told Chad that his previous boss at the restaurant where he worked before offered him his job back full time but he said no. He works there on weekends and maybe he prefers gardening.

My mind is just a tornado of thoughts and right now it feels like we are losing more than we will ever gain by selling and moving forward.

Chad's Gardening & Design

I am in such a strange place at the moment and what may seem like boasting and showing off is very far from it. It is a deep feeling of melancholy but blessed and privileged at the same time.

There are also parts of our garden where grass will never grow because of all the trees. In some places, it bugs the hell out of me and in other places where we have the new entertainment area and fire pit it just adds to the ambiance of bush life.

Chad's Gardening & Design

Chad's Gardening &  Design

The cupboard on wheels is not meant to be in front of the other cupboard. It is Chad's old toy box him and I decided to keep the cushions in, instead of lugging them up and down. It is just pushed in front of that cupboard to stay out the rain. Mark definitely is not one for perfect Instagram cropped pictures 😉

I Also Want To Turn My Back On The World
                                                     Sorry Chad's photos not Mark's ⬍
Deep In Thought & Filled With Nostalgia

I live with dread and nostalgia but one thing is for certain if I can live without Clint, I can live without all this too because nothing and no one can take my memories away from me.

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  1. Whew the whole business of putting your lovely home on the market must be very stressful, I hope that the right doors open. Domi has her home on the market too (with Pvt Property) they are planning to move to Canada which I find very hard to process. Ah shame poor parktown prawns, Cliff told me they are the only insects that mate for life.

    1. Hi Sula,
      Please don't let Chad find out about Parktown Prawns mating for life because he will not shower ever again because he will believe the partner will be down the drain waiting to take revenge on him �� We have only ever seen one at any given time except when under our trampoline was full of them. I don't mind them far in the garden because they become Hadeda food and the Hadedas leave my fish alone.
      That is going to be a real tough one for you with Dommie going to Canada. Wonderful for her but tough for you and her and mother daughter family time.
      How has she found Private Property. We gave it a bit of thought but Mark always uses someone he knows and that is hardly ever the right decision


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