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Happenings On The Home Front 4 December 2016

Crazy Crazy it is the 6th of December - how did that even happen?? I have a reminder on my phone that my prescription for my thyroid medication needs to be refilled AGAIN. I swear I was at the pharmacy only last week - yet my Medisafe App screams at me daily - you have 5 4 3 2 1 pills left. Oh yes, I have become one of those annoying "Have an App for everything" people, especially if it is to remind me to do mundane chores and tasks and very important ones - like track my chronic meds.

I also have a Christmas Countdown Counter on my blog and that could be a bad thing watching time literally tick away in a blink of an eye, but it could also be a reminder to slow down and savour the present. If you also feel the need to have a countdown to Christmas on your blog you can get it over here. I know it is a blogger widget, but there is HTML code for non blogger blogs. Don't forget to change the date before adding the html code to your blog and also change the countdown complete message if you don't like the message they have. You can do that easily by copying the code and editing it in Notebook and then copying it to your blog. This is in no way a sponsored post or affiliation in any way or form, just sharing the blogging love and a record for myself for next year.

I now know that I need to visit the pharmacy tomorrow but let me get back to the post on hand. I am a few days late in posting my weekly happenings, because last night (Monday night) I just did not feel like blogging and on Sunday we came back from Durban and then vegetated on the couch watching the Sunday night movie, Vacation and who feels like thrashing away at a keyboard on a Sunday night after travelling six hundred odd kilometers.

Mark had this brainwave a few weeks ago that we needed a break - a rest to be exact so we should go to Durban. In our ongoing quest for Peace and Serenity and continual failure thereof - a trip to Durban would do us good.  It is relaxed and festive and we enjoyed it when we went there two years ago - twice in less than a month. The first time more than the second time. He also had this brainwave to go in our Barbie on Safari car. Not the brightest of ideas because firstly a weekend away is more tiring than relaxing when you are tired and exhausted and secondly Barbie on Safari is a cute Sandton parking lot 4x4 not a travelling vehicle. Driving 600 odd kilometers in a Suzuki Jimney with 4 people, a trailer and 2 bicycles not so cool but hey we got there and back with lots of stops as it chugged down fuel with an Atos or two flying past us ๐Ÿ˜Œ.

We stayed at the Garden Court Marine Parade again - I wasn't joking when I said that we are scared of change. We rather stick with the dirty devil we know than try something new. Not that the hotel is dirty in fact it has been revamped and the rooms are quite modern. The dinner was way over priced and really disgusting - a total waste of money, but the breakfasts were fantastic. We only had dinner at the hotel on the night we arrived. A ridiculous waste of money for a choice of dry beef or extra dry bland chicken, tasteless stew or boerewors (sausage) with burned pumpkin, Cajun spicy potato, rice and pap (maize meal). If there was anything else I wouldn't know because nothing looked appealing. The dessert consisted of Malva pudding ( stale & dry) with custard and another very rich quite nice creamy dessert and I think jelly. Don't shoot me for being wrong, as I said, unappealing so not sure. That was just under R1000.00 for 4 of us and one drink each of which two were creme sodas and two were J&B and lemonades. The breakfasts didn't disappoint and made up for grotty dinner and we made up for the over priced dinner by over indulging in the all you can eat breakfast.

I never took many photos and all the photos with a little heart on the right hand corner JD sent to me. We left at around 11 on Thursday so that we could have two "whole" days to rest ๐Ÿ˜and two days travelling. On Friday we hired bicycles for JD and I, because Mark and Chad had their bicycles and we rode along the promenade for almost two hours. It was such fun - I have to admit. I have not ridden a bicycle in more than 30 years and it was a bit touch and go in the beginning - wobble wobble unbalanced and then it was easy going - not so easy on the legs going up hill ๐Ÿ˜ฎ.

The saying... "It's like riding a bicycle - you never forget"  is so true. Two seconds to get your balance and the last almost 40 years were wiped away. I can't remember how old I was when I last rode a bicycle but it was not far from 40 years. I don't think I would have survived if I still smoked. We did get terribly sunburned even with sunblock. I have discovered that my Nivea face cream has a stronger SPF than Nivea sunblock and at the same time that I don't put face cream all the way to my hairline - more than likely because the towel that my wet hair is wrapped in covers that part of my forehead. I burned along my hairline so badly, but my face did not burn. My arms are still sore and my top forehead.

Durban was so busy. We were thinking that Ballito would be crazy busy because of all the Matric Ragers and Durban would be quiet because schools had not closed. Not a chance - Durban was packed and the hotel was packed. Chad and JD went up to the pool in the hotel and it was so packed they couldn't swim. After 4 it was quiet so they swam then. I think this whole December school term timetable is just for parents who can't take time off work and have no one to look after their children and the rest just take advantage of the out of season rates and go off on holiday straight after exams. Friday was also the first hot day in weeks apparently so everyone was at the beach enjoying the warm weather. We had early dinner at Piatto Ushaka on Friday night, which was so much better than the dinner at the hotel and almost half the price. The walk back to the hotel was packed with people and school children leaving to go home after their outing at the beach.

It doesn't look busy in the photos because that was Friday morning - in the afternoon and on Saturday it was jam packed. On Saturday it was so windy, we wanted to go on a boat cruise but it was too windy so instead we went to visit my parents in Ballito. Ballito wasn't that busy just a few stragglers around. The rest of the Matrics were probably sleeping off the effects of the night before and preparing for the big final rage party that night. When we got back to the hotel Chad and JD went to swim but the pool closed at 6pm. Rather stupid when people are on holiday and it is an enclosed indoor pool. I am sure it closed at 10pm when we were there previously (in Winter).

We went on the beach for 2 minutes on Saturday. Chad and Mark hate the beach - especially Chad - JD and I love it. What is the point of going to the ocean if you don't like the beach. Don't ask me. The day that it was hot we spent riding bicycles instead of going on the beach and then on the windy day we went for a walk on the beach. We were blown around by gusts of wind and any hope of putting our toes in the sea was stopped by the threat of blue bottles wrapping their tentacles around our windswept legs. The beach was full of blue bottles.

When we go away we always stop at the usual filling stations with a Steers or Wimpy - we never steer off the beaten track. There was a time when Mark went off at Escourt (I think) and went the back roads but we never stopped, just drove on windy narrow pot hole'd roads. When we go down to the coast our first stop is almost always at the Bergville/Bergview One Stop in Harrismith and we almost always have Nandos and sometimes Wimpy depending on the Nandos queue. We really do fear change, I am not gonna lie.

This time because we were driving in our Barbie on Safari vehicle that chugs down juice like there is no tomorrow, we had some extra stops to make. We stopped at a Puma Filling Station in Vrede. We stopped there years ago when we took the dogs with us on one of the busiest days of the year (Easter Friday). I can't say what Fuel station was there at the time, we just stopped to give the dogs a break and we were so stressed (the dogs and I) by the crowds I never noticed anyone or anything.

This time it was quiet and they now have a Puma filling station (quite new in SA) there is also an OK Express and a Spur To Go (also sit down). It is all clean and new and quiet. We had lunch at Spur and then went across to look at the buildings on the other side of the parking area. There is a Micro Brewery and a restaurant and as we walked through the doors, we stepped into a beautiful relaxed area. They have chalets, a shop, the brewery and a restaurant. They have wildlife - lion, cheetah, rhino. The place is called Thanda Tau. It is so quiet and relaxed with a lovely outdoor area. Except Chad sat in one of the chairs - a swing chair and it toppled over and he fell and almost fell down the side of the seating area. His leg is all bruised and fortunately he didn't hurt his back. No one who worked there even batted an eye or noticed. Other than that it was a relaxing stop compared to our normal rush rush lets grab and go.

I know it is not the 6th and today is Wednesday and not Tuesday. Last night I had to abandon my post because it was getting late and I needed to get a good night's sleep because I needed all my wits about me today - namely patience. I had to fight the morning traffic {again} and do the long haul to The Department of Home Affairs again. I went there yesterday as well but that is a story for another day. All I can say is that my tongue is bitten right through and it can't bleed anymore patience or politeness. I also know from said trip that schools closed officially today and the malls are going to turn into crazy zombie zones!!! I am over this December already ๐Ÿ˜’

There I go wishing my life away... I hope your December is calm and stress free and your week is going better than mine. The jury is still out on whether the weekend away refreshed my weary mind and body or not

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