Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Creature Comforts and Sweet Slumbers

Is there anything more comforting than climbing into bed with clean crisp linen enveloped in the subtle but comforting fragrance of fabric softener as you slip between the sheets. Mondays and Fridays are clean sheet days or I should say were clean sheet days and now that we are living a minimalist communal life, I have very reluctantly reduced linen change to once a week. Whatever we have now has to fit into 2 suitcases each weighing 23 Kg's or get thrown away/ given away. We [I] no longer iron linen either so even when my linen is freshly washed and fragrantly pleasant it is no longer crispy ironed. I lie, I never ironed my linen previously, I paid someone to do it for me and when she was on leave for the past I don't know how many years, I took our ironing to the laundry. Now it is washed, sun-dried and packed away. We do have a cleaning lady one day a week, but she can't iron and we saying goodbye to her this week.

I am craving my creature comforts and just want to move on and start our new life. I have been following Marissa Peer on YouTube for the best of this year and it is so true that what you put out in life you get back. I was panicking and bitching about having to be in New Zealand before the 8th of August and now we have another setback. Mark is taking strain on his own in New Zealand. He is very much an absence makes the heart grow fonder type of person and I am more of an out of sight out of mind person. And, they say opposites attract - yea they do but can also cause a lot of drama and stress. Jokes and facetiousness aside, I live every day of my life without Clinty and it does not make me think of him less or stop loving him or not imagine he is right beside me all the time, There is not a moment that I do not think of Clinty or not love him but I have to live [and survive] without him and I can, therefore, I can live without anyone.

We are sacrificing for a new life or a new adventure and that is what we need to do. It does seem like I am being terribly materialistic and superficial missing my creature comforts and not Mark [I do miss him] but creature comforts mean home and right now we don't have a home as such but have to, at the same time, be grateful and appreciate the roof over our heads and what comfort that brings - and we are grateful and appreciative.

We are very grateful and thankful that we can stay here, lease free, with our animals until we make the big final move, but it is not home. The other day Chad was helping me bring in our laundry and he said, "Seriously mom, there is far too much sleepwear on the line, just look, there are hardly any of my clothes... you need to start repeating clothes". I don't repeat clothes and have only started re-wearing jackets and scarves since I gave up smoking. I will get up, shower, get dressed, go about my day. If we go out, throw clothes in the laundry basket, shower. change into clean clothes, come home, bath throw clothes in the laundry basket, put on PJ's and in the morning throw into the basket and shower. That is just how I have lived all these years and each time I bath or shower it is a new towel - so to say we have loads of laundry is an understatement. Now I have to re-wear sleep attire 😭😭😭😭😭.

I also pile on the clothes in Winter so it is more than just a pair of jammies. I am of the opinion that a gift wrapped package is better than an unwrapped one, whereas Mark is just a jocks and T-Shirt sleeper in Winter and sometimes just jocks in Summer, I pile it on. I wear a sleep bra/sports bra - making up for my 50% braless youth... as if that can even happen. I wear panties, socks. a long sleeve vest, pyjamas and a gown. I lie, I do re-wear gowns. It also depends, but I can wear my gown for two or three days if I don't lounge around in it for hours on weekends or off days.

I am not averse to naked sleeping or near naked sleeping and when I was younger and my body was a bit slimmer and less likely to roll and flop around in bed, naked sleeping was an option. However, living a life where home invasions are a reality, covering up at night makes me sleep better even if the sleep gurus advocate naked sleep as the best form of sleep. The other night, Mark was in bed and heard an explosion and felt a massive [his words] earth tremor. There was a 4.4 Earthquake in the area he lives. Apparently, his town is above two fault lines and you know when the Earthquake is coming because you hear the explosion first. 'Help what have we gotten ourselves into...' I will be sticking to my gift wrapped nightly sleep routine thanks, although Chad has bets on that with all the rain in New Zealand and no household help and a full-time job, I will be repeating clothes like they are my only ones and changing linen one day when 😜.

Jokes aside, I am missing my stuff. My head has been firmly planted in the sand and Mark was meant to fill out a form for the removal company in New Zealand and I just forgot about following up with him. He has to get printing/scanning stuff done at work and the boss has turned into an arse without a face [more about that another day]. Well, I decided to get my head out the sand and look for the email and I thought our furniture was only arriving in New Zealand on the 10 July [that would be today, I have just noticed]. I find the email and as our procrastinating life would have it - our furniture landed on the 27th of June. I was looking for the email on the 1 July 2017. So I complete the form on the 2nd, sign on Mark's behalf, stretch the truth a bit and blame the boss and frantically email it off to the moving Company. The lady from the removal company responds with an invoice from Biosecurity. The inspector had completed our check on Friday, I was reading the email early hours of Monday morning. They are 10 hours ahead. Our furniture went through customs and was fine. New Zealand is very strict and we have not heard if we had to pay anything besides the NZD550.00 = R5500.00. It was so stressful and our stuff is now in storage, clocking up the zeros.

We are all very much fear of change people and this year we have been stepping out of our comfort zones at a rate of knots. It sometimes feels like something is carrying me along. Sometimes, our tastes and likes and dislikes change without consciously deciding to. The other day I was chopping fruit and green veggies for my juicing. I am amazed at the juices I drink these days. When I first started juicing, I struggled with Grapefruit and lemon and fennel and apple juice. I would freeze it and take hours to drink it and it was so much better frozen. Now there is nothing better than a freshly made Grapefruit, fennel, apple and lemon juice. I have even stepped it up to celery, lemon, apple and cucumber juices.

I now chop up the fruit and freeze it because we are living this very minimalist lifestyle at the moment. All my creature comforts are out of a ship and into a storage unit so it is easier to make one big mess and bag the pieces and I also have no excuse to not chop and juice. Whilst I was chopping, I had this uncontrollable citrus craving but for the grapefruit, not the oranges we had. I drink grapefruit juices but eating it on its own - ewe. The only time I have eaten grapefruit was once when I was a teenager and decided in a moment of madness to go on a grapefruit diet. I covered the grapefruit in sugar [because, naturally, you can lose weight, eating a bowl full of sugar as long as it is on a grapefruit 🙄] Needless to say, I tasted the grapefruit coated sugar and threw it away. This fine afternoon, I decided to feed my craving and ate a piece of chopped grapefruit, then another piece and another, until I ate the whole grapefruit. Now I eat grapefruit like I eat oranges and eat them for breakfast, lunch and even supper.

We eat a lot of eggs and I always say I don't eat a lot of protein, forgetting that protein is far more than red meat. We eat omelettes and French toast a lot. We can have eggs every second day and we have been getting eggs from the chickens on the plot. At first, it is all like, imagine I crack open the egg and a chick pops out, kind of squeamish thought. The rooster on this plot is a very randy old cock and chases these poor hens around, so humour me on this one. Fowls are not on the top of my list of cute animals. I love ducks, all ducks, big small and wild or tame, whatever I love them, but hens and roosters not so much, except the day old fluffy yellow ones. The eggs we get from these hens are amazing. The yolks are big and bright yellow almost orange. One morning I made Chad French toast with these free range eggs and mine with shop bought free range. The difference was unbelievable. The only problem is that these hens are TOTALLY free range so that means hen crap everywhere, [there are only 5 of them] but they starting to grow on me and I love how they come out their hen run in the mornings and go running off to find food. It reminds me of the story Henny Penny and Chicken Licken - I think that is the name.

We also managed to go out and look at Keringa Pet Wings as we decided that out of all the places we have contacted regarding flying our dogs, out of the few that got back to us, Keringa was the most professional and detailed in the procedure. We went without notice and without even agreeing to accept their quote, which wasn't necessarily the cheapest, but they did discount the extra two months. It really looks well run and clean. All the animals looked happy and our dogs can stay together. The area that each cabin is in, is spacious and secure. One giant tick in that box.

Just more heartache regarding Garfield our cat and Jingles our Jack Russell. More on that another day... Other than that everything is just slotting in like this was meant to happen. I know there is a giant hiccup with Mark's boss and a couple of other hiccups or heartaches, but overall it is like whether we like it or not, this was going to happen.

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