Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Life On The Other Side

I know I have come across rather negative about our big move to New Zealand especially in this previous post and I won't lie I am seriously stressed about it and unsure. I hate change and in fact, none of us are big on change, we like our routine and creature comforts and New Zealand was never my choice and I didn't ever believe I would leave South Africa. I am almost ready to purge those thoughts but not quite ready so it won't be today that all those thoughts are splattered all over this online diary. What I am here to mull over is the wonders of life on the other side.

The other night [Thursday] I woke up at around 2 am and couldn't get back to sleep so I sent Mark a message on Whatsapp to see if he was on his lunch break and could chat. He was and it was 12.30 - lunch is 12.00 to 1300. He bought two-second hand cars the previous week so that when Chad and I get there we have cars. Most of the cars there are automatic and I don't drive automatic cars - strange but true - I refuse to drive them and can't drive them. That is not the point of this post and I digress as usual.

During his lunch break, he went to buy the Golf's license. This is done at the AA offices one block away from work. You can buy your license for 6 months or a year. Six months was NZ$40.00 and one year is NZ$80.00 so he bought for a year. Converting it to rands is pricey but in dollars not that much. We have to learn not to convert when he is paying for stuff with the dollars he is earning.

After he paid the license, he went to his favourite Turkish Take Away Deli and bought lunch and ate it and I messaged him at 12.30. Where in South Africa can you go register and license a vehicle during your lunch hour never mind have time to still go buy lunch, eat said lunch and then have 30 minutes to idle away. Even going to the post office to renew a license of a vehicle in your name is a good 30-minute queue and don't go into the post office at lunchtime unless you want to camp there for a few hours.

On Monday he arrived home from work and there in the mail box was his Certificate of Registration for his car. The process is totally different to how we do it here and you don't get car papers like we do. We have all this red tape to prevent theft, fraud, and corruption and it doesn't resolve any of those issues. It only irritates and inconveniences law abiding citizens. Did you know that here in South Africa when you do your driver licence test booking, you have to have proof of residence and not because you have to do it in the area that you reside (you know like way back when in those "good old days") you need it for some new legislation.

What is even more of a wow factor is that Mark's bank card was posted to his mailbox and PS - Mark lives on a Honey Farm in a cottage in a rural lifestyle area. His bank card mailed to his mail box!!! They talk about Kiwi Time and apparently, tradies [builders; tilers; painters; electricians etc} [tradesmen] are not very service orientated and you can wait weeks for a quote, but wow their government departments are top notch. Something we have never had in South Africa - remember those days of getting to a counter and you were not greeted and then ignored if you dare to speak English and not helped if you were not white - those good old days when service was great for some.

Apparently, there is a very high suicide death rate among teenagers in New Zealand. I am not dismissing the seriousness of it, but I am sure more children die on our roads over one Easter weekend than the number of teenagers committing suicide there in a year. It does make one wonder why there would be a high suicide rate there but like I told Mark before we decided to move there - no country in this world is free of problems. There is no Utopia and we need to go there with our eyes wide open. He is learning that slowly each day.

There is also a major drug problem and drinking problem there and apparently, it is because there is nothing for teenagers to do. We know there is a major drug problem here in South Africa  and what is there for teenagers to do here anyway. Nothing that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and a parent to drive them from A to B. What I did notice over there is that children have so much freedom that freedom and no adult supervision can be a problem in its self.

We had our stuff delivered to Mark's cottage - storage is ridiculously expensive through the removal agent. Storage in South Africa would have cost R1500.00 a month, which we paid and then shipped off our stuff 2 weeks later [stupid I know] Storage there for 10 days was R6000.00. Three people unloaded our household goods and they were done in less than two hours. They did not unpack but we had no less than 12 people at our house each day packing our stuff in South Africa. We were not allowed to pack our own stuff. Even the last day when there were just odds and ends and two beds, there were 6 people from 8 until 1. It boggles the mind the major differences in small things. However, the wages for those three people in New Zealand were probably more than the 12 people in South Africa.

We still haven't decided when we will leave - it won't be the 15th of August as that is in less than three weeks and I have an obligation to my cat, who is doing well on most days and my little Jingles who is also doing so well with no digestive issues of late. Chad also has a love obligation and confusion and all round challenge, so we procrastinating on a fly out date.

I came across Mindvalley Academy just before we went to New Zealand and it was something that crossed my path for a reason. It was a Google Advert - I think and I don't really know why it would register on my Google Ads but it did. I ignored it and ignored it and one day I just clicked on the link and discovered the Marisa Peer free Master Class. I would not have flown across three time zones with such ease had I not listened and gone through her free Master Class. Since then I have discovered Emily Fletcher and each day I meditate and even had both Chad and Mark agree with me that there is so much truth in How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything.

Through MindValley Academy and time on my hands, I have come across different life coaches and meditation gurus, for lack of a better word and through my attempt at meditating each day I am trying to become more mindful to manifest a better life and new adventure.

Right now I am still manifesting a life in Hawkes Bay. The You Tube video I chose in my previous post does not do Hawkes Bay justice. It errs on the negative side so here is two more. One very upbeat and the other more Kiwi Style reserved.

Life on the other side where mail is delivered to honey farms and bees are buzzing aplenty. Still not sure if they called Honey Farms or Bee Farms but if the chips, biscuits, yoghurt and ice cream don't drag me there, the thought of honey everywhere will get me there. The copious amounts of honey I consume, plus my new found coffee, honey and cinnamon morning beverage, initially for health benefits and now for taste benefits -  I need my own bee farm 😉

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  1. Oh my, at last I made my way here with password and find that you're leaving SA. Wow, I sort of suspected it when you went over to NZ and when you had your home on the market. I hope that it's a wonderful beginning. I'm feeling very blue as Domi and her husband have been approved for Canada and plan to leave in Dec, they still trying to sell their place in Randpark Ridge

    1. Ah Sula, so sorry about the frustration with the password and I really appreciate your effort to still read my blog with the password frustrations. I know it is a real pain but I just have to keep it password protected. Thank you for the well wishes, it is really scary considering our ages, but also exciting at the same time. It was a bit suspect first and only overseas trip to New Zealand ��I didn't want to say anything then as our plans never work out.
      It must be awful knowing Domi and her husband are leaving for Canada but fantastic news for them that they are approved to go. They are young so will adapt quickly I am sure but will be tough on them leaving family behind. We are doing this mainly for Chad but because of his age we need residence first. Our house was sold so fast. One show house and it was sold in January but we had to keep it quiet because of our holiday visa to New Zealand - we had to have proof of assets in the Country to come back to. We used Rawson Properties in Weltevreden Park because Mark had a client that owns Rawson Randpark Ridge but because he wasn't in the area he referred us to Kim. It is as if everything was meant to be as each thing just falls into place. We put our house on the market in December because we thought we would battle to sell but was too quick for me ��


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