Monday, 19 February 2018

A Life and Medical Update

Last week we had to go to our old stomping ground so decided to go see my doctor a) to say goodbye [do people even do such] and b) to get a six month prescription for my Thyroid medication - Euthyrox. I passed my New Zealand medical with {almost} flying colours. It was an extremely stressful time. All my detoxing; giving up smoking and Kefir consumption has paid off. I am far from my ideal weight and my weight still goes up and down like an out of control yo-yo but my weight is acceptable and my health pretty good. There was a stage that my cholesterol was 8.9 it is now 5.4 and has been 5.4 since 2015.

My Doctor is an Indian lady and I am mentioning this so that it doesn't come across as another whiny whitey post. I am trying my utmost to see our New Zealand adventure as just that.. an adventure and not running away from a broken country but lately I am getting very caught up in the broken rather than the beauty. There are the very optimistic people who won't leave, there are those that can't leave and pretend that they are here for the love of the country and there are those that are leaving and those with an exit plan and an expiry date. I personally believe we won't make a success of our opportunity to start a new life somewhere if we are running away. We can't run away from ourselves and we can't start afresh when we are sapped of our energy from running away or getting away.

Lately, or since we have made this giant step to leave I have found that more and more people are vocal about their fear, sadness and anger at what life is like in South Africa. My doctor is one of those people. We have had these conversations before but not with so much negativity. More in the tone of staff issues or patients pretending they are sick and trying to get a sick note. Chad says that I take the term Doctor's Visit literally because we chat for over an hour sometimes. I was really shocked this time though and she said more than ten doctors in their circle, her husband is a Physician have an exit plan.

I sometimes feel as though I am in a bubble and I have no idea of what is going on out in the big bad world. Since my phone drowned and I have taken up knitting, I hardly go on Social Media. I no longer go on Instagram and Twitter as I wake up in the mornings like I used to........

I never got to finish this post and trailed off in the above paragraph. I lost my train of thought on that day and won't be finishing with whatever it was that I was about to say. I know I planned on posting this photo of the scarf I finished and have knitted quite a few more since then. I am also in a different bubble today but still quite oblivious to my future and where I am headed.

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