Friday, 16 March 2018

Unpacking Grief - A Lifetime and Beyond


                                      Unpacking Grief                     

Expecting a barrage of sympathy wishes
Unpackaging tears and thoughts
Displaying emotions for Facebook Fanfare
Believing Grief is unpacked on one day of the year

As the sun sets and the lights dim far and near
Bundling up and shutting off
Moving on and forgotten
Until the grief train comes around again

Trumpets come out blazing
Unpacking Grief and Thoughts
An onslaught of emotions
Another day to remember
Thoughts and sorrow
Forgotten tomorrow

As the Sun sets and lights dim far and near
Believing Grief is unpacked on one day of the year
Trundling up and wrapping up
All forgotten
the grief train
Comes around again.

11 Seconds Become 11 Minutes
11 Minutes Become 11 Hours
11 Hours Become 11 Days
11 Days Become 11 Weeks
11 Weeks Become 11 Months
11 Months Become 11 Years

Grief is not unpacked on one day
Bundled up and packed away
When the sun sets on another day

11 Years become one night
Dark and Black
Tears shining so bright
Death doesn’t know
What life knew
And Grief isn’t unpacked on one day

21 September 1989 to 16 March 2007

A Lifetime and Beyond

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