Sunday, 7 October 2018

Brain Dumping Conversations In My Head

So I have been thinking, I do that at times - Think!! rarely, but yes I digress a lot too. I have all these conversations going on in my head and I need to get pen to paper and get them out and do a bit of a brain dump. Or more to the point - finger to the keyboard.

We live in such a beautiful place right now, so it is quite a shame that I don't tap away here in this little online space of mine, about the places we have seen on this very far side of the big deep pond. Oh don't get me wrong, South Africa is also beautiful and I have never and will never deny that. I have always been a champion for the beauty that is South Africa, but this is a new beauty, a foreign beauty and a beauty and culture I am getting to know.

I kind of miss my online Journal but I have to admit the whole password thing has become a pain for me so no doubt a huge pain for everyone else too. Pain for my one and only follower [myself] according to my Darling Son who always teases me 🤣  BUT the thing is, he has a right to his privacy and that is why I password protected it.

Blogging is so last century and everyone is typing up mini blog posts on Instagram including me, but sometimes it is not the same. I have too much to say - another thing my Darling Son says is that I talk too much and people don't want to know everything I say - like cashiers, shop assistants, the lady on a hike, a man in the grocery shop - people who I tend to tell my whole life story to. 

I also don't read blogs anymore or rarely do, I just don't have the time anymore. So many blogs have just become advertorials and those who had a story to tell no longer tell their story. It reminds me of when I used to read magazines until one day I was reading an "article" and then realised wow that was just a full page advertorial I just wasted my time reading - what a waste. Not only did I waste time reading, time that I would never get back but I was spending top dollar on a glossy magazine for one good story, four below mediocre ones and the rest just pages and pages of adverts.

As much as I understand that money needs to be made, I just need to spend my time [and money when it came to magazines] on something that can enrich my life and knowledge and not on something that prospectively could empty my purse. People need to make money understandably but I need to spend my time wisely and there needs to be a balance in life.  I have noticed Instagram is also becoming full of adverts and I don't mean the sponsored adverts that pop up after every post but the adverts on the accounts that I follow. 🙄 Money Money Money.......

Yea, so blogging is as foreign to me at the moment as what the country I am living in is, but I will give it a bash again and see where it takes me, and in the meantime figure out how to get around his password pain and in the meantime, posts that are not too personal will pop up over here with a bit of anonymity. My blog has always been my online journal and I need to journal this journey we call life again.

Believe me life in a new country is not all roses and lakes and waterfalls it is tough and really difficult, but what was foreign before is starting to seem familiar as I strive to be positive about this place we now call home.

In 2019, I plan to blog again and post all the draft posts that have been lingering in my private blog all unpublished but waiting to enter the public or private domain. The password will be going as it frustrates me to no end and I will be changing it to Private - These Readers only and give access with a Gmail Account. So if you still want to follow along and have the password contact me and I will add your email address in the New Year

Looking forward to seeing you on the other side

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