Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Reflecting Thoughts

Welcome to 2019, day one is almost over for us on this side of the pond and in my endeavours to blog daily and or publish posts in draft, I am going to share my final 2018 Instagram thoughts over here today. Technically this Happy New Year post is the first post for 2019, except it was done yesterday and scheduled for midnight on the 1 January 2019 so doesn't count.

"The clouds are pink tonight, a kinda, grey /pink hue.
Reflective of my indecisive thoughts about the past year as the clock ticks over the last couple of hours of 2018.

Yes, I am now living in a country that leads the world..........
In time, that is ⏰
Its been a tough year but so has last year - way tougher in fact.

And there have been years, one year in particular, that I didn't think I would make it. That has defined who I will always be.
A year that taught me that you will never know what strong is until being strong is the only choice you have.
 A Year that has defined that happiness for me will always be limited and marred with guilt and taught me that life is far from fair or kind.

I am going into 2019, being unapologetically me and not allowing others to define who I am or how I think.

My personal grief has already defined who I always will be."

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