Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Resolutions or Goals

A bit silly to label this post "Resolutions and Goals" because I don't do goals or resolutions and this year was no different. Old Year slid into New Year like night slips into day. There is a beginning and an end or a start and a finish but no clear definition - it just happens.

I did, however, decide to do another Photo a Day Challenge, two in fact because that is how I roll. I like to hit things hard and then peter out just as hard. I am all or nothing but I am going to try and change that this year and if I skip a few prompts, I will just carry on without catching up. It's a game and a personal challenge not an end of the world challenge if I skip a few.

Yesterday, I really did hit it hard and put effort into creating my photo for the FMS Photo Challenge with my letterboard [Prompt Hello] {Yes, I know my letterboard is not straight - its a rental - we make do 😉. The second challenge, Capture Your 365, (Welcome 2019) I went down to the lake with a Father Christmas decoration and took a photo of Santa on the water's edge. Yea I was that committed - Santa saying goodbye to Welcome 2019. Prompts can be interpreted as you wish. The second challenge is a fun learning challenge and the first is a creative see the beauty around you challenge - simply put. Find the full details here FMS Challenge and Capture Your 365 Challenge.

And, today I am not feeling it - argh already day two and I am flat. Life hey!!! Like a swan graceful in the water and clumsy and awkward on dry land, my days are polar sides apart.

I remembered my 100 Things in 1001 Days post and had a look at it today, can you believe it my challenge ends on the 25 October 2019 - this year!!!. You can see my list over here. I am going to go through the list and see what I have actually accomplished without realising it - soon - I promise. I know that there is money to be paid to a charity for all the unchecked items - eek.

Tomorrow, I have made it the unofficial, official end of the festive season. The tiny tree and a couple of decorations we bought, will be packed away tomorrow. Our tree and decorations had to be given away when we left South Africa, because of New Zealand Biosecurity Rules and Regulations. Pack up what's left of our Gingerbread house - made with love from scratch 😼 The house needs a good clean and then I need to start the hunt AGAIN for permanent employment. That is a story to be told, sometime, somewhere, somehow.

I have given it some thought and I m going to start a new blog, I may have mentioned it before. Right now I am buggering around on Blogspot with posts that I don't mind being public and keeping private stuff private in my original blog. Those posts are not even published, they are still in draft. The public ones are on the original Chad Life Us and here on Blogspot.

I just have to figure out where to host the new blog. Chad Life Us is hosted in South Africa and it is a nightmare to access overseas. Cue my Twitter Rants. At the moment I am copying and pasting stuff to the Blogspot blog, so I don't want to vest too much time and effort into it, because it will be a waste.

There you have it - my goals if you want to call it that.

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