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Santa - Sweet Myth or Ugly Lie

Why are we hating on Santa. Sweet Myth or Ugly Lie

Why is everyone hating on Santa Claus??
The festivities are over, the decorations packed away, the mince pies eaten and almost everyone back at work, but the celebration conversations are still lingering. PS, I am not a fan of Mince Pies, but Mark bought some from Pak and Save and they were so good. The best I have ever had. I could do with one now.

Best Christmas Mince Pies. Pak n Save Christmas Mince Tarts

So why are we hating Santa? The conversations both online and in the real world, are all still about the lie of the fat man in a red suit, bringing children gifts. Why are we even allowed to fat shame Santa but not the fat woman in the seat next to us on the plane? {Oops did I think that out loud}.

The forward thinkers are saying that telling your child that Santa brings presents is condoning lying and that you are lying to your child. You damned if you do and you damned if you don't. A woman I follow on Instagram mentioned that she told her little girl that Santa doesn't exist after she asked if he was real and the little girl was heartbroken. Then the comments started about how it is wrong to lie to your child and they will not lie to their children and and and. I have also heard and read about mothers saying they refuse to buy into the fat man in red giving the present to their child.

I know Christmas is a tough time for those people grieving or going through any other loss, be it financial, death or relationship break ups. I personally know that buying into the fantasy of happiness and jolly hoho can be really difficult, but this isn't it.

Is Santa makebelieve magic and fun or a lie?  I have never bought into the whole Super Hero craze, like Spiderman, The Hulk or any other. I don't even know the names of others, but if it is wrong to lie to your child about Santa, then is it not wrong to lie about Super Heros? The same mothers hating on Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter bunny, because of the lie, are all buying into the Super Hero fantasy and yes, the Super Hero lie. Harry Potter is not real you know and neither are the Disney Characters and Barney, the purple dinosaur  - we all love him to bits and kids think you really get a purple dinosaur.

Barney Our Favourite Dinosaur

Was life not just so much easier before we became all extra about all these little nit-picky things. I get the whole, sitting on a strange old man's knee asking for gifts and getting sweets can be creepy and we don't want to go around encouraging children to believe that it is okay in case of abuse. We also know that most abuse is committed by someone the child knows and very often not by a stranger. I don't even know if this is the reason, it just got me thinking about it because Super Heros can also be construed as this stranger dressed in disguise coming to your rescue with ulterior motives. Worse still your kid probably believes that it is possible to climb buildings and fall off skyscrapers - unharmed!!

It is the same as Halloween. Yes, I know Halloween has no relevance to people living in the Southern Hemisphere and it is an American Tradition and why are we buying into it. Well, why are we buying into American movies, TV shows and books?? Some parents rightfully think it is wrong to allow their children to knock on a stranger's door asking for sweets. There is that stranger danger and sweets thing again. But, and a big but, is it asking strangers for sweets or is it getting to know your neighbours and the whole community spirit. We have a wonderful online Community spirit with strangers who know every move we make, what our kids look like, where they are, what they wear, what they eat, but it's not okay to get into the Halloween Community Spirit.

Back to Santa, I think more than "THE LIE" of Santa, the real issue is the unfairness. Santa brings some children fancy expensive gifts and if you are a good child you get a gift and if you naughty you won't. Imagine a child from an extremely poor family, who tried their utmost best to be well behaved, did their chores, did everything they were told to do and never received a present. That child will always believe that they are naughty bad. No matter how good they are, that will stick forever.

Children in homes and even foster care get gifts before Christmas from Charities, but then when they wake up on Christmas Morning after the night of the mystical magic, of reindeers and sleighs and presents down the chimney and they were so good, despite all odds and circumstances and they get nothing. Yip, looking at it that way - Christmas sucks, so would Easter and the Tooth Fairy for those children, but then so would birthdays and graduations and every other milestone.

Maybe the mystical magic of Father Christmas isn't that big of a deal. Your child won't one day ask why you lied because the circle of life carries on generation after generation. Santa has been dropping presents down chimneys for centuries.

The Christmas Myth is all about celebration

This year I again wondered at the added expense of gifts and so much food. The Christmas decorations and madness at the stores. Like why do we spend all this money and madness on one day and J said its good to celebrate Christmas {Insert whatever your tradition is} because it gives us something to get excited about and look forward to.

Some religions believe every day is a celebration and one or two holidays should not be singled out to be celebrated, but yes we can celebrate each new day and Christmas and birthdays and Hanukkah and Easter and whatever we want.

Santa and Christmas trees are not even a Christian Celebration when you get down to the nuts and bolts of it. There are many legends and the most common one is St Nicolas, a Bishop from Turkey, previously known as Myra in Asia Minor who inherited a lot of money from his parents and gave to the poor. There were three sisters who could not marry because they could not afford their dowry, so he dropped a bag of gold down the chimney and it fell into a stocking hung by the fire to dry and the story and tradition unfolded and grew from there. The History of The Myth, The Mystery and what some refer to as the Lie can be found at  WhyChristmas.Com or History

If buying into the Santa myth is teaching your children to lie, then why even do the whole Christmas Celebration. If you are a Christian celebrate the birth of Christ, which doesn't involve trees and decorations or copious amounts of food. It involves going to church and not judging others. Or celebrate it any way you deem fit. And if you want an African Santa or a Maori Santa or an Indian Santa or an Asian Santa why not - who has the right to stop you.

What we should and must stop is the naughty or nice narrative and this should spread to schools, advertising and marketing gurus and family and friends alike.  This myopic narrative is neither mystical or magical for those with very little materially but a whole lot morally

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